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TR 216 - The Threat of AI

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TR 216 - The Threat of AI

It's time to talk about how artificial intelligence is being weaponized against humanity.

It’s not easy.

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), trying to wrap your head around the full scope of implications is challenging, if not outright impossible. For many, the mind quickly conjures up images of the Terminator. For others, it is more of an R2D2 friendly android servant or something like Elon Musk’s new Optimus AI robot.

Regardless of the stereotype, such machines are already here. We already have weaponized robots and drones. We already have friendly robots who take orders, flip burgers, and help to clean up. In fact, the National Bureau of Economic Research has been tracking the integration and impact of robotics since 1993—almost 30 years.

Obviously robots are nothing new—but fully autonomous thinking robots—now that would be a game changer, right? You may recall the Google engineer getting fired for declaring that their AI had become sentient—why didn’t they just celebrate instead?

Because sentient AI has massive implications.

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