Apr 12, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 93 - One Agenda To Rule Them All

How COVID-19 advances the radical climate agenda.

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In celebration of World Health Day, April 7th 2022, the World Health Organization is making a full-court press to capitalize on what they’ve determined are the positive aspects of the pandemic destroying life as we know it.

Citing “opinion polls from around the world,” the WHO claims that people want to “preserve the positives” from the pandemic so that together we can save the planet:

“The lockdown measures that have been necessary to control the spread of COVID-19 have slowed economic activity, and disrupted lives – but have also given some glimpses of a possible brighter future. In some places, pollution levels have dropped to such an extent that people have breathed clean air, or have seen blue skies and clear waters, or have been able to walk and cycle safely with their children – for the first times in their lives.

When the WHO claims that the pandemic offers a glimpse of a “brighter future,” what they are saying is that draconian lockdowns and authoritarian regulations — laws that restrict natural human behavior and personal expression — have proven to be effective tools for advancing their agenda.

In essence, they’ve found that medical tyranny works.

Now, by connecting the covid pandemic with the climate agenda, the WHO is framing this transition (aka The Great Reset) as an opportunity to “re-imagine your world,” within the scope of the following recommendations:

  • Keeping fossil fuels in the ground and stopping new fossil fuel exploration.

  • Taxing the polluters and incentivizing carbon reduction.

  • Building new bike lanes and footpaths to engage low-carbon public transport.

  • Taxing highly processed foods and beverages high in salt, sugars and unhealthy fats.

  • Removing highly processed and packaged foods from the workplace.

  • Regulating the marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages in public spaces.

  • Keeping thermostats set at 70 degrees or less.

  • Fundamentally restructuring production, distribution, and consumption systems.

  • Implementing policy measures that limit volumes of production and consumption.

According to the WHO, going back to “normal” is not good enough — and I assure you, that was never the plan. By linking one crisis with another and claiming that “the climate crisis is a health crisis,” the globalists at the WHO believe they have found the ultimate justification to fundamentally transform our world — and they are flexing their authority to enforce these policies at the global level.

This is all part of the vision for what globalists call Future Earth.  Collectively working to build consensus around their radical climate agenda, in conjunction with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the broader ESG agenda, these people intend to control how we live our lives by regulating everything from how we travel, to how we run our businesses, what we can buy, and even restricting what we eat.

In their own words:

“Breaking these cycles of destruction for the planet and human health requires legislative action, corporate reform and individuals to be supported and incentivized to make healthy choices.”

Under the banner of the “Our Planet, Our Health” campaign, the WHO is urging citizens, corporations, and governments at every level to embrace The Green Manifesto. Chock full of schemes for central control and the abolition of personal rights, this manifesto holds true to progressive roots and presents a slue of socialist ideas we are told will save the planet and keep people safe.

An old familiar story comes to mind: “My granny, what big teeth you have!”  So, if they sound like communists, and they act like communists, maybe just maybe these people actually are communist — what do you think?

Here’s a fun fact: Communism led to the starvation and death of nearly 100 million people in the 20th century. That’s more than all the homicide and genocides combined.

It may seem ridiculous to think a small group of radical environmentalists are planning to control what you put on your plate, but that is exactly what they intend to do. Emphasizing the “need for a rapid transition to healthy, nutritious and sustainable diets,” the WHO envisions a world where government officials:

  • Implement policies to create sustainable food environments.

  • This includes strengthening food control systems, and restricting foods contributing to unsustainable diets.

  • Limit or control human-wildlife contact to reduce the risk of infectious diseases.

  • Reduce the unsafe consumption of wildlife.

Just to be clear, “sustainable food environments” and “unsustainable diets” are not concepts that you and I get to weigh in on. Thou shalt not eat the king’s deer! It is no longer lawful to try to feed yourself — because that’s the government’s job, and they alone control the food supply and means of production. After all, if the government does not restrict what you eat — and you were left to eat what you want, when you want — you would surely destroy the planet.

This is why they believe central control is imperative.

Think it will never happen? Keep in mind, these sustainable development goals are legally binding initiatives that are being driven by international law, and they are already being integrated into national, state, and local level policies. We need to look no further than Lyle, WA — where they recently tried to pass the Paris Climate Accords — to see just how close to home this radical agenda actually is.

Apparently insanity is contagious, and if there is one positive takeaway from this pandemic, perhaps it is the realization that the people in charge have lost their collective minds — and they are hellbent on controlling us all. For the sake of Future Earth, and for the sake of future generations, I hope humanity does not comply!

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