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TR 285 - The Sinister Saga of the Secret Cabal

TR 285 - The Sinister Saga of the Secret Cabal

Exploring the connection between eugenics and sustainable development.

Let’s do this.

No fear. No shame. Not bashful.

If we can’t call out the evil that is pilfering the planet, we’ve got nothing. If we can’t speak freely and opine on the many conspiracies and controversies, we’ve got nothing.

No dignity. No pride. No courage. No hope.

I will continue to drill down on the evil eugenics agenda, being driven by the “secret cabal” of the global elites, masked under guise of sustainable development for the greater good, and pumped out to the masses with relentless military grade propaganda. I am but one voice in the storm, but there is a growing chorus.

The worst thing any freedom loving human being can do right now, is keep their head in the sand and stay quiet. Just as much as the elites who are gathered in Davos believe we are facing a perilous planetary crisis, so do we face the actual existential crisis of crippling global tyranny, loss of free will, and complete mental enslavement.

Such is the power of psychological warfare—and we are under attack.

So never stop speaking out, never stop sharing the truth, never stop annoying people by asking logical questions, challenging their assumptions, and scoffing at their foolishness—but don’t stop trying to build relationships either. It’s a balancing act: On the one hand, embrace your inner rebel and wear your ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) proudly; On the other hand, be an ambassador of a better way, an ambassador of mutual respect advocating freedom for the greater good.

Freedom is the most good for the most people. We just need to sell it.

To the news:

Prior to picking up where we left off yesterday, it’s worth touching on a few of the hot topics of today, if only to put them in their proper place and relegate them to the corner where they belong. I was listening to the radio yesterday, and I was utterly appalled by the public’s obsession with Biden’s classified documents. I’ve already told you what I think—that nothing is going to happen—but there are a couple more twists in the story at this point that just might prove me wrong.

  1. Given the fact that these documents have been floating around in the wild for over 5 years makes the timing of this highly suspect. While my instinct said distraction (because we’ve seen all this and worse so many times before), Joe Rogan believes the party bosses may be looking to get rid of Biden before 2024. Maybe, maybe not, but before we celebrate, let’s wait to see who’s next in line.

  2. As more stories about Crack Pipe Biden raking in millions through Chinese intelligence ties—all while paying $49,910 rent to the Big Guy (aka Dad) so he could crash at the Wilmington House full of illegally stashed classified documents and borrow the corvette—more Americans are going to get curious. Such salacious stories will likely drive the headlines for weeks.

Meanwhile, the global cabal keeps marching on… what distraction?

Also on my radar is the talk of a global stock market crash in 2023—with 24 out of 27 countries surveyed, including the full G7, believing it’s likely, and even imminent. Along with the displacement of the dollar in global trade, and the fact that we’ve already technically been in recession for at least 6 months, I believe this is all meant to accelerate the transition to a global digital currency as envisioned by the WEF.

If this is a top of mind issue for you, you might like these articles:

Or, just for fun, here’s the financial situation in a more visual format:

Economically speaking, things are looking pretty dire, but let’s not lose our sense of humor—at least the lawmakers in Wyoming are trying to get ahead of the insanity, by proposing legislation to phase out Electric Vehicles by the year 2035. Now that’s some practical mid-to-long term planning!

Zoom out.

At the surface level, the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos has assembled global leaders to discuss and frame the future of humanity in terms of sustainable development. Again, it’s altruism at its finest. One should trust the all powerful, all knowing, all loving global cabal—they only have humanity’s best interest at heart.

And yet something just doesn’t quite sit right.

Thomas Malthus thought the elites needed to “proportion the population” to a sustainable level. His Malthusian theories were later adopted and promoted by the Club of Rome in their Limits to Growth literature—which then compelled the original Davos crowd to scrawl out their manifesto to rule the world (they used the word “manage”), but without directly stating their intent to control and cull the population.

These people are evil, not stupid.

Malthus did not care about individual human life, he only cared about the collective.

The Club of Rome does not care about human life, they only care about the planet.

The WEF does not care about human life, they only care about power and control.

I’m sure you see the pattern. These pieces fit together like a well-made puzzle, but what we’ve yet to do, is connect all of this directly to eugenics and the evil impulse to simply eradicate people who are deemed to be lesser human beings by the elites.

For generations, the global elites have referred to these so-called lesser human beings as “defectives”—and quite unfortunately, these “defectives” like to breed. In fact, out of ignorance, the defectives breed a lot. They’ve been shown to have a much higher population growth rate than that of the more reserved and restrained ruling class.

Keeping in mind that the elite have been keen to this problem for hundreds of years, we now have a basis of understanding the roots of the global eugenics movement. If poor, ignorant, unintelligent people are reproducing at a faster pace than upstanding, intelligent, productive people, this spells disaster for society—indeed, such population dynamics increase crime, disease, social discord, inequality, global pollution, and a general degradation of civil society.

Eugenics seeks to solve this problem.

To really put this into perspective, consider this passage from the book titled Tomorrow’s Children: The Goal of Eugenics. The book was written by Ellsworth Huntington, in conjunction with the directors of the American Eugenics Society, and it openly compares these “defectives” to being a cancer in society:

So you see, in their minds, “Eugenics is racial preventative medicine.”

These very educated academic elites (most of them are professors, deans, or heads of department for Ivy League institutions) have the gall to go on to say:

“[Our] present methods of treating defectives leave great numbers to produce new offspring and create new cancers in the body politic.

It would be no means be a misnomer to call the American Eugenics Society a Society for the Control of Social Cancer.”

Just sit with that for a bit. These well-educated people have determined that so-called “defectives” are a social cancer—and they have very detailed plans to cure it.

The history here is fascinating, but what is the connection between eugenics and the global cabal? Is there a link between the American Eugenics Society and Club of Rome? Can all of this talk of eradicating defectives—for the greater good of course—be tied directly to the WEF and the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

The answer is yes, but we have to connect some more dots.

Linking then and now.

It’s easy to connect eugenics to the progressive agenda, via the Margret Thatcher and Bill Gates Sr.’s connections with Planned Parenthood, among other things. Additionally, the pervasive influence of eugenicist college professors on multiple generations of aspiring young leaders cannot be overstated. But to find the crystal clear connection between eugenics and the global cabal, we need to look no further than our own American government.

Their account of history is no doubt slanted, but they cannot deny the fact that the eugenics movement was deeply embedded within the national scientific community:

It’s also worth noting that many highly esteemed eugenicists were deeply involved in the Human Genome project—though they are now denounced for not being politically correct—and the potential implications of this fact are far reaching, though that’s a journey we’ll have to take another day.

Straight from the website, we’ve established the connection between eugenics and Malthus. From Malthus, we’ve already connected to the Club of Rome. From the Club of Rome, we’ve already connected to the World Economic Forum.

What’s key here, is the underlying belief that the human population is unsustainable, and that there is a significant percentage of our population who are deemed defective.

“Fast forward to the 21st century, and we just don’t need the majority of the human population.”WEF speech in Davos.

Right now global leaders are gathered to talk about “Leading the Charge through Earth’s New Normal,” and they have declared that we are now in a planetary crisis that requires radical solutions—eugenics solutions—to usher in an era of sustainability.

THE POINT IS THIS: These people have been collaborating to control the human population by any and all means necessary for generations. Whereas they once worked in the shadows, they now work right out in the open, using “feel good” language to dupe the masses into accepting the implementation of sinister plans.

The documentation of eugenics is as robust as it is disturbing, and the scope of it greatly exceeds the capacity of a twenty-minute podcast. Suffice it to say that the average peasant simply isn’t privy to plans of the global cabal, and the majority of the human population is considered an impediment to their progress.

Keep that in mind when you hear about people falling over dead after receiving government mandated vaccines, or the fact that studies now show that as few as four of these genetic injections can completely destroy the innate immune system.

Is this all just a great big accident? Or could this all be part of the plan? Hmmm….

It certainly seems to check a lot of boxes.

Regardless of one’s persuasion, there are dark forces shaping our current reality—which calls to mind the friendly admonition: RESIST WE MUST!

The time is nigh to resist the globalists’ agenda at every turn. It’s not what it seems!

Propaganda poster I designed in favour of Eugenics for a class, more ...

Never forget my friends, resistance is the spice of life!

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