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TR 135 - The Importance of Believing Impossible Things

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TR 135 - The Importance of Believing Impossible Things

On making sense of insanity when truth becomes stranger than fiction.

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

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Cruising the news this morning we find that COVID hospitalizations and deaths are surging among the vaccinated (and have been);

...the Jan. 6 prime time show trial continues to brainwash the American people, altering evidence and lying about what happened (truth here);

...Russian is winning the war in Ukraine and is now set to move troops into Nicaragua;

...the stock and housing markets are set for an epic crash;

...a Google engineer breached confidentiality and went public with the claim that Artificial Intelligence is now sentient;

and then there is this: At least 100 killed in Burkina Faso attack over weekend

"Armed men killed at least 100 civilians in a rural district of northern Burkina Faso over the weekend, a local and a security source said on Monday."

--cue the record scratch--

Where in the heck is Burkina Faso, and why in the world is this headline news?

Remember, there is more going on in any given moment than anyone of us can wrap our heads around—a fact long exploited by the elite evildoers who orchestrate the dog and pony show distractions that keep the peasants mesmerized while they pillage the planet. That is why, of all the exciting things going on in the world, I find the Burkina Faso story most fascinating.

Follow me here, as I follow my gut down the rabbit hole...

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