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TR 494 - Using AI for Election Interference

TR 494 - Using AI for Election Interference

It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of how, and what in the world can be done about it.

As the global cabal meets in San Francisco this week to discuss how they can use weaponized AI to rule the world, I want to bring attention back to the fact that these efforts have long been underway. The technology has existed and has been deployed in nearly 300 “election interventions” all around the world, since at least 2015.

For proof, please refer to the following reports:

Because I’ve spent so much time digging into this disturbing trend, you can imagine my surprise when I saw this headline over at the Drudge Report this morning:

Immediately the answer is NO, Argentina is NOT the first A.I. election—and yet this drip, drip, dripping into the mainstream of public consciousness is really quite telling.

Do you recall how the powers that be aim to control “emerging” public perceptions? This was originally brought to light way back in TR 168 - Why Should You Care?, but it’s worth noting that this language comes directly from the World Health Organization:

I’d also like to point out that the WHO is collaborating with behavioral psychologists to propagandize the public into “care seeking behavior” as part of their strategy for “community engagement interventions.” When you consider the average peasant hasn’t a clue this is happening, and furthermore, is ill-equipped to defy the intentional mental manipulation being deployed by behavioral psychologists, you begin to grasp how dark and depraved this strategy is.

Before we pivot back to politics, keep in mind these behavioral interventions are being deployed at the global scale, using weaponized AI, for the disgusting purpose of getting people to “uptake” a toxic experimental injection that has no long term studies and millions upon millions of adverse reactions. It’s just sick.

Beyond that, one might wonder how “systematic social listening” for “emerging perceptions” reconciles with the 4th Amendment, which reads:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…”

It is this passage from the Bill of Rights that guarantees our “right to privacy,” as in, to be “secure” in our personal lives against “unreasonable searches.”

But that was then, and this is now.

Now we have systematic social listening, using weaponized AI, that is surveilling every email, social media post, reading habits, purchases made, and more—all without a warrant or probable cause mind you—in order to identify your “emerging perceptions” about the political chicanery of the day. This information is then fed into the algorithms that deliver behavioral interventions (designed by psychologists) to change the way you think and act.

And just to really drive the degree of this threat home, let’s drill down on the language. What are these so-called “emerging perceptions” anyway? Consider the definitions:

Something that is “emerging” is just coming into existence, it’s “yet to be” and just beginning to emerge. As an adjective, the word “emerging” is being used to describe our “perception,” which is the basic component in forming a concept, opinion, or thought. In other words, when the WHO says they are using weaponized AI to control “emerging perceptions,” they are admitting to controlling our thoughts before they are fully formed.

I’ve often asked: is everyone okay with this but me?!

Keep in mind, this is how they are immunizing humanity against “misinformation,” and though the WHO feigns an overtone of public health and safety, this insidious mind control is firmly rooted in “political interventions” to keep our elections “safe and secure.” FACT.

So, is Argentina the first AI election? Absolutely not.

Not only is it not the first, it is not an isolated occurrence, nor is it an anomaly. The article above, in my opinion, is nothing more than a head fake. It indicates that AI might be used to make fancy new propaganda, but as we have just seen, it is already being used for much more than that—for controlling emerging perceptions—and that’s to say nothing of the deep fakes or other forms of Algorithmic Social Interventions.


Artificial intelligence is here to stay. We cannot put this genie back in the bottle, and the political ramifications of this fact are simply astounding—and deeply disturbing.

Now then, back to the WEF’s AI Governance Summit in San Francisco this week.

Yesterday, we learned the globalists are using AI to build trust in the news, build trust in government, and build trust in artificial intelligence itself. Think about behavioral psychologists building trust with average unequipped peasants, and you’ll get why that’s a problem. All of this “trust” is said to advance “human progress” by “shaping our existence” via “collective oversight” for the purpose of “societal and economic transformation.”

They admit this is a “seismic shift” that is “not merely advantageous — it is imperative.”

Thus, in their own words, we see the global cabal giddy about using AI to assimilate the masses into the Collective Cult, in order that we might advance, collectively, toward their unhinged socialist fantasies. The advent of AI is in fact a seismic shift in human dynamics, akin to but destined to surpass the advent of the internet. However, allowing these unelected ruling class elites to use this powerful new technology to advance their own moral imperatives will inevitably have disastrous results.

This “societal and economic transformation” they’re so giddy about is little more than modern day slavery. Their ideas of societal transformation should be understood as forcefully imposing socialism on the whole of humanity. This will be achieved via the subconscious taming and brainwashing that AI makes feasible at scale.

Their idea of economic transformation is directly derived from this, but it has a very tech-dystopian twist in that this new global digital government will be built upon a system of global digital currency and global digital IDs that effectively serve as a digital prison for the whole of humanity—not that most people will mind, having already been enslaved in their minds.

And just to ground this conversation into what’s happening in the world today, consider this short string of headlines and how they relate to the conversation:

What do we see?

We see a leading Republican presidential candidate advocating for public enslavement in the global digital prison. We see a top tech titan openly plotting to reeingineer society via seductive tech addiction. We see perhaps the most powerful tech firm on the planet using AI to forecast “extreme weather” faster than ever before.

How long before the AI tells the government that the peasants are using too much energy and it’s driving an increasing amount of extreme weather?

How long before tech addiction reprograms the human brain to the point it can no longer distinguish virtual reality from actual reality?

How long before the whole of humanity is being digitally tracked and manipulated by AI algorithms designed to facilitate the sacrifice of freedom for the greater good?

Think about it:

You want to buy a burger and beer, but you cannot, because your digital ID and digital currency has already used its allotment of “unsustainable diet” credits; you want to travel to see your loved ones for the holidays, but you cannot, because your digital ID and digital currency have already maxed out your “sustainable travel” credits for the year; you want to speak up and say something about this creeping sort of authoritarian control over your life, but you cannot, because a) they’ll censor you, b) they’ll penalize you, and c) they might arrest you and bring you in for reeducation.

No, it would be much better just to keep your head down and just do as your told—or more accurately, do what the algorithms expect you to do. For most, they’ll have never even realized they’ve been peacefully enslaved by machines.

In such a dystopian state, how are the peasants supposed to keep their rulers in check?

With such a heavy degree of manipulation, how is the public supposed to have any say?

This is why the elites gathered in San Francisco are working so hard and fast to keep a lid on AI, via regulations and oversight, so that the peasants cannot use this powerful tech against them. This article points to the possibilities of a peasant uprising:

When Citizens Have Better Computer Technology Than Their Government – Minnesota Investigation finds 172,000+ Voter Issues

Citizens in Minnesota, using AI, have blown the lid off of electoral corruption. The number of “voters” who don’t have valid addresses is astounding: voters living in UPS offices, voters living in convenience stores, voters living in an 800 square foot house with 15 other adult voters—for a total of 172,016 “voter issues”—all of this and more, just in one election in one state.

Imagine the scale of fraud at the national level.

Right now, there is no doubt that weaponized AI is being used to manipulate the outcome of our elections. This is largely achieved through censorship and algorithmic social interventions. It’s personalized propaganda with a disturbingly modern twist.

Soon, once all the regulatory pieces are in place, this trend of governments using weaponized AI to direct the outcome of elections will become irreversible. This seismic shift in power will relegate representative government to the dustbin of history. Tyranny will reign supreme, unfettered, forever.

That’s what they’re discussing in San Francisco.

That’s why no one appears to be talking about it.

Please help me spread the word!

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