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TR 314 - Elections, Gun Control, & Communism

TR 314 - Elections, Gun Control, & Communism

Threading together the themes that tie each of these issues together.

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Strange things happen.

There are no shortages of political surprises these days. It seems that every election cycle in pretty much every state has endured “unexpected” political upsets in recent years—which is kind of a strange coincidence if you think about it. You know, Biden upsets Trump, Katie Hobbs upset Kari Lake, Zucker-backed Pam Anderson made a historic comeback and crushed the conservative favorite Tina Peters by a whopping 20 points in one of Colorado’s safest and most secure elections ever, etc., etc.

Forget about this: TR 156 - EXPOSED: Massive Fraud in Midterm Elections!

Say it with me: “Our elections are safe and secure.”

It kind of rhymes with: “Our vaccines are safe and secure.”

And it’s very similar to: “Our border is safe and secure.”

Which resonates with: “Our cities are safe and secure.”

And of course, given that all of the above is irrefutably true, and that there can be absolutely no questioning these dogmatic truths, even some of the most liberal liberals somehow seemed shocked that Chicago Mayor Lori “The Raging Alien” Lightfoot was ousted in a stunning election defeat. In fact, she was the first Democrat mayor to lose an election in the crime-riddled city in over 40 years—which is shocking in and of itself, given the devolving nature of this progressive cesspool.

You’d think people would get tired of being lied to. Or robbed in broad daylight. Or getting carjacked. Or stepping over crackheads. Or having their businesses ransacked and looted. Or having to dodge stray bullets. Or dealing with all the gang violence.

But alas, I digress. The voice of George Carlin rings in my ears:

“If you think about it, the average person is not that smart—which means half the people out there are real f-king idiots!”

Thus, the deep blue roots of the deep blue city led to deep blue votes, and somehow Democrats have managed to mismanage this once great city into its current dilapidated state—and profit handsomely in the process. I guess this time enough “average citizens” must have noticed Lori ‘The Raging Alien’ singing and dancing on TikTok, all while Chicago businesses were being looted and overran and citizens were being beaten and murdered in the streets thanks to her stalwart party-line policies.

I guess at some point, enough is enough—even for dimwitted Democrats.

But, as you might assume, that’s really not what’s most important today. Not even close.

Neither is the fact that NATO just launched a series of “massive” drone attacks on Russia (pushing us ever closer to nuclear war, though it’s not the first time).

Nor the fact that Ohio officials are set to imprison law-abiding citizens for up to six months if they do not turn over their “high capacity magazines” by July 1st (despite the fact their 100% increase in fatal shootings has mostly been driven by gang-bangers with handguns). These charts from the CPD 2021 annual report show the grim reality of the situation—that any day of the week you might get shot to death in the street:

But yeah, go ahead and throw law-abiding citizens in jail for six months for exercising their constitutionally enshrined right to protect themselves — “which shall not be infringed” — and go ahead and elect another dumbass Democrat demagogue while you’re at it. How’s that $400 million slogan “Our City, Our Safety” working out for you now? FOOLS.

Thus, I digress… again.

Zoom out.

What’s really important to talk about today?

First, I’d like to point out that Fox News is being brought to heel, with the King Murdoch himself demanding his hosts stop lying about the 2020 election—you know, the election that was “safe and secure”—and that tantalizing teaser about Tucker Carlson getting all the J6 footage from that fateful day, well it turns out the GOP establishment is putting the brakes on that idea—in reality it was just a head fake.

The reason this needs to be pointed out is two-fold:

  1. Republicans need to realize they’re getting played by the political establishment just like the Democrats are.

  2. The establishment has already re-written history; to question this history is forbidden, and in time it will be deemed illegal.

Rest assured, there is damn good reason the entrenched political establishment is trying so desperately to disarm Americans. As we’ve discussed, this is all part of the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals—because armed citizens make global tyranny unsustainable. If you need to refresh on how local gun control measures are being driven by the globalist agenda, check out this report:

If you want to dig deeper into the issue of gun control and disarming Americans in general, check out these reports:

Hence the Terrorist Confinement Centers that are destined for all those violent right-wing extremists and all those racist domestic terrorists and Christian insurrectionists who are trying to destroy democracy. It may seem like a lost cause right now, but the global cabal does have a plan for dealing with all of these “defectives”—in order to ensure peace and stability and keep people safe of course—you just have to be patient.


The REALLY big news today is, “The commies are taking over the world!”

If you’re new to the show you may think that I’m joking, or that I’m crazy, or both—regardless, I am being serious (as documented and discussed at length) and this headline from Town Hall really says it all:

NPR Promotes 'The Communist Manifesto' in 2023

No friends, this is not a joke. This is woke.

National Public Radio, funded with taxpayer dollars, freshly invigorated by it’s new “permanent disinformation” team, is out there gushing about how the Communist Manifesto offers “refuge, inspiration, and arguments, so many arguments still”—which is so utterly despicable, it’s down right repulsive. Nevertheless, I will bite the bullet and stomach this wretched spew in order to cast an alternate perspective on NPR’s “nonfiction rumination of that stalwart text.” But first:



How can it be that NPR—National Public Radio, which is funded by American taxpayer’s money—is touting the Communist Manifesto as a stalwart text? How can it be that so many mindless minions fail to realize that the Communist ideas have led directly to the murder of over 100 million people—more than all the world’s wars combined—in just the last 100 years? Their shear audacity to claim that this book, this commie manifesto, is “imperative in its call to action” and that it provides “music for the dreams” of the oppressed, is the peak of perfidious, imperious, pomposity!

It’s preposterous. It’s ludicrous. Such statements are utterly absurd!

I lack the words to express how morally reprehensible this is. Truly I do.

Nevertheless, it’s true. It really happened. The commie progressive hacks on NPR waxed eloquently about the very ideology that is driving the cultural destruction of America. Friends, if that is not a wake up call, I don’t know what is.

I’ve been out on the bleeding edge, calling these commies out with passion and vigor, only to get stuffed by the algorithms and ridiculed as fringe. Sure, I could talk like Tucker and stick close to the script of controlled opposition, but my mission isn’t to be Mr. Popular—my mission is to be honest, to call it like I see it, and to share the “Truth You Can Trust”—not because I ask you to take my word for anything, but because I do an obscene amount of reading and research to present you with the facts, data, and sources you need to dig in and develop your own informed perspective.

As I have said repeatedly, we are in the midst of a Communist Revolution. I’ve shown you, reading straight from their manifesto, how they intend to destroy all aspects of existing society, how they intend to separate children from their parents, how they intend to abolish private property and take control of the means of production, and how they use deceptive language and emotional manipulation to prey upon the masses. I’ve sounded the alarm that the first step in this commie revolution, according to the manifesto, is to “win the battle of democracy.”

I’ve demonstrated how the global cabal is a bunch of commie hacks. I’ve shown you how their commie ideology was baked into the founding of the United Nations. I’ve pointed out how these very same concepts have been fused into the radical environmental agenda. I’ve done my best to explain why commies suck, the many flaws of the regressive progressive agenda, and how all of this relates to the very real threat of the Chinese Communist Party.

FUN FACT: In total, out of 314 reports, I’ve called out commies over 250 times!

I’ve positioned Communism as the central threat, not just to American culture, but to the future of humanity as a whole. Why? Because the commies are cunning and they’ve mastered mental manipulation. They’re slick talking fork-tongue deceivers who cleverly seduce their unsuspecting prey. Once in the clutches of mental disease, the useful idiots become the very tools by which they justify their crimes against humanity—because these poor bastards have been conditioned to believe that it’s all for the greater good.

Friends, I realize I may be preaching to the choir here, but this latest news out of NPR serves to confirm that it’s not a matter of if this is happening—because clearly it is. It’s a matter of understanding why these commies have become so bold, and what they intend to do with their new found power. I assure you, none of it will be good.

They have control of public perception. They have control of political leaders. They have control of central bankers. They have control of corporate partners.

As crazy as it sounds, please understand that they are using MIND CONTROL to pull this off. This is the SUBCONCIOUS TAMING psychologists have warned us about.

Keep that in mind when you realize people are “shocked” that the FBI has suddenly revealed that the Wu-Flu originated in a Chinese lab (three years after everyone already knew), when you hear about Elon Musk being threatened by the CCP for promoting the story on his new toy Twitter, or when you hear about the U.S. Defense Department purchasing Chinese equipment with known vulnerabilities for use on sensitive bases. None of this is coincidence.

The reason people don’t know about the origins of covid, the reason Musk is being threatened, and the reason the DOD is setting themselves up to get hacked, all relates back to the reason our cities are in shambles and Americans are being disarmed.

I know that you know what that reason is… but just for fun, let’s say it again:

“The commies are taking over the world!”

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