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TR 499 - It's An Important Time to Stand Together

TR 499 - It's An Important Time to Stand Together

Taking a cold hard look at what the future has in store and remembering that life is still good.

The more things change, the more they stay the same—and yet the insanity of it all continues to accelerate. It’s the day before Thanksgiving and many people are on the road, at the airport, or busy prepping their homes for family and friends ahead of the big celebration. It’s no coincidence that at this busy time, there are a few juicy gems getting slipped into the news cycle, like this one for example:

Joe Biden is Invoking Wartime Powers to Push the Left’s ‘Green’ Agenda

From the Gateway Pundit:

“Joe Biden is using the Defense Production Act (DPA), a law from the Cold War era, to push the ‘green’ agenda that has come to define much of the modern left.

This is a classic example of most of the media looking the other way because they agree with the green agenda. Imagine what they would say if Trump was using this law to advance a pet project for conservatives. The media would go crazy.

It’s also just another step in the Democrat war on fossil fuels.”

It’s worth noting that this “war on fossil fuels” is not just a Democrat pet project.

This is a global agenda that was concocted and has been being driven by radical environmentalists since the 1970s. Furthermore, since its inception, the entire Climate Cult has been heavily infiltrated and guided by rabid eugenicists who view we deplorable and “defective” peasants as a “social cancer” upon the body politic—to use their words.

Quoting from source texts in TR 285 - The Sinister Saga of the Secret Cabal:

“If poor, ignorant, unintelligent people are reproducing at a faster pace than upstanding, intelligent, productive people, this spells disaster for society—indeed, such population dynamics increase crime, disease, social discord, inequality, global pollution, and a general degradation of civil society.

Eugenics seeks to solve this problem.

Please note the identical objectives of the Eugenics Society and the so-called Sustainable Development Goals. Then understand that these very educated academic elites (most of them are professors, deans, or heads of department for Ivy League institutions) actually have the gall to go on to say:

“[Our] present methods of treating defectives leave great numbers to produce new offspring and create new cancers in the body politic.

It would no means be a misnomer to call the American Eugenics Society a Society for the Control of Social Cancer.”

It’s always fascinating to me to see just how bold and confident these pompous jackasses are in their plans to reduce and control the human population. Their haughty arrogance has blinded them to the astounding inhumanity of their plans to “proportion the population” to whatever arbitrary level they deem desirable.

They fail to see the inhumanity of eliminating broad swaths of pesky peasants, but they are keenly aware they have to lie through their teeth to pull this off:

“We tell the common people, that if they will submit to a code of tyrannical regulations, they shall never be in want. They do submit to these regulations. They perform their part of the contract : but we do not, nay cannot, perform ours : and thus the poor sacrifice the valuable blessing of liberty, and receive nothing that can be called an equivalent in return.”

This is the tap-root of the environmental agenda, currently bundled up in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030. Under the auspice of ushering in a new era of sustainable living—aka Future Earth—they seek total control over the food supply and every other aspect of our lifestyle. They promise sustainability and equality, knowing full well they can never deliver.

The peasants sacrifice the blessings of liberty because they’ve bought into the lies.

Once control over the food supply and means of transportation is complete, it becomes much easier to rule with an iron fist. If the peasants get out of line, they get “less carrot and more stick”—as they recently discussed at Summer Davos—with the proper emphasis being placed on less carrot.

As noted many times, hungry peasants are more pliable. It’s hard to bite the hand that feeds you, which is why starvation has been central to every communist revolution in history. It’s also a convenient way to eliminate a bunch of excess meat-eating, mouth-breathing peasants, hence the harsh reality that starvation is all part of the plan.

It’s probably worth keeping that in mind as we feast this Thanksgiving. We have much to be grateful for, not the least of which is that even though the commie cabal is hard at work trying to capture the food supply and divide and conquer us all, the farmers still have fertilizer and fuel, the stores still have groceries on the shelves, and more people than ever before are waking up and resisting this abject tyranny.

Which brings me back to Joe Biden evoking “wartime powers” to advance this insidious agenda. In case it’s slipped your mind, the climate crazies believe humanity is facing an existential crisis that threatens our very existence. They believe this with an utterly unshakable conviction, and they believe, collectively, that they absolutely must do whatever it takes to reduce the population and save the planet.

You may recall Vice President Kamala Harris saying this quiet part out loud, when she said we need to reduce the population so our children can breathe clean air. Just to put it into context, the White House transcript reads as such:

“When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water.”  (Applause.)

Put differently, everyone on the planet needs to submit themselves to the arbitrary, capricious, and entirely disastrous Agenda 2030—which is designed to reduction the human population mind you—so that they can fulfill their utopian fantasies and rule over a pristine socialist paradise where everyone does what they are told and gratefully pays tribute (environmental taxes) to their “enlightened leaders.”

And, if Biden’s more recent proclamation is any indication, I’d say we should only expect them to become increasingly aggressive and militaristic in their pursuit of this pie-in-the-sky globalist scheme, often dubbed “Net Zero.” It’s also worth noting that, along with demanding absolute conformity with this global psychosis, even Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Green Peace, has openly admitted:

“If they actually achieve Net Zero, at least 50% of the population would die of hunger and disease.”

Again, I just want to emphasize the obvious: starvation and depopulation are part of the plan, entirely central to their strategies, because a) they believe there are too many peasants on the planet, and thus the current population is unsustainable; and b) because these strategies have historically proven to be effective at bringing entire populations under the tyranny of centralized control.

In other words, they know exactly what they’re doing.

And lest it seem so unthinkable you want to believe this is all crazy talk and it could never-ever happen, this latest use of wartime powers to drive the agenda is really nothing new. Not only has Biden invoked Cold War-era law to dump millions upon millions of tax dollars into this radical agenda before, this effort to implement a Marshal-style Plan has been brewing for years.

As first reported in TR 114 - Following the Money to Future Earth, Prince Charles has been calling for global “military-style” Marshall Plan to combat climate change since at least September of 2020.

Do you remember what the world was like in September of 2020? It was peak covid insanity and my family and I were hard at work building our cabin out in the middle of nowhere, so as to avoid the zombie apocalypse and hunker down for the last stand of humanity. Just to give you a glimpse into my world at that time, it was morning to night maximum effort to finish the cabin before the snow came.

These pictures were taken days apart, while Prince Charles was advocating for a military-style plan to fight climate change, September 2020:

Like I was saying yesterday, prior to the pandemic I didn’t want to touch politics with a ten-foot pole. My mission at that point in time was to help people heal, using the ancient techniques that have been passed down from the sages throughout the ages. I’d sold the yoga studio and was focused on serving the people who needed the most help, namely fellow veterans suffering from PTSD. But that was then and this is now.

Up until then I hadn’t realized how tyrannical the government had become. I didn’t realize the government had assumed they had complete control over my life, that they could lock me down, cover my face, force experimental injections on me, test me and track me like a lab rat, and do all of this with complete impunity, as if I was expected to simply comply and not fight back in defense of myself and others.

But they underestimated my warrior spirit, and the government can go to hell.

At any rate, the pandemic was like a global shell-shock event that inflicted immense trauma on the public psyche, on purpose, to facilitate the “subconscious taming” and mind control I’ve only more recently been learning about. In the thousands of hours of research conducted between that point and today, I’ve gone from being surprised by the intentional malevolence perpetrated by these evildoers, to identifying the patterns in their strategies and sounding the alarm about what lies ahead.

Seeing the current sock-puppet administration invoking wartime powers to advance the globalists’ insidious anti-human agenda, and realizing that these military-style strategies have long been in the works, reminds me that the Great Reset is upon us—and at this point friends, there is simply no going back to the way it was.

(HINT: You can catch up with TR 82 - Impending Doom: What Happens Next?)

It’s difficult to grasp the scope of it all, let alone pack it all into a single report and twenty minute podcast. That’s why I’ve been spending six days a week researching and sharing with you what I’ve learned, so that together we can raise awareness to this dark plot against humanity.

As I get set to take my first four-day weekend in over a year, I am exceedingly grateful for the readership and the listening audience of The Torch Report. Without your continual encouragement and financial support, this wouldn’t be possible.

Contrary to the opinions of the global elites, I believe that humanity is the solution to our government run problems, and that the ruling class is the real cancer upon society. I believe this truly is a pivotal point in human history, that it really is us versus them, that right now those who want to live as free human beings must square off against those who seek to control us all, and that the stakes have never been higher.

If you agree with me on that, please share this report. More than that, as you enjoy this Thanksgiving with your family and friends, don’t be shy about calling it out and reminding everyone that united we stand, divided we fall. If the conversation devolves into political bickering, remind them that we’ve got bigger fish to fry.

And above all else, remind them that life is still good, that America is still good, and that despite any petty differences, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are always worth fighting for.

There’s never been a more important time for us all to stand together.

Peace and blessings to you all, I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

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