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TR 480 - How the Club of Rome Took Control

TR 480 - How the Club of Rome Took Control

This little known group of powerful elites has been shaping the world for decades.

I first reported on the Club of Rome and their seedy connections to the globalists’ depopulation agenda in the TR 284 and TR 285, and I documented how this agenda has been integrated into the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030 in TR 365. This research is highly relevant to today’s report.

You can review those reports here:

At the outset, let me state what herein will be accepted as well-established facts:

  • The global elites believe that the human population is unsustainable.

  • This small group of elites have developed detailed strategies for depopulation.

  • Their overarching strategies have been infused in current public policies.

  • These policies are formulated and disseminated by global level organizations.

  • This global policies are set to replace local policies and control our lives.

If any of those statements seem questionable to you, I suggest digging into the previous reports that substantiate these claims beyond reproof or speculation.

As for the current discussion, I’d like to turn your attention to the specificity and details of these plans, as well as the mechanism by which such strategies are rapidly reshaping public perception, and by extension, the world as we know it.

Because the world around us is always changing, it is not possible to understand life from a fixed point of view. Our perspectives should naturally change and evolve over time, as a natural occurrence, due to the impact and processing of new information and life experience. This aspect of human nature is well understood by the global elite, and it is reflected in various nodes of their efforts—such as the Adaptation Agenda—though it is often overlooked at the personal level.

Failing to grasp the implications of this fact leads to dire consequences.

Understanding our own humanity is perhaps the greatest antidote to intentional manipulation. Self-understanding, however, is a lifetime endeavor (we change over time) that is seldom held as a high-priority. As a result, the majority of the population simultaneously a) fails to contemplate or comprehend the latent power of their own potential, and b) gradually drifts further away from self-understanding over a lifetime, which is at once counter-intuitive and true nonetheless.

The reason for this is due to external factors that are being manipulated by the global elites—i.e. by those who understand human nature better than we understand ourselves.

I wanted to wade into today’s discussion with this high-brow understanding to set a stage and tone that resonates with the literature we’re about to explore. It is imperative that we understand the people pushing that depopulation agenda are highly intelligent, methodical, and rigorous in their efforts; and that these attributes and the fervor with which they work has blinded them to their own delusions.

Put simply, so focused and consumed with the idea that there are too many people on the planet (a false premise), those pushing this agenda have lost touch with reality.

However, that does not negate their intelligence, their strategies, or the fact that they have been unbelievably successful in promulgating this perspective worldwide.

After all, that was exactly their plan: to spread these ideas are far and wide and fast as possible. Citing the Club of Romes’ 1970 report on the Predicament of Mankind, we find where the rubber meets the road stated in part three of their objectives:

“(C) To make the results of these studies and reflections known to public opinion, in scientific, intellectual, and political circles, and to centers of decision at all levels, in order to influence to the utmost extent the conduct of the world's affairs in a more rational and human way.”

After waxing on about “ecological balance” and the need to save humanity from itself, aka depopulate the planet, these very intelligent people state the obvious: to pull it off, they have to make the “results of these studies known” and accepted in the power centers that are driving global policy.

Here I want to point out two things:

  1. The “studies” are mathematical models based on speculation and assumption, non-granular data, non-delineated projections, and other erroneous thinking.

  2. Drawing upon the sophisticated expertise of advanced mathematicians and computer scientists, these models were being fed into the super-computers of the day—specifically the Honeywell 632 and the Control Data Corporation CDC 3800.

Personally, I find it fascinating that the Club of Rome had access to, and was using, the “military version” of commercial mainframe computers back in the 1960s. Virtually none of the public had access to a computer at that time, let alone understood what these powerful new machines were capable of. In many ways, this was a foreshadowing of the current landscape, wherein most remain oblivious to weaponized AI that is being used to usurp the will of the people.

The contrast behind the big brains behind the globalist agenda and the average peasantry might roughly be on par with comparing Einstein to a modern college student. If the two were to square off and compete in a game of strategy, there would be no contest. So it is, as more of We The People wake up to what’s really going on—realizing that were are on the receiving end of plans that have been in motion for over fifty years—only to find out that we’ve discovered too little too late and have too few resources to overcome the global momentum intentionally build by the Club of Rome.

It would be difficult to comprehend just how thorough and brilliant their strategies are without digging through the full 72 page report on the Predicament, but I want to offer you a taste of the complexity. For example, when confronting the fact that it is “hardly possible” to marshal the brain-power to pull this off, they say this:

“Since it is hardly possible that the necessary scientific brain-power could be marshaled and shaped into inter-disciplinary teams for a temporary assignment of such magnitude, it would be more feasible to set up an effective method of organizing and managing inputs that could be obtained mainly from the intellectual resources now available in "think groups", consulting firms, research institutes, academic institutions, industry, etc.” (emphasis added)

This is the core concept behind their 1970 proposal for a World Forum, which two years later birth the World Economic Forum we know today. The envisioned directive imparted to this unelected world body includes the following:

Thus, we find within their very scientific-sounding pontifications the ultimate objective laid bare: they intend to “clarify our fears” to pave the way for “enlightened governments and world leaders.” It is absolutely no coincidence that Klaus Schwab, president and founder of the World Economic Forum, refers to “enlightened leadership” in his book COVID-19: The Great Reset.

What did covid do? It clarified our fears, brought them front and center, put them in focus, and trained our hope in the direction of experimental government-funded injections that have proven to have disastrous consequences for humanity—unless of course the entire plot was designed and deployed for the sake of depopulation.

I want to point out that this pattern is probably as old as time itself, and yet with the advent of modern technology (even 1960s super computers) this pattern and capacity for manipulation has been infinitely expanded. Just as they were able to use mathematics to map out the complexities of human interaction, using what today would be considered fairly rudimentary technology, the subsequent compilation and collection of data, fed into incomprehensibly powerful machines, has given this same group of ruling class elites a new set of tools that truly defy description.

When we overlay this reality with the breakthroughs in human psychology made from the early to mid 20th century, we arrive at the globalists’ conclusion that we are nothing more than “hackable animals”—which is not an entirely untrue statement.

However, even the Club of Rome and the WEF have been busying away gathering global elites for the purpose of developing and deploying world policies, the real genius of their strategy is exposed in their hopes that their collective efforts “might in turn give rise to a massive public prise de conscience.”

What do those words “prise de conscience” mean?

According to Cambridge this is French for “the act of realizing.”

In other words, through global collaboration (and sophisticated propaganda), the global elites aim to help the peasants realize the need to sacrifice themselves and submit to global totalitarian control, in order to save the planet—i.e. to preserve “ecological balance” as stated in their “values-based” premise.

Ecological balance is good. Overpopulation is bad.

Society can be very effectively divided upon these lines.

Indeed, we already have been.

Now our “enlightened” leaders and “enlightened” governments just need to continue their relentless march toward total control, selectively culling the herd at will, and building for themselves their utopian ecological fantasy they declared is Future Earth.

Left to themselves we’ll get there in no time—unless of course we can catalyze a massive prise de conscience of our own! Spread the word: Resist We Must!

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