Jun 10, 2022 • 19M

Ep. 134 - How They Are Re-Writing History in Real Time

Exposing how the Jan. 6 show trial is a marvel of propaganda that is actively working to rewrite history and bury the outcome of the 2020 election.

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This is propaganda at its finest:

Surfing the headlines in search of the narrative this morning, I grabbed this screenshot from CNN. It provides an excellent case study in propaganda, and gives us a good indication of what lies ahead. The first thought that came to mind for me:

The midterms are going to be ugly.

Do not expect this to be a free and fair election. Instead, expect more of the same sort of shenanigans and fraud that were evidenced in 2000 Mules. They not only believe that they got away with it, and therefore they can do it again, but they now believe they can rewrite history in such a way as to criminalize anyone who questions the blatant and obvious corruption. That’s the big take away here.

Let’s pick this propaganda apart one piece at a time:

  • The headline: “Jan. 6 hearing produces clear vision of America's extremist underbelly”… Yes, the hearing was a production. Let’s not forget they brought in the media mastermind James Goldston to orchestrate the event, leveraging his master storytelling skills to rewrite history in broad daylight. They wanted to make it a blockbuster production because they needed Americans to pay attention—to make sure we learn our lessons.

This paragraph from Ep. 130 - Will they try to disarm Americans before the midterm elections? sums it up nicely:

“[T]he story imparts important political lessons, lessons about things that should never happen again. Never again should Americans question the declared outcome of national elections. Never again should they approach the political elite and demand accountability and answers. Never again shall the peasants challenge their masters.”

What did the hearing produce?

It produced a “clear vision of America’s extremist underbelly.” Note that this language ties together all the murmuring about all the white extremists that are supposedly rampaging around the country. From the DHS.gov website we find publications on “US Violent White Supremacist Extremists,” and in the media we see headlines like these:

And let’s not forget President Biden’s recent remarks:

“This MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history.”

By labeling the MAGA crowd—those who want to Make America Great Again—the most extreme political organization, he is essentially saying that anyone who opposes his agenda is an extremist. Anyone who disagrees with the Democrats attempting to usher in the global socialist surveillance state is an extremist. Anyone who opposes the ideological destruction of American principles and constitutional rights (like the right to free speech and the right to bear arms), is an extremist.

Wanting to preserve the American way of life, to protect the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, is in no way extreme. In fact, it’s instinctual. Human nature is to preserve and protect what we love, especially our cultural heritage. Beyond that, forming consensus around our founding principles and forging a path forward that reconciles with current realities is the most logical and intelligent vision for our collective future. Perpetual conflict is a lose-lose proposition.

But back to the propaganda for a moment, I want to point out the word choice “underbelly” — which conjures up the image of a snake in the grass, even hearkening back to the great serpent who deceived Eve way back in the day. What is implied is that the “extremist underbelly” is there, even if you can’t see it, lying in wait like a snake in the grass. Do not be deceived into believing this threat does not exist. Do you see how slick that is, how cleverly they play off of deeply embedded archetypal associations?

“Liz Cheney’s huge moment”

Looking at the picture of Liz Cheney, what do we see? A concerned motherly figure? An accomplished female politician and public leader? A strong and independent woman who bucks her own party? A stylish cougar type who wears trendy glasses that match her smart outfit? An inspiring role model for young women everywhere?

Notice her blue blazer and frames. Notice her empathetic expression. Notice that she’s a Republican (actually a RINO) calling out Trump. Notice how just a few lines below there is the headline about a former Fox News political editor who will be testifying at the hearing. Put it all together, and what do you get? Propaganda that is specifically targeting suburban conservative women.

It just so happens that Slidin’ Biden is struggling in the polls with the coveted “soccer mom” voting block. Why is that? Well, for all of the obvious reasons, like forcing CRT and the LGBTQ+ agenda on elementary kids, calling concerned parents domestic terrorists, and sending the FBI after parents who are trying to protect their children.

But that doesn’t explain why this is Liz Cheney’s “huge moment.” This is Liz Cheney’s huge moment because, as long as she continues to play along with the Left, she will continue to ascend to the peak of political power, being propped up as a media darling, fawned over as a commonsense centrist, and used as bait to entice other Republicans to play nice, so they too can bask in the glory of media accolades. Just imagine what all this coverage will do for her re-election campaign.

It might even land her an appointed position deep within the political establishment, where she can be sheltered from the future storms of seasonal politics. She’s a player, who cares not about her constituents or the constitution, but about her political ambitions and the power that comes with increasingly exalted positions— and that’s exactly the kind of person the establishment seeks to retain.

Conspiracy to defy voters’ will

Those words are more than just spin. Some people believe that Joe Biden won more votes than any other president in American history, but even if that were true, he still only won 509 counties, compared to Trump’s 2,547 counties, across the country. When you think of counties, think of communities. That means that Donald Trump won more than 83% of the communities across the country.

Clearly it was Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, who won the hearts and minds of Americans. He even won more votes, particularly with minorities, than he did in the 2016 election that ushered in his presidency. Consider this excerpt from News Week:

President Donald Trump has so far received 73.6 million popular votes in the 2020 election, surpassing the previous record set by President Barack Obama by more than 7 million, giving him the most votes of any sitting president in U.S. history.

Thus, when CNN declares that Trump’s conspiracy was to defy the will of voters, not only is it a bald faced lie, it is a direct attempt to rewrite history—and that is precisely what this show trial is really all about. With sophisticated propaganda and clandestine tools of psychological warfare, they intend to reprogram the public’s perspective and bury the will of the American people for good.

We cannot let that happen. We have to keep the truth alive. We have to talk about what’s going on. We have to tell people this is not okay. We have to reject the lies and the negative labels. We have to stand up and speak the truth—it’s now or never.

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