May 24, 2022 • 20M

Ep. 122 - Monkey Pox & Monkey Business

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It's wise to ask why.

Why has the spreading of Monkey Pox gripped global headlines? The simple answer is: Because they want it to. There is really no great mystery there. The more important question then becomes: Why do they want everyone to be "concerned" about monkey pox?

This too has a simple answer, or more accurately, several simple answers:

  1. Because it is a convenient global level distraction.

  2. Because it refocuses the masses on the threat of an invisible enemy.

  3. Because it justifies advancing the global socialist agenda.

These reasons operate in concert. Monkey Pox is a great distraction, because it offers a catchy name, horrible images that can be recycled from decades past, and an air of exotic mystery coupled with the thrill of potential terror. Some have pointed out that this timely outbreak is little more than 'fear porn' -- news that continually feeds the public addiction to pandemic level anxiety.

Keep in mind, it is precisely this escalated anxiety that keeps people glued to the news and seeking answers from 'trusted' sources, which is the whole point and purpose of such psychological warfare. While people are gripped by the potential of another more egregious outbreak -- yes, it's a mild disease, but those rashes are hideous -- the invisible hand can change the script mid-reel and obfuscate the obviousness of their overarching agenda.

To be clear, the overarching agenda is total control of the human population. In elite-speak and modern parlance, this is referred to as progress. Dubbed 'sustainable development' and cloaked in other colloquialisms, this is the globalist agenda that is driving the Great Reset and rapidly transitioning humanity toward the global socialist state known as Future Earth.

I know it sounds outrageous, but these plans have been in place for decades, and the time for fundamental transformation is finally upon us. In the minds of the elite, there has been no better time, and there can be no turning back. Even as I write these words, they gather and scheme at the Davos summit, intoxicated by their power and imagining a world where compliance is no longer optional, but instead, mandatory and inescapable.

In order to control people, to force compliance, they need to keep track of people. They need to track where you go, what you eat, what you think, who you talk to, what clubs you're in, what medication you take, what vaccinations you've had, how much money you have and where you spend it, et cetera.

They need to know these things, to gather and analyze all of this personal data, in order to track and enforce compliance. One might wonder how they could possibly justify such a gross violation of privacy and intrusion into our everyday lives, and here we find Monkey Pox is yet another apt example. The threat of an invisible enemy has proven very effective at coaxing voluntary compliance.

Here's what everyone needs to know about Monkey Pox:

  • President Biden has said this is "something everybody should be concerned about." Indeed, right here in the great state of Washington, public health officials are monitoring the first suspected case.

  • Monkey Pox is typically found in Africa, and only spreads after close contact with an infected individual. Chatter on MSM (mainstream media) indicates that transmission appears highest among MSM (men who have sex with men), which makes the rapid global spread hard to explain.

  • After confirming 131 cases in 19 different countries in the last week, the WHO claims this outbreak is unusual but "containable." The head of the poxvirus team at the CDC said the suggestion that the virus might be spreading silently is "deeply concerning."

  • The United States is in the process of releasing Monkey Pox vaccines (which are similar to small pox vaccines, but specifically licensed to prevent monkeypox) from the national stockpile, making 1000's of doses available for people who have had close contact with monkeypox patients, and those who "might be at risk for severe disease."

Most of this information has been warmed over and regurgitated throughout the headlines repeatedly since last week. I would point out that JYNNEOS monkeypox vaccine has two approval letters at the website, one dated September 2019, the other dated June 2021, which for anyone keeping track of the dates surrounding the pandemic should raise an eyebrow.

At the very least, these coincidental dates coincide with the Event 201 global pandemic exercises and the CDC telling everyone to mask-up for the third wave of COVID-19, even after more than 200 million vaccines had been administered. Be that what it may, one might ask if there are any other links between then and now, or between COVID-19 and Monkey Pox? As it turns out, there are several.

To zero in on the most impactful connection, I would highlight the third segment of Event 201, which focused on pandemic communications. The keen insight here, is the fact that language is a powerful tool of persuasion, and packaging pandemic responses with proper language allows those in positions of authority to control human behavior more efficiently.

Over the past three years many of the phrases we had never heard of before, like 'social distancing,’ 'contact tracing,’ and 'containment strategies' have become commonplace. As a result, the government actions associated with these phrases have become acceptable, even though they may in fact violate human rights. What started out as compliance for the collective good, quickly became mask-up, vax-up, or else.

Using language to manipulate behavior is perfectly natural, but the wise should note the powers that lie behind global governance have perfected these techniques and now freely use them to coerce completely unnatural behavior. And so it is with monkey pox, as they beat the pandemic drum to whip up anxiety, they demand more aggressive testing and contact tracing and justify even greater surveillance, always to keep us safe from another invisible enemy.

There is one more angle of the global agenda that is threaded throughout this current outbreak. Do you recall the WHO declaring their intent to limit human contact with wild animals and restrict consumption of wild game? Are you aware that the U.S. suffered its first outbreak of monkeypox in 2003? The 71 reported cases were primarily caused by zoonotic spread, when people picked up the disease from prairie dogs imported from Africa to Illinois.

Do you see how this feeds the narrative? Did you know that covid is running rampant among deer (which more people might be inclined to eat during a food crisis), and that deer may be infecting people with COVID-19?

The global One Health initiative (think Future Earth) tells us that zoonosis is the greatest reservoir of emerging infectious disease. It offers an endless supply of threats that the government alone can protect us from, because they alone can test for and identify these new pathogens. Thus, the invisible enemy is always ready to strike, set to infect the heart of humanity with fear, and cause people around the world to enslave themselves out of an abundance of caution.

It’s monkey business on a massive scale, but you have to admit, it's a brilliant strategy.