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TR 235 - Mysterious Election Interventions

TR 235 - Mysterious Election Interventions

How another global outbreak is fueling a frenzy of massive public manipulation.

The saga continues.

The rapid spread of an exotic sexually transmitted disease—the dreaded monkeypox virus—has had world health officials scrambling and scratching their collective heads for months. Monkeypox is usually only transmitted via close contact and has historically been mostly isolated to parts of Africa—so how, and why, has this virus suddenly been spreading all around the world in such a rapid fashion?

There are many reasons, most of them nefarious, none of them good.

Bear with me here…

Though recent studies indicate that monkeypox is now spreading without symptoms, the truth is that monkeypox will not affect the majority of people—at least not directly. For that reason, this article may seem out of place given the midterm elections and the potential for civil war are looming large over the week.

In reality, deciding the outcome of these elections is going to be drug out for weeks. Every indication is that this election is going to be even more ugly than the 2020 election. At this point, the evil Russian Bots have been reactivated and desperate Democrats are holding out for a November surprise. Meanwhile, more astute analysts are predicting things are about to get so messy that we might not even have a 2024 election, because they believe this election is not going to be accepted by either side.

This is heavy stuff. It’s important. But, it’s not the most important. Like I said, this election drama is going to get drug out for weeks—and they might even arrest Donald Trump! Whatever. MEANWHILE, the invisible hand of the global cabal continues to tighten it’s grip around the neck of humanity, this time under the guise of protecting everyone on the planet from the exotic monkeypox disease.

Zoom out.

On October 22nd, the World Health Organization extended the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) due to the continuing unprecedented spread of monkeypox all around the globe. In this announcement, the WHO acknowledged that some “progress” has been made in their efforts to institute behavioral interventions—which is where our story begins:

“The Emergency Committee acknowledged that some progress has been made in the global response to the multi-country outbreak of monkeypox since the last meeting, including the emerging information on the effectiveness of behavioral interventions and vaccines.”

To properly frame the importance of this revelation—that they are collecting data on behavioral interventions being directed by unelected officials at the global level—we must first understand the implications. On its face, it may sound like they’re just trying to help make the world a better place—in this case by preventing the spread of monkeypox—but underneath the altruistic overtones lies a much darker reality.

As previously discussed, the WHO is using AI for sentinel surveillance and “social listening” in order to facilitate behavioral change. Why should you consider this to be a major issue? Because these people are manipulating public behavior without people realizing it, and that has MAJOR social and political implications!

Think about it like this: Why are there still people driving all alone in their cars, with the windows down, wearing a mask? This is not normal or natural human behavior.

This is manipulated human behavior. Such unnatural, unhealthy, abnormal and often completely absurd behavior is certainly not in the individual’s best interest—but unfortunately the manipulated individual is incapable of seeing this reality. That’s key.

It is true that politicians and propagandists have been manipulating the public for ages, but the 21st century tools like AI and sentinel surveillance are relatively new. That’s why the WHO’s admission to monitoring the “emerging information on the effectiveness of behavioral interventions” caught my eye. At this point, they have clearly gathered enough data to evaluate the results of manipulating humanity at the global scale.

How successful has the WHO been at manipulating human behavior?

Apparently, better than expected. As countries around the world quickly implemented a “range of public health interventions” that were recommended by the WHO, many countries saw a decline in cases—though notably not in the America’s, where transmission still remains high. This collective response was based on globally coordinated “collaborative surveillance” using the One Health approach.

That’s where it gets interesting. What is this One Health approach? What are these public interventions? And what is this “collaborative surveillance” anyhow?

In a nutshell, this is the framework for the global surveillance state—a socialist surveillance state, mind you—that is intended to monitor and manipulate your behavior, for the rest of your life, whether you’re keen to the “intervention” or not.

May the wise take note:

Soon enough, these mandatory “interventions” will become an inescapable reality.

What do I mean? They are deploying AI to manipulate public perception on a massive scale. As we’ve seen, according to their own reports, this is already having a measurable impact on public behavior. When the public is being manipulated toward unnatural behavior—which is already happening—the outcome affects us all.

We can try to ignore it, to ignore the idiots who are still wearing masks, ignore the morons who keep rushing back to get their booster—since the first five shots were so damn effective—and we can try to ignore the fools who still believe that Biden was the most popular president ever elected, but at the end of the day all of these useful idiots still get to vote, and they will vote to enslave humanity just to feel safe.

We are already dangerously close to mob rule.

When all of these “behavioral interventions” have sufficiently convinced the masses to sacrifice their freedom for the illusion of safety, to sacrifice self sovereignty and individuality for the sake of the collective and the greater good, convinced the majority to accept the socialist precepts that underlie the progressive agenda, then it’s checkmate. Think about it.

At that point—once the majority of people have succumb to the algorithmic social interventions that subversively manipulate their behavior—how will the minority ever be able to persuade masses again? How can we compete with the machines?

Mob rule will ensue, guaranteed, and this time the mob will be under the malicious manipulation of the global cabal. This is precisely why the “battle for democracy” is the first step in the Communist revolution. They use the mob to overthrow all aspects of existing society—and the foundation for all of this is already in place.

Which brings us back to the World Health Organization.

What are they up to?

According to the WHO, in the interest of public health (i.e. the greater good), every country in the world should assume that an explosion in cases could breakout at any moment. Thus, every State Party should “undertake surveillance and be ready” to activate “multi-sectoral coordination mechanisms” within the One Health approach—which is a mouthful of word salad that is meant to conceal their strategy.

What does it all that mean? Reading from the WHO website, here is exactly what “activate or establish health and multi-sectoral coordination mechanisms” means, in their own words:

  • “to establish and intensify epidemiological disease surveillance” within “national surveillance and health care systems” (1.c)

  • “intensify the detection capacity” (1.d)

  • “with the goal of preventing further undetected transmission” (1.b)

Pause: They are intensifying surveillance to prevent undetected transmission? Think about what that means. You don’t know you’re sick. You don’t know you’re spreading disease. That makes you a threat to public health, by default, and the only solution is for you to be monitored, tracked, and surveilled for the rest of your life.

That is why governments everywhere must:

  • “Implement all actions necessary to be ready to apply or continue applying the set of Temporary Recommendations enumerated under Outbreak Response” (1.i)

    • “Those actions include: targeted risk communication and community engagement, case detection, supported isolation of cases and treatment, contact tracing, and targeted immunization” (2.a.i)

    • “Implement response actions with the goal of stopping human-to-human transmission” (2.a.i)

  • “Engage with authorities and event organizers of gatherings (large and small)… to promote personal protective measures and behaviors, encourage organizers to apply the WHO-recommended risk-based approach to decision-making regarding the holding of such events.” (2.b.ii)

  • Develop and target risk communication and community engagement interventions, including systematic social listening (e.g., through digital platforms), for emerging perceptions, concerns, and misinformation that might hamper response actions.” (2.b.iii)

  • “Engage with representatives of affected communities, non-government organizations, elected officials and civil society, and behavioral scientists to advise on approaches and strategies”


These devious bastards toss a nice word salad, but did you catch all that?

They are intensifying surveillance with “systematic social listening” that allows them to target communities with tailored propaganda, crafted with the help of behavioral scientists, in an effort to control any “emerging perceptions” that may hamper the government’s intentional manipulation of public behavior.

Beyond controlling what the public thinks, what people believe, and how people behave—which in theory one could try to resist via peaceful noncompliance and seeking out unsanctioned sources—consider their strategy for contact tracing:

  • “Conduct contact tracing among individuals in contact with anyone who may be a suspected, probable, or confirmed case” (2.c.vii)

    • “…follow-up for 21 days through health monitoring that may be self-directed or supported by public health officers.”

  • Isolate cases for the duration of the infectious period.”

    • “…Any adjustment of isolation policies … should entail the mitigation of any residual public health risk.” (2.c.v)

  • “Encourage, support and facilitate data gathering and priority research… relevant to behavioral insights… and studies on effectiveness of interventions.” (2.e.iv)

It’s a closed loop. Anyone who is even suspected of being infected is subject to contact tracing and monitoring by public health officers—who, in the interest on public safety, have the right to detain and quarantine people against their will. According to the WHO, governments are justified in isolating people until they’ve decided there is no “residual” risk. They are researching the effectiveness of these so-called “interventions” as we speak, while the AI simultaneously provides behavioral insights on our emerging perceptions. Will we resist? Resist we must!

The point is that the global cabal is casting an inescapable net of surveillance that will blanket every aspect of life as we know it. The language above is coming from the WHO’s declaration of a Public Health Emergency related to monkeypox, but the tools, strategies, and underlying intentions to manipulate humanity are rapidly being normalized and deployed at the global level to advance the Great Reset.

That’s a major problem.

There is little doubt that these very same tools—the AI, sentinel surveillance, social listening, and algorithmic social interventions—are actively being used to interfere with our midterm elections. That’s why the WHO’s response to monkeypox matters, because it demonstrates how these tools are being used to manipulate humanity.

And, unfortunately, they’re just getting started. To grasp the full scope of where they’re going with this we need to dig deeper into the One Health Joint Plan of Action—which is precisely what we’ll do tomorrow in part two!

To be continued…

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