May 12, 2022 • 20M

Ep. 115 - The Convergence & Coming Collapse

Laying out the global plan to inflict pain on humanity in the name of the greater good.

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It's about to get ugly.

Mark my words, all the changes that are required to implement the Great Reset are accelerating. Even as more and more people begin to regain a sense of normalcy, living as if the pandemic was a thing of the past, pretending as if the entire sham was just an unfortunate anomaly, the forces that are actually orchestrating this chaos are gearing up for the next phase of transformation--and pain is an unavoidable, even intentional part of the equation.

I know it sounds outlandish. I know some people will dismiss it as crazy. And I know, when the Great Reset is complete, the majority of people will never have seen it coming. They will awaken to a world unrecognizable, to a splendid and utopian Future Earth wherein the human population has been culled of radical extremists who cling to their guns and Bibles, and the world will have been purged of the domestic terrorists who spread vicious misinformation.

In Future Earth, not only will civil society thrive on meatless, genetically modified sustainable diets, public transportation and electric vehicles will minimize our collective carbon footprint, and the messiness of humanity will be safely managed within great, glistening, sustainable cities all around the globe. Habitat destruction will cease and human contact with wildlife will be restricted to prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases. We will live in harmony with the planet and each other, and diseases, poverty, hunger, and inequality will become relics of our primitive past. At least that's how the story goes.

Unfortunately, even with all of the obvious boons to humanity and the benefits to our collective well-being, there will most certainly be stubborn, obstinate, tribalistic types who openly resist what's best for the greater good. That's where the pain comes in.

Pain is a powerful motivator--perhaps the most powerful motivator--which makes it an invaluable tool when it comes to reshaping human behavior. When selling people on the Great Reset falls short, when decades of institutional conditioning fails to convince the masses to sacrifice themselves for the collective (like when survival instincts kick in), remaining pockets of resistance must be coerced by force, using physical, mental, emotional, and financial pain as leverage to stimulate compliance.

Which brings us to the current convergence and coming collapse. Could it be, is it possible, that much of the discomfort and pain we are collectively experiencing is intentional in nature? Could it be that things are intentionally being driven from bad to worse? Is it possible that callous politicians are colluding at the global level to inflict even more pain, because they have determined that it's for the greater good? Could this pain be necessary to save the planet?

There is a convergence of factors that lead me to believe the answer is yes, the pain is being inflicted on purpose, and yes, things are about to get worse--potentially much worse. Consider the following interrelated factors:

  1. The World Health Organization has a "Global strategy for infant and young child feeding" that envisions "a world in which all sectors of society are protected from the inappropriate and unethical marketing of breast-milk substitutes." Known as NetCode, this global plan has been in place since 2012, with a target date of 2025.

    • In the spring of 2022, we have federal regulators shutting down baby food manufacturing, which has led to a 43% reduction in available formula, and millions of desperate moms scrambling to feed their hungry babies--even as the government warns them against homemade formula solutions. Is this a coincidence?

  2. The WHO also has a global strategy called the "Immunization Agenda 2030" which aims to vaccinate the entire human population, targeting "everyone, everywhere, at every age." Though IA2030 plan was being developed in 2019 (cough, cough), and was ostensibly interrupted by the pandemic, the WHO goes on to say, "The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded the world of the power of vaccines."

    • Today we learn that deaths among vaccinated people are dramatically increasing, which has led to fervent calls for more boosters as the cases and deaths from covid once again begin to rise--and the government continues to warn us that the next wave is on the way. This cycle appears to be driving an increasing demand for vaccines, which don't stop the spread or prevent death, but are causing millions of adverse reactions, suffering and death, all while advancing the WHO's agenda and generating gross profits for their private partners. Is this just a coincidence?

  3. The original wave of COVID-19 caused a broad swath of destruction around the world, particularly in the financial department, as entire populations were locked down, businesses were shuttered, and supply chains came to a screeching halt. This led to the astronomical injections of financial stimulus that are driving the highest inflation in over 40 years--with no let up in sight. And yet, the WHO tells us that there were positive aspects of the pandemic, including the reduction of carbon emissions, which aligns with and advances the UN Sustainable Development goals.

    • Given the very real impact of "pain at the pump" -- and the ripple effect of high fuel prices throughout the economy -- it may seem odd that the Biden administration is canceling oil and gas leases, until you realize the U.S. policy is being driven by the UN agenda that seeks to keep fossil fuel in the ground. Though the government could mitigate the pain, they instead seem to be exacerbating the problem to advance their agenda. Is this coincidence?

As the stock market enters free fall, as the housing market collapses, as the threat of nuclear becomes greater each day, we can see the same pattern at play. Rather than doing anything to stop the problem or reduce the amount of suffering, the government seems only to make matters worse. It could simply be incompetence, but the patterns at play leaves one to wonder if all of this pain is just part of plan.