Jan 27, 2022 • 49M

Ep. 46 - Following The Clues: Monkey Business (Pt 2)

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This is a deep dive into information that you may find disturbing. 

In Episode 45 – MONKEY BUSINESS – I had mentioned DARPA, BARDA, and the suspicious connections between current events and their stated goals. However, there was not sufficient time, nor was I properly prepared, to thread all this information together. In today’s podcast, we will follow the clues that were revealed in the news about lab monkeys escaping in Pennsylvania.

Taking a step back in order to broaden the scope of perspective, here we will consider several relevant but little known facts — and discuss the potential implications of this information.

Food for thought:

  • Scientists have been studying the use of viruses as a vehicle for self-disseminating vaccinations for decades.

  • In 2001, scientists had successfully infected rabbit populations with a modified virus that was acting as a self-disseminating vaccination. At this point, self-dissemination became a proven technology.

  • By 2003, scientists were using modified viruses that could spread throughout a population, called “freely disseminating virally vectored immunocontraceptive agents,” to sterilize rats, feral horses, and other wildlife.

  • At this point, it is clear that scientists can genetically modify contagious viruses, and use them as a vehicle to genetically modify any given population. This can be used to provide immunization against disease, or cause sterilization to reduce the threat of overpopulation. What else can it do?

This powerful technology, the ability to use modified viruses to self-disseminate specific gene-altering genetic code throughout a population, has significant implications. The question is: Can it be used on humans?

Here’s where it gets disturbing:

  • In 2005, Bill Gates presented the Pentagon with a brilliant solution to end the wars in the Middle East: They could use a virus to vaccinate the religious fundamentalist, targeting their VMAT2 — aka the ‘God’ gene — in order to “turn a fanatic into a normal person.”

    • This program was called the Fun-Vax — which is dubbed the “vaccine for religious fundamentalism.”

    • One military leader asked if this would be administer by aerosol, to which Bill responded, “The present plan, and the tests that we’ve done so far, have used respiratory viruses.”

    • It is imperative that you let these words sink in. Realize that what is being presented, is the idea that the government can covertly vaccinate an entire population against sincerely held religious beliefs.

    • What are the chances of a program like this working? Mr. Gates says, “We are quite confident this will be a very successful approach.”

    • To really grasp the depravity of this plan, please watch the 4 minute clip below. 

Let’s take a minute and come up for some air. What’s really going on here? How does any of this disturbing information relate to monkeys on the loose, or the covid pandemic?

Let’s take it one step at a time:

1st)  We now know that it is possible to covertly release a genetically modified virus that can self-disseminate throughout the population.

2nd)  We know that these viruses can be modified for immunization, sterilization, and even very specifically targeted genetic modifications.

3rd)  We know that powerful people have been considering how to use these technologies, perhaps even planning to use them, to modify and control human populations for at least 16 years.

Now, it’s worth pointing out a few other dots that connect to the Gates Foundation:

  • They have actively funded vaccination programs around the globe that have sterilized countless people.

  • They were central players in the Event 201 pandemic war-gaming at the end of 2019, just before covid.

  • They are key partners in the ID2020 Digital Identity Alliance, which promote micro-chipping humanity.

There is much more that could be said about these crooks, but I want to focus on how this relates to the topic at hand. In order to thread this together, we need drill down on a hypothesis of underlying intent. To do so, we need to pull into the conversation the UN, World Economic Forum, and other proponents of global government.

In this vein, key points to consider include:

  • The United Nations organized the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, which rolled out their strategic plan to rule the world, titled Agenda 21. They declare: “The growth of world population and production, combined with unsustainable consumption patterns, places increasingly severe stress on the life-supporting capacities of our planet.” In essence, this plan intends to control the global population and save us from ourselves.

  • Objective 5.17 states explicitly: “Full integration of population concerns into national planning, policy and decision-making processes should continue.” Agenda 21 goes into great detail about how to re-educated the population and ensure that local leadership acts in accordance with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • To facilitate global-level central planning, the DELPHI method has been used to develop consensus among “leading experts” around the globe. This then formulates the language for training programs that align trainees with the ideological objectives of the trainers — this is how the global elite influence local leaders.

  • Covertly imposing the will of one group upon another, by exploiting behavioral psychology and human dynamics, was a method developed by the military in order to enhance long-term strategic forecasting. Interestingly enough, in 1963, they had already anticipated covert bio-attacks and 21st century eugenics.

To understand the connection of these revelations, notice the underlying theme of population control.

If the greatest threat to humanity is the human population — which has doubled since the 1960’s — then global leaders must be ready to take drastic action to correct the course of history. If human beings completely destroy the planet, everyone dies and we all lose. This is a firmly held conviction in many circles.

Now, as a side note, we might point out that the entire world’s population — all 8 billion of us — could comfortably fit within the great state of Texas, with room to roam and grow crops. However, that is not the point.

What we find, when connecting all the dots, is a convergence of concern and capability. Those who are concerned that humanity will destroy the planet, have been obsessed with population control for decades. Under the banner of Sustainable Development, driven by the fear of destroying the planet, plans have been in put in place to control the human population by any and all means necessary.

To that effect, the advent of novel technologies, such as self-disseminating vaccinations and covert genetic modifications, has opened a plethora of options that were never before possible. While there are many starry-eyed optimists who see these inventions as a means to cure disease, extend life, and enhance our humanity, the predictable aspects of human nature portray a different scenario.

Which brings me back to FunVax project — which, by the way, has proceeded with testing that includes aerosol release of the modified virus, and testing on both mice and monkeys — and the inherent potential for evil-doers to do evil things, under the presumption of good intent. Thus, as intelligence would rightly anticipate, these modern advancements may very well be used against us — deployed with the belief that it’s for our own good.

Perhaps now you understand why the escape of CDC lab-monkeys caught my attention, and why I struggled to connect the dots and present a comprehensive picture of what might actually be going on. The technologies exist. The intent exists. And if there has been one over-arching lesson of the last two years, its’ that anything is possible.

What do you think?

For links and references, please read the full article at GoldendaleMatters.com

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