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TR 66 - Seeing Through The Illusion

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TR 66 - Seeing Through The Illusion

Putting the Evils of War in Context.

There is evil in the world.

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth stating at the outset that evil people do evil things, always for their own selfish gain, and always at the cost of causing harm to other people. This is a fact that will never go away — there will always be evil in the world, and that is a fact that we all must face.

It’s easy to denote our ideological opponents as enemies. It’s convenient to cast them as evil characters. And, while we no doubt will find agreement within our own personal alliances, it is critical to remember that those on the “other side” — those we would call evil — very likely see us as evil in return.

Thus, the battle between good and evil, in the simplest sense, can be described as a battle for control over the hearts and minds of humanity. We will always take sides. We will always see those who seek to control us as enemies. Within this framework, we will always have conflict. We will always have war.


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