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TR 221 - A Peak Behind the Curtain

TR 221 - A Peak Behind the Curtain

Following the yellow brick road one step closer to Future Earth...

Think strategy.

There is something going on behind the scenes. It’s too quiet. What are they up to?

Those were the thoughts that went through my mind as I looked through the headlines this morning. More smoke and mirrors. More staged drama. More propaganda and intentional distractions. What’s really going on here?

This story caught my eye:

Apparently, children joining with the hordes of angry women who are protesting in Iran is an “unprecedented phenomenon”—why is that? Reading from the article:

“Iran analysts say that current anti-regime protests sweeping through the country have shown that the regime has failed to subdue the younger generation

More than half of Iranians were born after the 1979 Islamic revolution and have known no other regime…

School children are protesting their leaders on an unprecedented scale that may prove difficult to contain, say experts.”

So, the regime failed to subdue the younger generation, more than half of whom have known no other leaders, and school children are protesting on an unprecedented scale.

Call me a skeptic, but doesn’t this all smack of commie tactics?

According to the article, Iran has been trying to “subdue” the younger generations by censoring the internet, brainwashing children, and sending dissenters to re-education camps. That’s all terrible, no doubt about it, but there is a larger dynamic at play—a very specific strategy that is being deployed by global cabal all around the world.

What’s the play here?

Here are two headlines from the World Health Organization today:

Hmmm… the triple threat of covid, conflicts, and the climate crisis have reversed “hard-won progress” and led to lost gains for women, children, and youth—and that is why the cabal has issued an international call to Protect the Promise—because “empowered women, children and adolescents are the key to achieving a better world.”

Boy, these global leaders must be the most noble, kind, and compassionate people on the planet, right? Just think of all the ways women and children would suffer if it wasn’t for the globalist regime taking direct action to enforce equality and fight for their rights… which brings us back to the “unprecedented” protests in Iran.

Think about it.

Why are the school children protesting? Shouldn’t they be learning, or playing, or just being kids? Why are these children so emotionally engaged in the political process?

The answer, in my mind, is their teachers. Teachers who have been indoctrinated into the progressive agenda, who now suffer from the collective delusions of “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” because they’ve been trained by the global cabal through one of their seemingly infinite number of NGOs and international outreach programs.

Now, the question arises: Where do these ideas come from?

Meaning, where does all of this focus on getting women and children involved in political revolution come from? That’s right, it comes from Communism.

Communists prey upon women and children by claiming there are all kinds of threats and injustices that only the state can protect them from—this is how they get them emotionally involved. Once they are involved, they become an army of emotional activists who can then be leveraged to accelerate change and topple regimes.

Think about the kids who are popping tires on dairy trucks, tossing tomato sauce on million dollar oil paintings, and lying down in the streets to stop traffic in protest to fossil fuels. They are emotionally engaged in the political process, and as silly and frustrating as it seems, they are effective tools because they’re hard to ignore.

Think about all the angry young women who were actively protesting the end of Roe and how that is said to have impacted the midterm elections. Again, emotional engagement leads directly to political impact—as the one and only modern-day Pocahontas, Senator Elizabeth Warren, so succinctly states:

“I am angry. Angry and upset and determined.”

What else do you need to get out the vote? Angry, upset, and determined individuals can change the course of history—not because they have any logical solutions or real understanding of the problems we face, but because their raw emotional reaction compels them to vote for the political wizards who are pushing their buttons.

But that’s only one angle.

The bigger picture here is that these same timeless tactics are being deployed all across the board. At this week’s World Health Summit, put on by the UN, the WHO, and an international conglomerate of NGOs, we find the following breakout sessions:

  • Meaningful Youth Engagement with Global Health Governance

    • “Young people are one of the biggest demographics of this planet. In many countries, they represent the biggest part of society. …It is essential that youth are meaningfully part of the decision making around global health on all levels.”

  • Securing Global Health for the Socio-Economic Transformation

    • “Our economic system puts an excessive focus on generating economic wealth. …We need a socio-economic transformation for an economy that supports social well-being. …Thus, public health systems play a critical role in this transformation.”

  • Sustainable Health for People and Planet

    • “Human health and wellbeing is dependent on life supporting ecosystems, which in turn depend on planetary geophysical balances. It is indispensable to stay within planetary boundaries… prevention at systems transformation level [and] governing public goods are necessary steps to be initiated quickly.”

  • Lessons Learned from COVID-19: Preventing Zoonotic Diseases Emergence

    • “More than 70% of emerging infectious diseases are zoonoses, diseases caused by germs that spread between wild animals, farm animals and humans. …It is therefore necessary to set up a “one health” approach integrating human health, animal health and environmental health … This type of approach will make it possible to implement prevention strategies before human populations start to be affected.”

Let’s put it all together.

The global cabal is actively enrolling children in their political revolution, making them a “meaningfully part of the decision making” because kids know what is best.

Kids understand the connection between public and planetary health, which is why they are so emotionally engaged in the “socio-economic transformation” of society.

Children quickly grasp the “planetary geophysical balances” that make “governing public goods” (i.e. central control) an indispensable aspect of the revolution.

Youth can see why a “one health” approach is clearly necessary to make it possible for the whole world to implement integrated “prevention strategies” before we all die.

In short, future generation have been conditioned to accept that global problems require global solutions and that centralized global governance is the only answer.

That’s a huge problem.

But make no mistake, it’s not just the kids who believe this stuff. Several generations have already undergone the institutional indoctrination that leads to the slippery slope of socialism. We are now on the verge, the tipping point, of collectively sacrificing sovereignty for the illusion of safety at the global level—and it’s cute little videos like this that just might push us over the edge, courtesy of the UN:

I think this line reveals the core of their strategy:

“Let’s rewind and give power to the people who are left behind.”

Let’s rewind… haven’t we seen this “give power to the people” idea before?

That’s right: It’s communism.

Maybe it’s time we teach our kids what they are really being taught!

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