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TR 313 - On Criminals & Climate Crazies

TR 313 - On Criminals & Climate Crazies

The two groups have more in common than you might think.

Sit with it.

That was sound advice that was given to me back in the day, back when I was a young rowdy rebel-rouser—which is not to be confused with being a middle-aged rabble-rouser, which of course would make me a demagogic threat to democracy, but I digress…“Just sit with it.”

What a fascinating phrase.

Experience indicates that simply sitting still, in silence, allows space for the mind to synthesize life experience, often connecting the dots in ways that a busy and distracted mind may not. Too often we overlook the obvious, because we don’t allow ourselves the time to slow down and just “sit with it” for a bit. If you haven’t already, you should try it sometime. Better yet, make it a habit.

One might think that criminals who get locked up would have plenty of time to sit and think about their criminal ways, and that this state facilitated reflection might lead to personal insights, repentance, and reformed behavior—but the data tells a different story. It turns out recidivism, which is when repeat offenders return to prison, is a highly predictable pattern. It happens nearly 80% of the time:

Interestingly enough, according to the Department of Justice the total number of prisoners in the United States peaked at about 1.6 million back in 2009, and has been steadily declining ever since (here’s the data for 2013, 2018, and 2020).

Since 2019, there has been a remarkable 15% decrease in the number of prisoners, due largely to the fact that these criminals have simply been released back into their communities, to repeatedly pillage the village, under the guise of prison reform. One might assume this has been a boon for equity in the battle against “systemic racism” based on this graph from the Bureau of Justice Statistics:

Of course, taking a look at the underlying numbers paints a fuller picture:

Take a look and sit with it for a bit.

Then let’s zoom out.

While the U.S. is releasing criminals back onto the streets—with the 80% likelihood of them repeatedly pillaging the village noted above—liberals are at a loss as to why violent crimes are on the rise, and simply cannot grasp why we are experiencing an unprecedented spike in murders all across the country. They want to shriek about defunding the police and systemic racism, without coming to grips with the reality that our communities are less safe now than they have been in years.

Elsewhere, say in El Salvador for example, political leaders have unraveled the deep mysteries of criminology and discovered one weird little trick that has led to an astounding 97% drop in their country’s violent crime rate. What’s the trick?

Lock them up.

A Salvadoran convict.

When you take thousands of criminals off the streets, you have safer streets. That’s the strategy, and much to the surprise of progressives, it actually works. Contrast that with turning criminals loose and the subsequent spike in violent crimes, and then sit with it for a bit. Do you really think American politicians can’t connect the dots?

It makes no sense, unless you frame it within the context of trying to destroy our country. Of course, they’re doing so under the banner of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and their myriad other bullshit slogans, but the “feel good” language cannot conceal the facts—and when we look at the facts, as we just did, the picture ain’t pretty. It should come as no surprise that 27 out of the top 30 most crime-ridden cities are run by Democrats. These are the shysters who are deploying commie tactics to destroy all aspects of existing society to pave the way for their socialist fantasies.

But now we must pivot, because there was something else that stood out to me about the criminal round up in El Salvador. Actually there were a few things:

  1. This criminal round up was kicked off under the guise of capitalizing on the “100% clean, 100% renewable, 0 emissions energy” of their volcanoes—which they wanted to use to fuel emissions free digital currency.

  2. Investors didn’t want to invest in the infrastructure because of the record high crime rates, hence the round up of thousands of criminals (mostly gang members) who were detained in mega-prison camps known as Terrorist Confinement Centers.

  3. Terrorism is a notoriously broad term.

Evidently, judging by their gear, these el policia mean business:

Prison agents guard gang members as they are processed.

Even more interesting, is the fact that citizens who support the new authoritarian regime—and the dramatic reduction in crime—are now waking up to the fact that when the government gets to make sweeping arrests based on broadly defined terms, pretty much anyone who even vaguely opposes their authority can be arrested and/or simply mysteriously disappear. These sentiments from Salvadoran locals are telling:

“They said it was an order from the president that people should be brought in whether or not they were criminals … and that if they didn’t detain him they’d be arrested themselves for not following the law,” claimed the pregnant 24-year-old.


“I see this as one more step towards the construction of an authoritarian state in which power is concentrated around one person and one family – it’s very similar to what’s happening in Nicaragua,” said Jimmy Alvarado, an investigative journalist.


“This isn’t a war on gangs, it’s a war on the people,” seethed one woman from the city of Santa Ana who was looking for her brother and asked not to be named.

SO, perhaps this is just a good idea gone awry? Perhaps the police state just got a little out of hand and became a little over zealous in routing out crime? Or, maybe just maybe, El Salvador’s new Young Global Leader—Nayib Bukele—is actually a globalist tyrant? After all, on Twitter he claimed to be “The coolest dictator in the world.”

Sit with that for a bit.

Now let’s circle back to the climate.

Nayib Bukele has ties to the global cabal. His militaristic crackdown on criminals was launched in a national campaign to boost renewable energy and digital currency. While he’s locking tens of thousands of criminals in Terrorist Confinement Centers, the locals are getting nervous because it is starting to look like authoritarian rule. And again, this jackass thinks he’s pretty damn cool—the coolest dictator in the world.

Call me crazy, but when I see authoritarian dictators who are affiliated with the global cabal locking people into mega-prison terrorist camps and crushing his people under the boot of tyranny to advance digital currency and the climate agenda, it just doesn’t sit well. It’s a little unnerving to be honest. The moral justification is impeccable.

What they do in one place, they can do in another.

To get where I’m going with this, consider these headlines:

Trying to twist and distort reality far enough to wrap one’s head around this insanity is not necessary. These people are warped and their ideas are incongruent with reality—projecting the exact opposite of reality in most cases.


People believe it.

Just like the people of El Salvador thought electing the world’s “coolest dictator” to round up all the terrorists was going to keep them safe, so too have the seeds been sown into the American public’s subconscious mind that right-wing extremism is fueling a new wave of global terrorism. Do you believe it? Our leaders do.

Let me ask you: What’s a democratic government to do?

What they do in one place, they can do in another.

Keep in mind these are *probably* the same far right climate deniers who take issue with the government rationing food and fuel to fight climate change—which is currently all the craze among academic circles. At this point, even the spooks are starting to worry that some of these “climate solutions” are going to lead to civil unrest or even trigger war.

Just to drive the point home, the target of their concern is crystal clear:

Right-wing racists and climate deniers. Right-wing violent extremists. Right-wing terrorists. At some point, it would only make sense that the government would need to track down, round up, and imprison these terrorists—like in a Terrorist Confinement Center or something—in order to uphold our global moral imperative to keep people safe and save the planet. After all, we can’t allow all these violent right-wing terrorists to obstruct all of the necessary climate action—like food rationing, public lockdowns, and the abolition of private property for example!

Think about the implications.

Sit with it for a bit.

Then ask yourself: Who are the real criminals here?

To answer that question, we have to read between the lies!


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