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TR 268 - The Capacity for Total Tyranny

TR 268 - The Capacity for Total Tyranny

Exposing the sick justification that's being used to enslave humanity.

Zoom out.

Let’s start today with a macro perspective.

The are radical fanatical environmentalists releasing particles into the atmosphere in an effort to stop climate change. They’re calling it “geoengineering activism” and it begs two obvious questions: Isn’t this also changing the climate? What could go wrong?

Lest you think this is being drummed up by a bunch of fringe quacks, note that the CEO is none other than Luke Iseman, formerly of Y Combinator, the Big Tech accelerator behind such everyday enterprises as Airbnb, Coinbase, DoorDash, DropBox, Reddit, and Stripe, just to name a few. Says Iseman:

“We joke slash not joke that this is partly a company and partly a cult,” he says.

“Climate change is such a grave threat, and the world has moved so slowly to address the underlying problem, that more radical interventions are now required.”

“It’s morally wrong, in my opinion, for us not to be doing this,” he says. What’s important is “to do this as quickly and safely as we can.”

That’s an impressive moral imperative, is it not?

It’s morally wrong not to manipulate the climate by launching tiny particles of sulfur into the stratosphere. They’re even going to sell “cooling credits” to other woke corporations. Good sense and science be damned, that’s the epitome of a cult mentality.

It would be a mistake to simply laugh off such lunacy. These guys are well-funded and dead serious about conducting these mad-scientist-type experiments. Worse yet, this infectious cult mentality is pervasive amongst both the global elite and the mindless minions they so daftly manipulate.

Do you recall the global One Health initiative?

I was ripping on this insidious plot back in May, pointing out the insanity of claims like the idea that COVID-19 was mutating because it was running rampant through wild deer populations (bolstering the narrative that zoonosis is the greatest reservoir of endless invisible enemies), and exposing our own government’s gleeful “whole-of-government” participation in this bogus globalist agenda.

From TR 123 - How the WHO Takes Over the World:

“At surface level, all of these initiatives are dripping with altruistic intent. It sounds as if the whole world is working together to protect humanity from the threat of infectious disease, striving to prevent future pandemics from causing Covid level calamity. There is no doubt that a "global level response" will help save lives -- and saving lives is the most important thing, right? WRONG.

Embedded in the language is the authority to dictate national responses to any event the WHO deems a threat to global health, culminating in the new One Health agenda that links human health to environmental health, effectively extending their mandates to regulate all human behavior.

[The One Health agenda] offers an endless supply of threats that the government alone can protect us from, because they alone can test for and identify these new pathogens. Thus, the invisible enemy is always ready to strike, set to infect the heart of humanity with fear, and cause people around the world to enslave themselves out of an abundance of caution.”

Never forget that these policies, from the international level down to the local level, are being driven by the same radical environmental cult that’s actively trying to fight man-made climate change by injecting chemicals into the atmosphere.

And they honestly believe that they are saving the planet.

In their collective hive-minds, their logic is infallible—as in, “it’s morally wrong for us not to be doing this.” I imagine the Taliban might have used the exact same logic when they decided to start torturing women again, after the disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops that left civilians, including children, trapped behind enemy lines while forfeiting billions of dollars of military equipment into the hands of terrorists.

But nevermind all of that.

Biden is the most popular president ever elected, he’s doing so much better than most people think, and his wife honestly thinks he’s got the strength and stamina to win another historic re-election, even though some 86% of American’s think our country is on the wrong track—though NOT for the reasons you might think.

Moving on.

Woven throughout the globalist narrative on climate change and the One Health initiative are the same tired, tried-but-failed utopian socialist fantasies that crop up every time altruistic holier-than-thou do-gooders put their heads together.

They insist that their ideas are progressive, though that is patently false. Regardless of the origins, centralized control—whether it’s meant to control the weather and save the planet, or it’s to make things equal and keep people safe—is ultimately a commie tactic. It’s always a commie tactic.

It’s the Cult of Collectivists. They want control, pure and simple.

One of the great ironies amidst all the modern insanity, is the fact that Democrats are the ones who are voting to give more power and control to the despots running our government, as opposed to say, “giving power to the people,” and championing the rights of the little guys, like they used to. Those were the good old days.

Now even the poor people in Cuba have begun to realize they’ve been “betrayed by the democratic world”—who gives lip service to justice, but “would rather see the Cuban people continue to suffer under the yoke of tyranny than see their communist friends in Havana fall out of power.” That’s an instructive insight.

More broadly, what any intellectually honest person can surmise, is that Democrats are keen to ignore human suffering and the suffocation of the human spirit under tyrannical regimes, in order to keep their commie progressive-hack friends in power.

They’ve got to keep the illusion alive.

The ends justify the means. If they just could control all the money, all the elections, and all the people, then they could save the planet, make life fair, and keep people safe.

Of course, they could not possibly achieve such lofty aims without dumping trillions of dollars into utterly worthless projects—like blocking the sun, for example. That’s the beauty of public-private partnerships, don’t you see. Now they have Stakeholder Capitalism to help fund state-sanctioned tyranny forevermore.

They’ve got the money. They’ve got the tech. They’ve got the policy.

They have the means to have their way with humanity, and that is just exactly what they intend to do. Hence, the great global inescapable socialist surveillance state. In more specific terms, in the words of John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute:

“Geofencing dragnets. Fusion centers. Smart devices. Behavioral threat assessments. Terror watch lists. Facial recognition. Snitch tip lines. Biometric scanners. Pre-crime. DNA databases. Data mining. Precognitive technology. Contact tracing apps.

What these add up to is a world in which, on any given day, the average person is now monitored, surveilled, spied on and tracked in more than 20 different ways by both government and corporate eyes and ears.

Big Tech wedded to Big Government has become Big Brother.”

He goes on to make the point that the government is selling this all as a way to keep people safe—to protect people from bad guys—and points out the government’s definition of a “bad guy” is extraordinarily broad. I would say that they’ve been whittling away at this definition for quite some time, and they’ve more or less tailored it to mean anyone who challenges the Narrative or the authority of the State.

The ongoing Twitter Files saga is case in point.

But it’s darker than just Big Tech collusion and state-run censorship.

In 1975, U.S. Senator Frank Church declared that the U.S. government had “perfected a technological capability” that could be turned against the American people to effectively impose what he called “Total Tyranny”—emphasizing that under such surveillance, there would be no way to fight back. Listen to him explain it:

Total Tyranny.

“The most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done, is within the reach of the government to know.”
—U.S. Senator Frank Church August 17th, 1975

So there you have it. But that was then, and this is now.

Add weaponized AI, sentinel surveillance, and Algorithmic Social Interventions, and you have a government that is fully equipped to covertly manipulate the masses, determine the outcome of elections, and consolidate virtually unlimited power, profit, and political control in the hands of the elite sociopaths hellbent on ruling the world.

And don’t forget, they’ve all been indoctrinated into the same fanatical climate cult.

They are convinced they must control you for your own good. They feel justified.

Now they’ve got all the tools and strategic partnerships they need to pull it off.


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