Aug 17, 2022 • 20M

Ep. 179 - Lucifer, AI, & the Christian Insurrection

Discussing the inextricable link between politics, religion, and the progressive agenda.

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Is This a Holy War?

…asking for a friend just kidding.

Seriously though, one of the themes that has been steadily dripping into the headlines lately is the rise of religious intolerance. More specifically, terms like “Christian Nationalist” “Christian extremists” and “Christian insurrection” are gaining traction in the liberal media. Why is that? There is a dark and sinister reason.

Consider these excerpts from this recent article at

The GOP’s Sad Embrace of Christian Nationalism

“Republican voices are now pushing Middle Eastern-style religious hate to enlist followers and demonize rivals.” …

“More voices need to call out the hostility to American values displayed by these ‘ultra-MAGA’ disciples of disgraced former President Trump.” …

“Christian nationalists [have] essentially declared that America has no place for Jews, Muslims, or the LGBTQ community.” …

“This tide of hatred is rising due to political strategies. A focus on culture wars, specifically opposition to abortion, contraception, and gay marriage, now defines the Republican Party.” …

“The far right’s goal now is to oppose the rising secular, liberal politics of educated women, racial minorities, and gay people.” …

“We are standing on a dangerous edge. Good Americans of all religions and no religion need to lift every voice and sing.”

Juan Williams, political analyst for Fox News Channel

Well Juan, tell me how you really feel.

This guy is a schmuck!

But unfortunately, he is certainly not alone. Just to give you a flavor of what’s out there, here are a few more examples from progressive echo chambers:

  • Title: A Christian Insurrection

    • January 6th, 2021 provided, “evidence that Trump has bent elements of American Christianity to his will, and that many Christians have obligingly remade their faith in his image.”

  • Title: It’s Time to Talk About Violent Christian Extremism

    • Christian nationalism is a, “huge theme throughout evangelical Christendom. It tries to assert that they are losing power and must regain that power by any means necessary — which is why you can justify voting for Trump, so that we can, for God’s purposes, maintain this Christian nation.”

  • Title: Riots, White Supremacy and Accelerationism

    • “Accelerationism is the idea that white supremacists should try to increase civil disorder—accelerate it—in order to foster polarization that will tear apart the current political order. … Accelerationists hope to set off a series of chain reactions, with violence fomenting violence, and in the ensuing cycle more and more people join the fray. When confronted with extremes, so the theory goes, those in the middle will be forced off the fence and go to the side of the white supremacists.”

  • Title: Five Ways Christianity Is Increasingly Viewed as Extremist

    • “The perception that the Christian faith is extreme is now firmly entrenched among the nation’s non-Christians. A full forty-five percent of atheists, agnostics, and religiously unaffiliated in America agree with the statement ‘Christianity is extremist.’ … The decades-old trend that Christianity is irrelevant is increasingly giving way to the notion that Christianity is bad for society. … That is, there are intensifying perceptions that faith is at the root of a vast number of societal ills.

So in their minds, the very existence of Christianity connotes an extremist belief system that is bad for society and is at the root of societal ills. Projecting much?

Just out curiosity, how do you think the Left defines a Christian Extremist? According to the Urban Dictionary, the word on the street is:

Christian Extremist

Usually a Christian loser from a small town in somewhere like Texas or Florida in the United States, or someone from Northern Ireland, who is dumb enough to read the Bible literally and act upon it. These people are so full of shit that they could make a toilet jealous and are the exact reason why abortion is still legal. They will kill, rape, and encourage others to do the same in the name of God. They are the natural outcrop of a belief in Christianity or the Bible.

The astounding arrogance of American liberals is only eclipsed by their extreme degree of ignorance. Intellectually deplete, lost in the deluded illusions of their twisted minds, and utterly incapable of comprehending anything beyond the scope of institutional conditioning, these educated idiots fail to realize that everyday Americans can see them for the asses that they are.

There is a reason the Democrat mascot is a donkey.

Christian extremists are a natural outcrop of belief in the Bible and they kill, rape, and encourage others to do the same in the name of God. Are you kidding me?! To quote the arrogant bastard who contrived the condescending drivel above: These people are so full of shit that they could make a toilet jealous!

Alrighty then… moving on.

How do we make sense of such senseless and insane hatred of Christianity? In Christian circles, all of this is simply chalked up to rebellion against God. This is the work of the Great Deceiver, aka Satan, aka Lucifer — to whom the progressive playbook Rules for Radicals was dedicated. Thus, the progressive agenda is evil and liberals are either willfully or unwittingly being led by Satan.

It’s a compelling narrative, but let’s zoom out.

Let’s pull into the conversation Karl Marx’s famous quote:

“Religion is the opiate of the masses.”

Implied in his words is an understanding that religious belief supersedes logic and therefore acts like a drug that is capable of masking the mind from reality. I would point out that opiates, like the various world religions, serve a purpose. Marx understood this, and through his philosophical progenations he aimed to replace religious beliefs with the atheistic belief system of communism.

Communism is also an opiate of the masses, as it preys upon the basic human need connect with something bigger than one’s self (the community) and worship a higher power (the State). As humanity attests, we are hardwired for such behavior.

More directly, Karl Marx makes crystal clear that, “Communism begins from the outset with atheism.” In Why Marxists Are Atheists, it is explained that religion supports the ruling class—which is why communists cannot believe in God. Religion tells the peasants to look to God as their source of strength, “as opposed to their own objective power,” or the power of the communist State.

The gist is this: Young commies are carefully groomed and conditioned to accept the State as the supreme source of authority and power. Any belief in God is strictly prohibited because it challenges the supremacy of the State.

Which brings us back to the political climate.

Christians believe in divine rights bestowed by God and are willing to fight to the death to defend those rights when trampled upon by the State. Now you can see why Christian nationalists, Christian extremists, Christian terrorists, and Christian insurrectionists are the latest craze among the Left.

This creates a headache for the global cabal.

Politics and religion are inextricably linked. Both are belief systems that operate at the subconscious level, shaping one’s perspective and interpretation of world events. This is an inescapable aspect of human nature. Communism, socialism, and the progressive agenda in general, seeks to exploit this psychological loophole to defy logic and train the peasants to accept servitude on behalf of the greater good.

This is precisely why the elites are so obsessed with controlling what you believe.

This is the reason why they want to pump high-speed internet into every house and hut on the planet, to relentlessly inject the masses with malicious propaganda that subverts human nature and conditions humanity to become slaves.

This is why they are using Artificial Intelligence to create algorithmic solutions that can facilitate massive censorship in real-time, thereby controlling the flow of available information and subsequently reshaping public perspective.

This is why the elites believe humans are just hackable animals, and that they can merge computer science, AI, and behavioral psychology to strategically re-engineer the very faculty of perception to further advance their cause.

Speaking of which…

Last week I read a thought provoking article titled Artificial Intelligence: A Secular Look At The Digital Antichrist. The author explores the globalists’ deep rooted obsession with Artificial Intelligence and concludes that AI is being developed by a bunch of soulless psychopaths who are hellbent on becoming gods.

I tend to agree.

In the end, it’s all about control. Who’s in charge? Who makes the rules? Who wields authority? Is it you, or me, or God, or the government?

Everyone has to find their own answers—and not everyone gets to be right.

(To be continued…)