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TR 434 - No Matter What, Don't Forget to Breathe

TR 434 - No Matter What, Don't Forget to Breathe

Today we will be wading into the political complexity one breath at a time, starting with a personal story.

It’s complex.

Hmmm… I currently have 30 articles open, from a wide variety of left-leaning and right-leaning sources. Those are the ones that made the initial cut, the ones that offer clues to the current trajectory of political chaos and, in my humble opinion, provide the best indication of what comes next in the great global circus.

Naturally, the question that comes up is: where do we begin?

Today, I want to start out by sharing my personal strategies for staying above the fray and not getting sucked into the doom loop. As I’ve said many times before, there is more happening than any of us can keep track of—and this fact is both well-known and heavily exploited by the ruling class elites. Their two-fold strategy is to a) keep us in the dark via censorship, and b) fracture our attention by flooding our senses with sophisticated propaganda that’s being constantly delivered on highly addictive devices. Altogether, it’s more than enough to overwhelm the average person.

Thankfully, you are not average, and neither am I.

Nevertheless, thanks to the inherent limitations of our shared humanity, we are all susceptible to this barrage of distractions and the corresponding sense of being overwhelmed. More acutely, we are all susceptible to the increased and sustained levels of stress that physiologically limit our capacity to process life, especially the political chaos.

The result of this is disastrous, if not predictable. The result is apathy.

To feel apathetic is to feel indifferent, to stop caring, to stop being interested in what’s really going on because it takes too much mental effort to process it all. In other words, apathy is the coping mechanism that allows one to compartmentalize the various facets of life that are competing for our attention. Apathy is also a sure tell sign that one is living in survival mode, and therefore not able to thrive in life.

And the truth is this: as tempting as it is to believe that the world has gone so bonkers that we no longer have the ability to live our lives, embrace our liberty, and pursue our dreams; in reality we still have everything we need to thrive despite the crazy circumstance—but to do so requires us to tap into our inner resources and remain grounded in natural reality.

That’s my secret strategy.

Thanks to the fact that I destroyed my body running around playing G.I. Joe, I took a long and arduous journey through a decade of chronic pain. By the time the VA wanted to amputate my foot, I’d been limping with a fused ankle for over a decade. The fusion was failing and the associated pain was inescapable. Every step of every day was wearing me down, breaking down my body, and crushing my warrior spirit.

I was in a dark place when someone suggested I check out yoga. My knee-jerk reaction was to scoff at what I’d always thought of as a New Age hippie cult, but in a moment of desperation I was ready to shed the doubt and try it out. I’m glad I did.

I bought a small library of yoga books and studiously applied the lessons on every page. If it worked, great. If it didn’t, I really had nothing to lose. And so it was, after tens-of-thousands of hours of yoga, I was able to not amputate my foot. I regained a new lease on life, rebuilt my body, and went on to help many others do the same.

During this experience, after I became a certified yoga instructor and opened my own studio, I began to see the deeper connection between mental and physical health, particularly as it relates to chronic pain and post-traumatic stress. Over the years I attended many conferences and gained several certifications in yoga for PTSD. It was here I learned many of the advanced modalities that modulate our inner workings.

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be into yoga, and never in a million years would I ever expect that this phase of my life’s journey would somehow become applicable to geopolitical chaos. However, after surviving the manufactured covid chaos and enduring several years of The Great Reset that is being thrust upon us, it has become increasingly clear that it is precisely these tools that bolstered my resilience to the ongoing psychological attacks.

As previously discussed, these mental attacks are designed not just to hijack our minds and transform our consciousness, but actually to suffocate and assassinate the spirit within. If you are intrigued by how this all works, read TR 431 - It Just Gets Stranger By the Day. If you have any questions about mental health, stress management, or healing mind, body, and soul, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Prior to the pandemic, this was my area of expertise—and I am beginning to see just how relevant and important these lessons are to shoring up our ability to maintain clarity and focus, while combating the relentless attacks against our well-being.

Use the mind or the mind will use you.

To do so, take a deep breath and stretch your arms out wide. Tune your brain into the physical sensations of stretching. Pause with a full breath—it brings big benefits—and then relax your shoulders when you exhale. It’s simple and effective. If you do it a few times, it will create an internal shift, and you will awaken and strengthen your inner awareness. From here you can proceed to use your mind and body as a tool for getting stuff done and improving every aspect of your life—all the aspects that are currently under assault from the globalist agenda and the invisible hand of the global cabal.

None of that was anywhere in any of those 30 articles, but I thought it was worth saying!

Now to the news…

The point is this: global digital currency is coming, and it’s coming soon. Despite the lies that Biden’s economy is booming, the U.S. financial system is on the precipice of complete collapse—and that’s by design. The only thing that remains to be seen is the timing of it all, but with BRICS rolling out their own currency later this month, many are speculating that the moment of collapse is coming sooner than later.

You may have been hearing about China facing economic collapse as well, which is not just a coincidence. Pay attention to how they are spinning this narrative:

China is said to be the role model for the world, and there is no denying their economic fate is linked directly with our own. Here’s what I think: I think that if either country collapses, both go down—and I think that is probably what the invisible hand is working toward. The timing of it aligns perfectly with the new WorldCoin digital currency and the “shiny spherical orb” that is rapidly issuing all those new global digital IDs all around the world.

Notice how that’s not in the news?

Interestingly enough, on the political front, only Republican contender Vivek Ramaswamy has had the courage to call out the international banking cartels like BlackRock. He’s also had the gall to call out the “climate religion” and point out the entire climate agenda is really all about power and control.

On top of that, Ramaswamy has quoted Thomas Jefferson in declaring his own list of 10 political commandments, presenting the following truths as sacred and undeniable:

"We hold these truths to be
sacred and undeniable."

- Thomas Jefferson

With several Republicans scrambling to qualify for the first presidential debate (Wednesday, August 23rd)—and with Trump choosing to bow out because of his “legendary” 46 point lead in the polls—I think Vivek Ramaswamy is going to be the man to beat on stage. He is the first millennial to run for president on the Republican ticket, and I think he’s going to set himself apart from the other candidates.

If you listen to the guy, he’s got good things to say—he even claims he’ll take Trump’s “America First” movement even further by reviving the American identity for the next generation—but many remain wary, ostensibly because of his Hindu faith.

To be blunt, I think that’s a piss-poor reason to reject a candidate. That said, if anyone has any dirt on Ramaswamy, please drop it in the comments below!

Meanwhile, the Republican party continues to tear itself apart over Trump, despite the American people clearly choosing Trump as their preferred candidate. To wit, these two articles articulate the chasm between the two camps:

We already know what the party bosses think about Trump, and we already know what the Deep State thinks about Trump—so does it matter what the American people think? Evidently it matters enough for YouTube to ramp up its censorship and scrub any evidence that exonerates Trump and thwarts the concocted J6 narrative.

How might that interference affect our next election?

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the news there are murmurs of another document dump about the sock-puppet-president’s crack-smoking son, the Clintons are reviving the utterly corrupt Clinton Global Initiative, and both parties are starting to fret the potential threat of a so-called “No Labels” third-party candidate. There is also growing speculation (five indications) that Joe Biden will not be running in 2024.

…and evidently this has spooked the Canadians, who are mulling their “game plan” if the U.S. takes a “far-right authoritarian shift”—i.e. if Trump wins the election—and this is coming from top level Canadian officials. Sources in the U.S. liberal media have been even more direct, claiming that Canada is actually “preparing for a far-right victory” in the next presidential election. Now why might that be?

Friends, I believe the stage is being set for a hung election and a civil war—because that’s what Bill Gates predicted all the way back in October of last year, remember?

If this is the case, we are in for a very bumpy ride and the very best advice I have is don’t forget to breathe— life is still good, no matter how crazy it gets or seems!


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