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TR 134 - How They Are Re-Writing History in Real Time

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TR 134 - How They Are Re-Writing History in Real Time

Exposing how the Jan. 6 show trial is a marvel of propaganda that is actively working to rewrite history and bury the outcome of the 2020 election.

This is propaganda at its finest:

Surfing the headlines in search of the narrative this morning, I grabbed this screenshot from CNN. It provides an excellent case study in propaganda, and gives us a good indication of what lies ahead. The first thought that came to mind for me:

The midterms are going to be ugly.

Do not expect this to be a free and fair election. Instead, expect more of the same sort of shenanigans and fraud that were evidenced in 2000 Mules. They not only believe that they got away with it, and therefore they can do it again, but they now believe they can rewrite history in such a way as to criminalize anyone who questions the blatant and obvious corruption. That’s the big takeaway here.

Let’s pick this propaganda apart one piece at a time:

  • The headline: “Jan. 6 hearing produces clear vision of America's extremist underbelly”… Yes, the hearing was a production. Let’s not forget they brought in the media mastermind James Goldston to orchestrate the event, leveraging his master storytelling skills to rewrite history in broad daylight. They wanted to make it a blockbuster production because they needed Americans to pay attention—to make sure we learn our lessons.

This paragraph from Ep. 130 - Will they try to disarm Americans before the midterm elections? sums it up nicely:

“[T]he story imparts important political lessons, lessons about things that should never happen again. Never again should Americans question the declared outcome of national elections. Never again should they approach the political elite and demand accountability and answers. Never again shall the peasants challenge their masters.”

What did the hearing produce?

It produced a “clear vision of America’s extremist underbelly.” Note that this language ties together all the murmuring about all the white extremists that are supposedly rampaging around the country. From the website we find publications on “US Violent White Supremacist Extremists,” and in the media we see headlines like these:

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