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TR 528 - Globalists Predict that Americans Will Kill Each Other over the 2024 Election

TR 528 - Globalists Predict that Americans Will Kill Each Other over the 2024 Election

Unfortunately, the majority of people still fail to read the writing on the wall.

There’s an agenda afoot.

As we wade ever deeper into the WEF’s scheming efforts to brainwash global leadership and orchestrate a planetary coup, I want to open the discussion by examining this screenshot from the Seattle Times this morning.

Taking the oddities in order:

  1. Why don’t COVID tests work as well as they used to? Answer: because they never worked in the first place, except to give false positives and drive mass hysteria based on bogus data that fueled relentless fearmongering from the state. I can proudly say that I have never been tested for covid, not even once.

  2. An “unprecedented flu strain” is attacking “hundreds of animal species.” Hmmm… really? How do they know that? Have they somehow managed to track and test hundreds of species, extract DNA samples, analyze them all, collate the data, and compare and contrast the genomic sequence of each viral infection?

  3. What is Disease X? It’s the globalists’ placeholder for the next round of biological warfare that is scheduled to be released upon the unsuspecting public at some point in the near future. Also, it is a primer to the public’s fear pumped up over that dreaded possibility that the next pandemic might be even WORSE.

That said, these three headlines actually point to two larger issues:

First, on the heels of weeks of post-holiday propaganda about a deadly new surge, the propagandists have clearly tamed their messaging. Here they are attempting to pivot, scapegoating “why don’t the tests work like they used to?” to cover for the fact that even though they shipped out 200 million “free” at-home tests, most people are just over it—except for the bitter clingers who can’t seem to release their grip on the narrative. The poor bastards in this camp are potentially damaged beyond repair.

Second, have failed to stir up a sufficient amount of fear to run full-bore with the next round of “emergency response”—because the public rejects the notion that there is an emergency—the propagandists have seamlessly transitioned back to the overarching trajectory, which is climate change is causing animals to get sick and spread more disease to humans. They’ve been carefully constructing this narrative for over a decade, fabricating data out of whole cloth, and diligently developing “consensus” amongst the hand-selected “experts” they’ll use to sell the story.

We’ve discussed this before, the whole “zoonotic reservoir” and how “thou shall not eat the king’s deer” because they might have covid. These are the reasons used to back the ridiculous objective of “reducing human contact with wildlife,” as dictated by the WHO’s radical One Health agenda, which is “The One Agenda to Rule Them All” that I’ve been sounding the alarm about since the Spring of 2022.

Details on all of that and more, along with an in depth look at how they have long been merging public and planetary health, can be found in the following reports:

I think the most important lesson from the propaganda at the Seattle Times is that weaponized AI can analyze immense amounts of data and tack shifting public sentiment, which allows the global cabal to adjust their strategies in real-time. Using the Sentinel Surveillance, Social Listening, and Algorithmic Social Interventions we’ve previously discussed, they can now control “emerging” public perceptions.

Those are their words, not mine. This same technology, this same application of weaponized AI, is also at the heart of the “predictive policing” schemes that have been cropping up the last few years—but that’s beyond the scope of this report.

Weaponized AI is an unruly beast, and today I want to wrangle it back toward the so-called “infodemic” and the World Health Organization’s corresponding mission to “immunize” humanity against misinformation. What is critical here, is the fact that this particular use of weaponized AI was first deployed for election interference.

For those who don’t know, this practice dates back to 2016 and has been used in over 280 “election interventions” around the world since then. Pretty wild, right? Keep that in mind when you see headlines like these cropping up ahead of 2024:

And one more just to bring us full circle:

Has it sank in yet?

Our elections are not our own.

Not only are the global cabal, foreign enemies, special interests, and the U.S. Deep State all interfering in our elections, heavily weaponized AI is being actively deployed against the American people, specifically to cultivate the attitudes and behavioral changes necessary to facilitate the next step in the systematic destruction of America.

Think predictive programming. Think “hung election and a civil war.”

While the Left gets fed the narrative that Silicon Valley billionaires are going to “unseat Biden” with AI, along with a steady stream of Orange Man Bad and violent MAGA extremists are threatening “our democracy,” the Right side is being steeped in an ongoing deluge of gaslighting about how the Republican Party is going to “investigate” the avalanche of crimes that has buried any semblance of equal justice under the law. Lawlessness abounds, and the American political theater plays on:

Given the congressional clown show, I dare say that the globalists care MUCH more about the outcome of the 2024 election than the average American citizen—present company excluded, of course. Did you know there are people today, both on the right and the left, but most troubling, conservative pundits who still believe the Great Reset and the meeting in Davos is all just hubris and conspiracy?

To me, the ignorance is unconscionable, but this article from Town Hall says it all: “After Watching This Ceremony, the Conspiracy Theorists Might Be Right About Davos.”

“The World Economic Forum in Davos is a hub for the globalist class, which was rightfully criticized by former Daily Show host Jon Stewart as an “orgy of self-congratulatory excess.” Such conferences also breed conspiracy theories, some entertaining while others veer into plausible territory. …

There’s also ‘the great reset’ theory, along with the conspiracy to eliminate meat from our diets and replace it with bugs (via CBS News)…

I’m sorry, but the author is an idiot.

Not only that, but anyone refusing to acknowledge the Great Reset and all that it entails, remains painfully uninformed and woefully unprepared for what lies ahead. Comfortable in their ignorance, and smug in their arrogance, these useful idiots—on the political Right—are a major part of the problem.

Not only are they complicit in the public fleecing and propagation of lies, they’re also probably voting for Nikki Haley and believe that J6 was a violent insurrection. FOOLS.

But let’s go ahead and zoom out here, because we’ve got bigger fish to fry!

Here’s an interesting twist.

Alex Soros, son of and heir apparent to the despicable George Soros, claims that Donald Trump winning the 2024 election “is a done deal” for the Davos elite. While that’s a fascinating conjecture, he goes on to claim:

“That’s a good thing, because the Davos consensus is always wrong.”

This punk is a tool, and he has his privileged head buried so far up his rich daddy’s decrepit ass, he says things like, “Biden actually has a particular advantage in a polarized electoral environment, which is that he’s not polarizing.”

It’s utterly obtuse and complete bullshit, but he undoubtedly believes it.

But what about that Davos consensus? This stooge is grifting off his father’s lengthy loincloth, which uniquely positions him to gather an inside perspective, so clearly there is some chatter in Davos about Trump winning in 2024. I don’t want to dwell on it, but it does tie into my prior speculation about exactly how the wizards of deception intend to orchestrate a hung election and a civil war.

Here’s an honest question: could Trump be the Deep State’s Trojan Horse?

Don’t stone me. Hear me out. Conservatives have proven to be too polite and restrained to mount any sort of opposition to the rampant political corruption and repeated smacks-in-the-face coming out of Washington DC. Every indication is that conservatives as a whole have lost their appetite for violence, no longer embody Jefferson’s spirit of resistance, and have no intentions of watering the Tree of Liberty.

That would be too uncomfortable. That would be extreme. No self-respecting suburb conservative wants to risk their career or reputation for such silly little things like a stolen election, a massive invasion, or the death of the American Dream.

But the Left on the other hand, those guys are straight up thugs. They’ll knock out a little old lady in broad daylight, just for the hell of it. They’ll rape your women and children and laugh about it. These Leftists are as radical as they come, and they sure as hell are not afraid to use violence to intimidate conservative snowflakes—I mean c’mon, they’ll torch cop cars and run police out of their own damn precincts!

Can you imagine how unhinged the Left will be if Trump gets reelected?

There is no denying that they’d be willing to unleash all hell in cities across the country. They’ve done it before, with support from goons like Soros, and there is no doubt they’d relish the chance to do it again. And you know what? The media would probably hail them as heroes, you know, defending American democracy against the MAGA domestic terrorists and their evil dictator Donald Trump.

Think it won’t happen? Rich greedy capitalists are already using AI to unseat Biden, remember? Racist Republicans are trying to suppress minority voting, remember?

Don’t think for a second they haven’t thought this through. The WEF’s World Risks Report will help you connect the dots. Along with infectious disease driving societal polarization, they are predicting violence between states:

The truth is, in this age of AI-driven narratives, we’re kind of faced with a choose your own adventure. The globalists have been writing their plot for years, but ultimately, it is we the American people who get to decide how this story ends!



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