Luke, you have an amazing gift for analyzing what is going on now and where the globalists together with the deep state have planned for the future. You provide the knowledge that people need to know

to stop this nonsense because without it we are walking right into the trap.

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Luke the elites have enough money to hire people to do what they need to do. 2024 is a fight for control there are no rules to put it simply 2024 is a battle against good and evil. Elites are putting out scenarios through the media to scare people if that doesn't work here come the hired thugs.

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Jan 21·edited Jan 21Author

I agree Del, it is a battle of good versus evil, those who want to reduce and control the human population, versus those who value living as free human beings. Right now, the globalists are using weaponized AI and sophisticated propaganda to "rebuild trust" and restore their "collective agency" over the narrative, defining truth for themselves and punishing anyone who disagrees. That's what censorship amounts to, it's punishing innocent people for speaking the unsanctioned truth. And on top of that, it allows them to tell the story of the 2024 election however they want, and millions of Americans will believe them!

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