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TR 281 - Distractions & the Disarming of America

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TR 281 - Distractions & the Disarming of America

Sometimes it feels like false hope is all we have left... but resist we must!

Don’t do it.

Don’t think for a second that Joe Biden is going to get in trouble for stashing his classified documents in his garage and elsewhere. Just don’t. Please.

For that matter, you could pretty much tune that story out and stop wasting your time getting caught up in the suspense and excited about what might happen—but will actually never happen. It’s political theater. Smoke and mirrors. It’s a distraction.

How many times did they almost catch Trump? How many?! What happened?

How about Hillary Clinton having classified emails on a private computer server in her closet? How about destroying data on government phones using BleachBit, before smashing the phones with a hammer? How about Bill meeting Loretta Lynch on the tarmac? How about Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious gun smuggling operation? How about Lois Lerner using the IRS to target and harass conservatives?

Need I mention that every single one of these issues was thoroughly investigated?

By the goverment.

And what?

NOTHING. So let’s not waste our time.

Oh, but wait, Hunter “Crack-pipe” Biden may have had access to the garage, to the classified materials, and that’s not okay, right?! Riiiiight. But then again, neither was his bumming off of Burisma or making deals with Chinese for the Big Guy—and the government has already investigated these scandals too, remember?

Remind me again what happened? NOTHING.

But don’t worry, this time it will be different. The always-honorable Attorney General Merrick Garland just appointed a special counsel, and the guy was a Trump appointee, so watch out—I’m sure the sparks are going to fly this time!!


One interesting twist about the new “Garage Gate” —puke— can been seen in the image above, or more accurately, in the words in the picture. Biden’s document scandal takes Trump’s document scandal off the table… now if I were an evil mastermind, that might somehow play into a setup for the 2024 election… but I’m not an evil mastermind, I’m just an ignorant peasant. Take my opinions with a grain of salt.

Moving on. In other news…

Putin The Evil Russian Tyrant now sucks again and he is running out of options, which of course is likely to drive him ever closer to the desperate act of nuking civilization. Or, from the other slant, Russia is tired of holding back and is about to escalate aggression and stomp the remaining piss out of whatever’s left of the Ukrainian army—ala Soledar style.

YOU KNOW WHAT? I really don’t know what’s happening in Ukraine, and even though I probably should care, I really don’t care. Does this have anything to do with fixing the failing American economy or holding corrupt politicians accountable? No. Does it have anything to do with stopping the globalist agenda? Absolutely not. In fact, it’s advancing the agenda in more ways than one. Get this:

The US Navy Secretary just warned that we are sending so many weapons to Ukraine, that the American military may soon find it very “challenging” to continue arming itself—but so what. While the MIC is whining about supply chain issues, which are real and not by accident, this is just another example of weakening America’s military—kinda like the woke indoctrination—and you know our enemies have noticed.

Thanks to Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban was able to secure the world’s largest deposit of lithium, and now they’re moving up in the world—with the release of the very first Taliban Super Car! Check this baby out:

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