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TR 423 - Beware of the Doom Loop

TR 423 - Beware of the Doom Loop

As long as we're scared, confused, or uncertain, they have control over our minds.

I remember seeing the term “doom loop” popping up in the headlines a few weeks back. It was referring to a cycle in financial markets, where one bad decision or negative report leads to a cascading series of other negative consequences, resulting in a vicious downward spiral that can potentially lead to catastrophic collapse.

I was keying in to the term as it relates to the collapse of the American dollar, which I personally believe has been slated for controlled demolition in order to transform the global economy to a centralized digital currency like the WorldCoin—which is already scanning people’s eyes to create a new digital identity in countries around the world.

Unsurprisingly, WorldCoin says it will allow governments and private companies to use this new ID system—based on its iris-scanning “shiny spherical orb”—and they are even offering free crypto currency in exchange for signing up. Millions of people have already signed up, all around the globe. I think the writing is clearly on the wall, but it’s still a little hard to decipher for those who are busy living their lives.

Imagine sitting in a train, zipping through the countryside, and then blazing past a massive mural painted on the side of an old barn. It seemed a little out of place and was big enough to catch your eye, but by the time you noticed it, all you could make out were the words, “… used to be …” What used to be? And it used to be what?

The questions stick in the mind for a moment, then your phone dings.

The little red number reminds you that the world is awaiting your presence. It’s probably a really important email, or maybe it’s just someone liking the picture you posted of your lunch, but it could be some sort of alert about something that you really need to be paying attention to. Regardless of the reason, you just have to take a look. And you do. Over and over again.

Naturally, you forget all about that countryside mural.

It used to be.

One day a massive tornado ripped through that very same countryside, it obliterated the barn and the nearby town. Whatever remnants of that forgotten reminder were whisked away by the unusually strong winds. No one ever suspected that it could have been geoengineering—despite the fact that presidential candidate RFK Jr. was recently interviewed on the subject and issued a dire warning about the threat of clandestine weather manipulation (aka geoengineering) by both state and private entities.

That said, rumors have swirled in certain circles, claiming all of this talk of geoengineering is just part of a psyop meant to distract people from the globalists’ effort to depopulate the planet. Others believe that it’s all part of the plan that was etched into the Georgia Guide Stones:

Regardless, for whatever the reason, and however it happened, what “used to be”—whatever was scrawled on the side of that barn—was ultimately removed and simply forgotten.


When talking about these issues, it is easy to get caught in a “doom loop.” Not in a financial sense, but in the sense of never leaving the house because chemicals might be falling from the sky, or wearing a tinfoil hat to keep the aliens from zapping your brain, or strapping a cloth across your face to keep an invisible enemy from invading your body. These are signs of a mental doom loop, of a self-perpetuating cycle of fear that keeps the mind locked in the invisible cage of mental illusions.

The truth is, if we’re honest with ourselves, as human beings we are all susceptible to this to one degree or another. We are susceptible because we are biological creatures, and there are those who know precisely how to push our buttons. Doing so allows them to hack into our biological system and even potentially control our brains.

(Hence the title of my new book Hackable Animals—but that’s not the topic of today.)

Doom loops drive irrational behavior, and we can see this all around us all the time. Every time the latest threat becomes an all consuming issue, we are at risk of entering a doom loop. The symptoms are always the same:

  • New information suddenly exposes a threat that you never knew existed.

  • There are only a few proven ways to protect yourself from the new threat.

  • You have to act fast to protect yourself or else you will suffer immensely.

This cycle of thought presses all of our buttons. The result is living in survival mode.

Survival mode isn’t all bad, because in theory it may keep us alive, but it can absolutely wreak havoc on our quality of life. That’s because living in survival mode short circuits critical thinking and reduces our ability to think into the future about long term planning. If death is imminent, or even if it feels that way, there is no need for long term planning. In survival mode, the future is now because next week might not exist. Again, this is all perfectly natural human behavior and it affects us all.

It used to be that life in America was fairly predictable, that we were free to roam the land, raise our families, speak our minds, and build the life of our choosing. In other words, we used to be free to live the American Dream.

But is this truth still alive today?

Imagine your rumination gets interrupted as the train abruptly comes to a stop. Where are we? What’s going on? This isn’t the destination, but everyone’s being ushered off the train—and there’s a strange looking silver orb by the door.

Kenya suspends eyeball-scanning crypto worldcoin | The Independent

People can’t help but notice. One after another, everyone looks at the orb. It silently looks back, with just a flicker of light flashed into each person’s eyes. For some reason the whole scene reminds you of seeing the “light in the eyes” of your loved ones.

For just a fleeting moment, you vaguely remember seeing light in the eyes of other people, but that’s just the way it used to be. Things have changed, and now the light you see in most people’s eyes is just the reflection of the screens. It’s odd when you think about it, but the thought is uncomfortable, so you don’t think about it.

That’s human nature too.

Within the doom loop, each threat is an all consuming concern that cripples your ability to think and live your life. Outside of the doom loop, very real threats do in fact exist. This paradox, this dichotomy, this juxtaposition of truth can be maddening.

It’s almost your turn to stare at the orb. You sense strange apprehension creeping up from within, but what’s the worst that can happen? Besides, do you really have a choice? How else are you supposed to get off the train?

Why were we getting off the train again? And then there was that sign…

Take a deep breath.

Pause with a full breath, then relax as you let it out. Don’t forget to breathe.

What’s real right now?

It’s Friday. We are physical, mental, and spiritual beings. Mind. Body. Soul. We have infinite positive potential and life is full of endless possibilities. These truths transcend circumstance and are real whether we feel them or embrace them or not.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that we are being hypnotized and manipulated by algorithms and artificial intelligence. The same guy who created WorldCoin also created the insanely powerful OpenAI and ChatGPT. His name is Sam Altman, and he’s one of the most elite of the global elite. You may recall he was at the recent Bilderberg meeting, along with an all-star cast of other global elites, discussing how China is leading the way on digital IDs and digital currencies. (See TR 369 - Meeting the Global Elites)

TR 369 emphasizes the global cabal’s fixation on using China as a role model for the world—their words not mine. It documents several high-level U.S. officials promoting this plan within our own government. The reason I bring that up is because today I read several articles that tie this together:

Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? That’s because it is terrible. Once WorldCoin, or whatever Central Bank Digital Currency they come up with, gets firmly established; once this wonderfully convenient digital currency gets connected with your iris-scanned ID; at that point you will be subjected to the entirely arbitrary communist-style social credit system. As long as you comply, you will be just fine—but the second you even think about challenging the central government or questioning their mandates, you will be ostracized, penalized, and potentially crushed by the all-powerful tech-enhanced state.

You will be told that Biden’s economy is booming, even as the country’s credit rating gets downgraded. You will be told that China is the enemy, even though everyone knows the Biden’s are in bed with the CCP—and by the way, so is the GOP.

Of course, all of this has been known for years, and all the evidence has been corroborated by government investigations, so who cares, right?

As it turns out, the Kenyans—who are often exploited and used like guinea pigs—are now pushing back against the rapid deployment of the WorldCoin magical orb. Other countries around the world are doing the same. Some German officials are warning that this system will be used “solely for the global monitoring of people,” and pointing out that those whose eyes are scanned can be “permanently tracked.”

It’s all quite disturbing, but don’t get caught in a doom loop. All hope is not lost.

The world will keep turning, and each day as it does, we’ll all have choices to make. Will you scan your eyeballs and be assimilated into the globalist system of total control? Will you sit idly by while the communists conquer America from within? Are you willing to ride this crazy train straight off the cliff—or might you step off the train, tuck and roll, then stop to take a deep breath? That would be scary wouldn’t it?

There ain’t no easy way out.

Hard times require hard decisions, but we can’t live in fear. We must fight for the right to live the life we want to live and to leave the legacy we want to leave for our children, and we must proceed as if success is inevitable. You can live your own legend… at least that’s the way it used to be.

As always, the choice is up to you.


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