Jul 7, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 152 - Something Strange and VERY Serious

Discussing how something you've never heard of will massively impact your life.

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Let's start with the strange.

There is something critically important happening behind the scenes in Camp Biden. It will absolutely affect every American, and most will never have seen it coming. It's not going to be fun and We The People are going to feel the pain. It's all part of this "incredible transition" —but before we get into the serious, let's start with the strange:

  • The National Education Association is continuing their assault on our children, further perverting reality by replacing the word "mother" with the term "birthing parent"—because evidently, dads can have babies too.

  • Meanwhile, the President has been caught wiring more money ($75K) to his derelict son, who was once again caught on camera smoking crack while he was naked—but the White House doesn't feel inclined to comment on that.

  • And, as predicted, people in 39 counties throughout Oregon and Washington are now being told to mask up when they are in public, even if they are vaccinated and boosted, because COVID-19 has mutated and is running rampant—and since the masks worked so well last time, why not use them again?

It seems strange doesn't it? That just yesterday we were talking about the process of normalization, and how the government uses this process to institute tyrannical rule? Now when communities are told they are at "high risk" for a virus that still has over a 99% survival rate, they immediately lose their right to breathe freely. Or, more accurately, people forfeit this basic human right for the illusion of safety.

Of course, this is all just psychological warfare and we should expect nothing less. We are in the midst of the Great Reset and the commies are taking over the world. I say that with both spite and a hint of sarcasm, but it is, in fact, our current reality.

The global elite want total control. Their effort to enslave humanity is being carried out under the auspice of saving the planet. We are being ushered into a global surveillance state that will enforce socialist policies that intend to replace personal freedom and private property with authoritarian control. They say they do it to keep us safe. They say they do it to save the planet. But in reality, they do it to satiate their evil impulse to subjugate the masses—and for the shear thrill of exercising unlimited power over their feeble human subjects.

I'm sure that sounds a bit dire, maybe even a little strange, but I'm not asking you to take my word for it. I've written extensively about this and provided countless links that substantiate this perspective, offering you the opportunity to research and see for yourself. That said, I'm happy to share what I learn, which brings me to something serious that I believe everyone needs to know.

The final pieces are coming into play.

After traveling across the country with the People's Convoy and reflecting on the challenges facing our nation, I realized the globalists nearly have us in checkmate. They are so confident they will win, they're not even trying to hide their plans. Instead, by using sophisticated propaganda, leveraging the useful idiots and preying upon the unsuspecting masses, the global elite are simply steamrolling national sovereignty under the guise of global governance.

This has effectively allowed the cabal to trample individual liberties by directing local policies via global initiatives codified in international treaties and law. We peasants have no say in the matter, and neither do our elected representatives. That means that our lives are now under the control of unelected tyrants who are wielding their power through the influence of financial incentives and the threat of force.

To the politicians, playing along means access to funding and plush government pensions. To the peasants, playing along means getting fed and pet on the head. You can be a good human if you just do what you're told—because they alone know what's best for you. Shut up. Mask up. Vaxx up. Go to work and pay your taxes. You will own nothing and be happy, because that is your government issued purpose in life.

This is serious.

All that said, and setting it aside, let's get real practical.

Total global control requires direct currency control. Along with controlling the flow of information, the means of production and the amount of consumption, they need to control your money. How might they do that?

Remember when the IRS wanted to monitor every transaction over $600? That was part of the American Rescue Plan. This ultimately equates to massive data surveillance and spying on your every move, so as to squeeze every penny out of the peasants and make sure we're not spending money on things that the government doesn't want us to buy (or causes we want to support).

There was definitely some blow back on that initiative, but it didn't slow them down. On March 9th, 2022, Biden signed Executive Order 14076 titled Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets. As we might expect, this plan has been underway at the global level for years. They've been talking about it at the WEF and Davos, and Central Bank Digital Currencies are already being deployed in countries around the globe—with banks representing a fifth of the global population set to deploy digital currencies in the next three years.  

What does that mean for you and I? According to Strategic Intelligence, this new digital currency, which has been dubbed "Biden Bucks," will equate to a death warrant on American freedom, including:

  • Legal government surveillance of all Americans

  • Total control over bank accounts and purchases

  • Destruction of the U.S. dollar and the use of programmable digital currency

  • Punishments for select contributions, purchases or even commentary made on social media

Think about it this way: If you don't comply, you don't get paid and you lose access to your money. That means you can't buy gas or groceries. It means that unless you play by their ever-changing arbitrary rules, you can no longer engage in civil society.

Civil society, in case you didn't know, is socialist society. It's communist society. It's Future Earth, and all that that implies.

It is no coincidence that Biden's plan for Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets addresses the need for combating and preventing crime and illicit finance, ensure financial inclusion and equity, and fight climate change and pollution. This is all straight out of the progressive agenda, and if further consolidates power in the hands of the government. The Executive Order puts it like this (emphasis added):

"The United States must ensure appropriate controls ... including through regulatory, governance, and technological measures—that counter illicit activities and preserve or enhance the efficacy of our national security tools. When digital assets are abused or used in illicit ways, or undermine national security, it is in the national interest to take actions to mitigate these illicit finance and national security risks through regulation, oversight, law enforcement action, or use of other United States Government authorities."

They must take control. Using regulations and Big Tech, they must counter "illicit activities" and enhance national security tools (i.e. enhance the Deep State). If digital assets were used to support political opposition, that would undermine national security. Thus, the need to "prevent crime" with unlimited surveillance and oversight that is fully backed by government guns and law enforcement action.

Maybe that's why the IRS is trying to hire some 87,000 new employees and buying up millions of rounds of ammunition. Evidently, in order to enforce compliance with the Central Bank Digital Currency they are going to need a whole lot more than just a few new calculators. Think about what that means.

As insane as it seems, this is serious stuff! Patriots take note.