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TR 305 - What's wrong? You're Not Shocked?

TR 305 - What's wrong? You're Not Shocked?

Taking a look at the disturbing science of coercive political persuasion.

It’s shocking.

I’ve seen the word “shock” cropping up in its various forms throughout the week, and today I’d like to explore some fairly “shocking” implications. But first, a few totally unrelated and completely random headlines:

You would certainly be shocked if 100 people you knew died in a terrible natural disaster, or if you suddenly received a thousand dollar utility bill from the gas company, right? Similarly, any parent would be shocked to learn the nanny was slipping their children pills to change the pigment of their skin. And of course, there can be no denying the shock of a senseless campus shooting, or the shock of sheer evil whenever it crops up in the headlines.

But what if it never cropped up? What if you never heard about the earthquake, the gas bills, the kiddy pills, the campus shooting, or the sexual assault? Then what?

You wouldn’t be shocked, that’s for sure.

In a similar vein, isn’t it true that as the cost-of-living continues to slowly creep up, up, and away—way beyond 40 year highs—you somehow feel less shocked, because it hasn’t happened all at once, right? While manufacturers flounder and the tech sector sheds tens of thousands of jobs, these events probably present no immediate threat to you (unless it’s your job on the line), and thus, the news is not so shocking.

So what, right? Let me ask you: What do you make of this “shocking” chart:

Infographic: Global War on the Horizon? | Statista

Evidently, a large majority of “The Experts” believe that the current situation could lead to global war, famine, energy crises, and economic collapse. How shocking.

It’s almost as shocking as Artificial Intelligence repeatedly proving its woke liberal bias, or the fact that our elections have been hacked by domestic terrorists, or that mainstream outlets are blaming the skyrocketing deaths of young healthy people on anti-maskers and the unvaxxed. How about the FBI collecting fingerprints on unvaxxed teachers who were fired for refusing the jab, or the fact that the Director of the CDC has once again doubled-down on the mask insanity—claiming “advice on child masking will never change”—is any of this really shocking anymore?

For me, my friends, it is not shocking. I am not shocked, and I doubt you are either.

And that’s a problem.

If enough people were actually shocked by the continuous, ongoing, well-documented, and irrefutable election fraud that has been plaguing our nation for years, THEN there might be enough people willing to get off their ass and do something about it, perhaps demanding a new set of elections like what just happened in Germany.

Instead we get this:

People are too distracted by the political circus to band together and make a stand.

Similarly, if enough people were actually shocked by the continuous, ongoing, well-documented and undeniable assault on our children that has been damaging American youth for several generations, THEN there might be enough people willing to get off their ass and do something about it, perhaps by suing school districts over their perverted commie curriculum, which is happening in some places right now.

BUT, for the most part, we get this:

Rather than public outcry and an instinctual urge to protect American children, these predators are being exalted in the media and anyone who protests such grotesque perversion is being labeled and demeaned as a far-right extremist who deserves to be arrested and detained for collective reprogramming—lest we forget:

Did you forget that leaders of the Democrat National Committee and the Bernie camp have already called for the re-education and de-programming of Trump voters? Do you think they were joking? They’re not. They’re dead serious.

Of course, none of this probably comes as a surprise. But here’s the thing:

It should be shocking.

Yesterday I came across a fascinating book about mind control that was published in 1956 and written by a man with impeccable credentials. The author of the book was Joost Meerloo, and the title was Rape of the Mind. From the cover:

The Rape of the Mind explores the Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing. Published in 1956 and written by Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D., Instructor in Psychiatry, Columbia University Lecturer in Social Psychology, New School for Social Research, Former Chief, Psychological Department, Netherlands Forces.

Can we agree that this is a credible source on the subject of psychological warfare?

Obviously I wasn’t able to absorb all 241 pages of this masterpiece in a single sitting, but the more I poured through the pages, the more the words of Meerloo rang true—and I was repeatedly shocked by what I was learning. Consider the premise:

“Can man resist a government bent on conditioning him? What can the individual do to protect his mental integrity against the power of a forceful collectivity? Is it possible to do away with every vestige of inner resistance?”

WARNING: The scientific answer is really quite disturbing.

According to Meerloo, who was quoting a French philosopher from the 18th century, the science of it all can be summed up as such:

“A man is like a rabbit, you catch him by the ears.”

What we hear is what catches our attention. That’s predictable human behavior. In Rape of the Mind, much attention is given to the various methods of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and others who used this maxim to advance their evil agenda. The science of this brainwashing is presented in passages like this:

“Speech manifestations represent conditioned reflex functions of the human brain. In a simpler way we may say: he who dictates and formulates the words and phrases we use, he who is master of the press and radio, is master of the mind.”

We can intuitively understand why it works this way, but the science behind all of it is what allows evil tyrants to forcefully brainwash the masses—without them even knowing it. Get this:

“Political conditioning should not be confused with training or persuasion or even indoctrination. It is more than that. It is tampering. It is taking possession of both the simplest and the most complicated nervous patterns of man. It is the battle for the possession of the nerve cells.


Political conditioning allows the government to take possession of your brain, literally, at the synaptic cellular level. How’s that for shocking information!

Continuing on:

“It is coercion and enforced conversion. Instead of conditioning man to an unbiased facing of reality, the seducer conditions him to catchwords, verbal stereotypes, slogans, formulas, symbols.”

Coercion and forced conversions, seductive slogans, symbols, and stereotypes—are we not immersed in this constant bombardment of psychological stimulation? According to the book, even soldiers who were trained in “perceptual defense” would eventually be worn down by the “endless repetitions and constant sloganizing”—and this ultimately culminates in, direct quote: “UNCONSCIOUS TAMING and conditioning.”

The fact that Meerloo chose to emphasize those words by capitalizing “UNCONSCIOUS TAMING” really struck me as a dire warning. It happens even when you are aware of the conditioning, even if you reject it and resist, even if you are trained in perceptual defense. It begs the question:

How many people now suffer from this UNCONSCIOUS TAMING?

Could that ultimately account for such a high degree of apathy and political complacency? Could this explain, scientifically, why so many have simply accepted all the insanity? And if so, what does this mean for the future of humanity?!

“The ideal of the totalitarian psychology, on the other hand, is to tame men, to make them willing tools in the hands of their leaders. Like training, taming has the purpose of making actions automatic; unlike training, it does not require the conscious participation of the learner.

No longer are there any brains, only conditioned patterns and educated muscles.”

No longer are there any brains.

Sound familiar? Look around.

In the 1950’s, clinical psychologists like Joost Meerloo were trying to warn us:

“It is now technically possible to bring the human mind into a condition of enslavement and submission.

…now we are beginning to see ever more clearly how the totalitarians use menticide: deliberately, openly, unashamedly, as part of their official policy, as a means of consolidating and maintaining their power…

They influence the mind so slowly and indirectly that we may not even realize what they have done to us.”

My friends, what have they done to us?

Is this collective mental rape not shocking?

Shouldn’t we sound the alarm?


Do not be paralyzed by this truth. Be motivated to fight free from all forms of mental bondage and be determined to help others do the same. Take these words to heart: “In the end, human rebellion and dissent cannot be suppressed; they await only one breath of freedom in order to awake once more.”



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