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TR 432 - We Were Each Born for This Moment

TR 432 - We Were Each Born for This Moment

If we always do what we've always done, we'll always get what we've always got.

Friends, today I’m going to go a little further out on the limb than I usually do, but first, I want to circle back and thread together a few seemingly disconnected stories.

What do you think the devastating Maui fires, the latest bogus indictment against Trump, the alleged threat of an alien invasion, and the assassination of JFK all have in common? If you guessed corrupt government officials, you’d be close—but the “correct” answer I’d ask you to consider, is that all of these things are just distractions that are meant to keep various factions of society stuck in the doom loop.

As I was saying yesterday, things just keep getting stranger by the day, and that’s not just a coincidence. The psychological operations being deployed against us are reaching fever pitch, and this leads me to speculate the enemy is preparing a special surprise for us in the very near future—but then again, what the hell do I know!

Regarding the various stories that are currently captivating the public’s attention, I want to offer a few thoughts on each before setting them all aside to address the bigger issue. There is something truly terrifying taking place right now, and though the majority of people still remain none the wiser, it does threaten us all.

Up first, here’s a little update on the unfolding “wildfire” saga in Maui:

  • Woke Hawaiian Official Stalled Release Of 'Revered Water' — this article attests to the fact that many, if not the bulk, of Hawaiian officials are climate cultists. Does anyone actually think that holy water is more important than people’s lives?

  • Thanks to Government, Maui's Lahaina Fire Became a Deadly Conflagration — outlining the various bureaucratic failures that fueled this atrocity, including a failure to activate the emergency alert system or notify residents to evacuate. The article also points out the fire was upwind of the city and 100% contained at 9am, as well as the fact the fire started in the area of a massive solar farm.

  • Why Is There Such A Frenzy To Buy Up The Properties That Were Just Burned Down During The Fires In Hawaii? — the title speaks for itself, but this theme has been heavily exploited by the virtue signally woke Hawaii Governor Josh Green to threaten people who would try to “steal land from our people”—even as he himself is on record stating, “I’m already thinking of ways for the state to acquire that land.” Like all leftists, he is a lying hypocrite.

  • So, That's How the Maui Wildfires Started — just to be blunt, this article attests to the utter ignorance of many conservative commentators, citing “no official theory” but hat-tipping to the “high winds from a hurricane off the coast” (700 miles away) as the likely cause of the fire. The story is that high winds snapped electrical poles and Hawaiian Electric is now facing a class action lawsuit because they failed to turn the power lines off, before the fires ever started, for the sake of public safety out of an abundance of caution (of course).

  • Maui Emergency Management Agency chief defends not activating warning sirens — on the note of public safety, the reason I’m including this link is because it exposes the completely unqualified and incompetent political hack who was installed by the liberal good ‘ol boys club, despite having exactly zero experience managing emergency situations. What’s more, he beat out over 40 other well-qualified candidates to get the position as Maui’s emergency management chief… how’s that kleptocracy and political corruption treating you now Hawaii?

  • Exclusive: Is The Government of Hawaii Lying About The Missing and Dead on Maui? — according to exclusive sources, the media is lying about the true death toll in Maui, with FEMA estimating it could be up to 2,000 people dead. Evidently, Hawaiian officials are not counting deaths unless the bodies are complete—which excludes the thousands of “missing” people who’s charred remains have been incinerated beyond recognition.

I could go on, but I won’t. Regardless of the actual cause and the precise number of deaths, this entire tragedy has done nothing more than fuel the “climate crisis” narrative. Not coincidentally, there was a suspiciously timed book published on Amazon on August 10th—that absurdly claims to “chronicle the events of August 8-11, 2023”—that purports to cite scientific research, eyewitness accounts, and official reports as evidence that the Maui “wildfires” reveal an “urgent need” to address the global climate crisis.

You just can’t make this stuff up:

Zoom out…

In other news, it turns out the sock-puppet president has been going by other names in his ongoing pay-to-play international money laundering scheme—names like “Robert L. Peters” and “Robin Ware” instead of good old “Joe Biden”—which has led House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer to demand the National Archives fork over unredacted records of Biden using these pseudonym during his vice presidency.

The exposure of this outrageous fraud has caused Republicans to inch ever closer to launching another investigation, and—shocker—maybe even an impeachment inquiry.

I bet the Biden’s and their business associates are shaking in their golf shoes:

Here’s the thing: despite this new pseudonym saga spreading faster than a Maui wildfire through conservative circles, Biden ‘The Big Guy’ himself continues to mock Americans by claiming, “Bidenomics is just another way of saying restoring the American dream.” In the same speech, the sock-puppet made the ludicrous assertion that no one could name a single objective that his administration has failed to achieve.

I’m not even going to waste my time on that one.

Moving on.

IN OTHER NEWS, the nearly incomprehensible embrace of evil continues to accelerate around the globe, as Americans are encouraged to attend “family friendly” ceremonies to “summon and befriend” the demon of their choosing, all while sending another $24 billion of taxpayer dollars to Vlodymyr ‘The Jackass’ Zelensky—even as he openly consults with the Neo-Nazi fascists of Ukraine’s Azov Battalion (despite their being accused of war crimes by Amnesty International).

On top of all this insanity, the terrorists who allegedly planned the 9/11 attacks that murdered 2,977 innocent people may now be “spared the most serious punishment” after making a plea deal with corrupt American officials—some 22 years later.

Let that be a lesson. There is no justice.

Which brings me to the most pressing issue of the day, the silencing of political dissent and the use of weaponized AI for the outright manipulation of reality itself.

Just like Tucker Carlson was struck down for threatening to expose the damning evidence that utterly eviscerates the J6 narrative, Glenn Beck has just been deplatformed by Apple ahead of a comprehensive presentation of the Biden family’s corruption. Let me ask you: How many more people remain in the dark because of this blatant and heinous censorship?

These are top-tier conservative voices, and their 1st Amendment rights clearly do not matter. As previously discussed, this media purge IS the death of democracy:

It seems to me that every American should care and be up in arms about this, but they’re not. Free speech is no longer a constitutionally protected right, now it’s a “free-for-all hellscape,” remember? That’s why the government has to keep us safe from misinformation—because now misinformation is a threat to democracy.

No doubt that’s why Google is now banning the public’s ability to disagree with the World Health Organization. Don’t forget that this is a global consolidation and control.

While some people are worried that our economy is at a “critical stage” and set for collapse, while some people are whining that mortgage rates could hit 8% and American consumers are about to go broke (thanks to Bidenomics), the MUCH GREATER THREAT is that weaponized AI has “significant, systemic” bias and it’s being used to aggressively implement the globalists’ anti-human agenda.

In case you need to get up to speed, I offer these for your perusal:

Friends, if you’ve been with me for awhile or you’ve just been keeping track, none of this is really new. The globalists have been using weaponized AI—via social listening, sentinel surveillance, and Algorithmic Social Interventions—for nearly a decade. They’ve used these tools to capture elections and fuel civil unrest all around the world.

American elections are no exception.

But the true threat of this technology is what we were talking about yesterday—it’s the threat of transforming human consciousness and suffocating the very soul of humanity. We are being peacefully enslaved by machines. It is time to fight back.

And like I said, the real solution begins and ends with awareness. Situational awareness allows us to accurately assess the current circumstance. Upon full realization of what we’re actually up against, spiritual awareness allows us to know our roles moving forward. The power to resist comes from within, as does the will to fight and protect everything we hold dear, and the wisdom to do so effectively.

“Live free or die!”

It’s not just the battle cry of the American Spirit, it’s the choice that we currently face. It’s time to dig deep. Don’t be afraid. I believe we were each born for this moment!

If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always got. Thus, we’re not going to vote ourselves out of this mess. It’s time we be the change!


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