Jun 15, 2022 • 19M

Ep. 137 - FRAMED: Viewing Chaos Through the Lens of PSYOPS

Understanding the goals of the global cabal and their strategies for making it happen.

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Let's circle back.

Consider this list of recent articles from the month of June:

Today I want to thread this altogether with some macro-level analysis, simplifying the complexity of interrelated dynamics and produce a practical plan of action that will benefit us all. Yes, the world appears to be going to hell-in-a-handbasket. Yes, the chaos seems to be compounding. Yes, it feels as if we are accelerating from bad to worse. All of this is true, and it represents an accurate, logical assessment of current circumstance. We are under assault.

What are we going to do about it?

First, we must identify the enemy.

Who's the enemy? Those who seek to control, manipulate, and enslave humanity are the enemy.

Second, we must frame perspective through the lens of psychological warfare.

Why psyops? Because that is the only way they can take over the world.

Think about it: How else could a small group of psychopaths get away with eliminating opposition, eradicating personal rights, and enslaving billions of people?

The global cabal is an elite class of predators, but these evildoers are vastly outnumbered.

Unfortunately, like the devil himself, they are exceedingly cunning and crafty. With the advent of 21st century tools like artificial intelligence, nano tech, and media proliferation, they are now equipped to execute their nearly flawless plan to take over the world. It works like this:

  1. Exploit emotional vulnerabilities to bio-hack humanity.

  2. Reprogram the collective subconscious mind to accept servitude.

  3. Maintain the desired illusion by removing any remnants of reality.

That's a painfully succinct synopsis, but it really is that simple. It's all psyops. In practical terms, they simply need to scare people, promise to protect them, and then tell them they're safe. It works for the majority of people the majority of the time, and the elites know this.

This is precisely why they so passionately promote democracy and democratic principles like "equality" and "diversity, equity, and inclusion." These words sound nice, and they invoke the feeling of being a good person. Through the lens of psyops, such language simultaneously preys upon sympathy and ego, which are easy access points for reprogramming.

Thus, one can be scared, but feel safe and protected and still be a good person, so long as one believes that everyone deserves to be kept safe and protected. One must simply accept the language as truth, and the rest is biological reaction. Fear suspends critical thinking, protection begets affection, and sympathy galvanizes the ego's illusion of superiority.

The result is an arrogant, docile imbecile who remains ignorant to the fact they are being manipulated and have lost touch with reality. These would be the useful idiots pushed around like pawns by the political class--whom have themselves fallen prey to the more sophisticated manipulations of the global cabal.

Let's not lose sight of the enemy here.

Those who seek to enslave humanity know exactly what they are doing. By assaulting the senses with a relentless bombardment of propaganda, the mind reaches exhaustion and begins to shutdown. Compounded by the cleverly instituted conditioning that has systematically diminished the average capacity for critical thinking for several decades, manipulating the public mindset and steering the masses has never been easier.

While some get the sense that the herd is being driven off the cliff, most have yet to realize we are in a stampede. The elites are driving us toward our permanent political pen, which is the global surveillance state. Using the allure of democracy, pure democracy, they will facilitate mob rule. They control the mob by treating them like animals: Beating them, starving them, and only feeding them when they obey their masters. It's classic husbandry.

Once mob rule has been instituted, they will whip the mob into an angry frenzy and use this to justify the complete eradication of their enemies. Dissent will be obliterated by majority rule, as the majority becomes increasingly restricted by their benevolent masters. At this point, the irony is pinnacle. The useful idiots will repeatedly demand the elites do more to protect them from the inherent dangers of freedom until the whole of humanity is enslaved.

But at least the slaves will be happy, right? As in, "You will own nothing and be happy."

When the majority are convinced that socialism and state surveillance are good ideas, dissidents should prepare to defend themselves. The iron fist of tyranny is about to strike a blow.

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