Dec 22, 2021 • 20M

Ep. 21 - United We Stand, Divided We Fall

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There is more that unites us, than there is that divides us.

Of course, it may not appear that way when you read the headlines or head out for some last minute Christmas shopping. Our country and our communities are visibly divided between the masked and the unmasked, mentally divided between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed, and morally divided over the right and wrong of it all.

Take a look at these news stories:

  • Some CEO's are openly declaring that unvaccinated people "should be completely cut off from society, including not being allowed to travel, go to the supermarket to get food, or the pharmacy to get medicine."

  • Governments everywhere are forcefully enforcing new lockdowns, outrageous fines, and completely asinine regulations, keeping Big Brother's boot on the face of already beleaguered and bewildered public.

  • While Bill Gates tells the world the worst is yet to come, the President Biden is preparing to deploy military troops around the country to battle COVID-19.

Keep in mind, there are people who are okay with all of this. Drastic draconian rules feel like a safety blanket for anyone still scared out of their rational mind. Meanwhile, more and more people are waking up to the shenanigans.

In a world turned upside down, in a society so riddled with fear, when so many people have been induced into insanity, we need to slowdown, reflect, and reconnect with the principles that can still bring us back together.

This episode will explore potential solutions and seek a principled path forward.

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