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TR 258 - The Chinese Connection

TR 258 - The Chinese Connection

Dear friends, it's time we have a talk....

I like kung fu.

I like kung pao chicken.

I like fireworks.

I even like fortune cookies, though the idea actually came from Japan.

What I’m trying to say, is that China isn’t all bad. In fact, I’m guessing the majority of Chinese people are pretty good people: Honest, kind, hard working citizens who want what’s best for their families, for their communities, and for their country.

But let’s cut the fluff. The CCP, the Chinese Communist Party, poses an incomprehensible threat to the American way of life. Communism is the opposite of everything good in life. It is the antithesis of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Communism is a soul sucking, spiritual suffocation that aims to eradicate natural human expression in favor of heavily conditioned, domesticated compliance.

Call it re-education, moral regeneration, social conditioning, or mind control, the core principles of communism—which we’ve discussed at length in prior reports—are so at odds with reality, with natural behavior, with logic and rational thinking, that the tyrants who insist on imposing this twisted, cultish ideology must do so by force.

Of course, at first they try to be cunning and coy. Why beat someone into submission if you can simply convince them to be slaves? Unfortunately, as history has repeatedly shown, a great number of people, generally the majority, are predispositioned to go along with the ploys, playing the fool and foolishly accepting the arbitrary assertion of authority that is central to all communist tenets.

The irony of communism is that it claims to liberate the working class, when in fact it inevitably enslaves them. Communists incite a riot amongst the masses, whipping the mob into a frenzy of discontent, then channeling this anger toward the ruling class in order to overthrow the existing social order. That’s how they take control.

Once their lust for redemption has been fulfilled, once they’ve destroyed everything that once was, everything that reminded them of their second-class peasantry, the mob then looks to their new leaders—the leaders who promised them fairness and equality and the utopian communist dream. These dreams never come true.

Communism must consolidate power and control to make sure that everything is fair and equal. However, equality and fairness are inherently flawed concepts. Both are entirely unnatural and incongruent with reality. The only way for fairness and equality to be achieved is by forcefully imposing the will of the state upon the individual.

According to communists, personal property is a selfish concept. That’s why the state owns everything, to make sure that everyone gets an equal share—except that everyone doesn’t get an equal share in anything other than misery. The state, the party, the communists, they are selfish humans too, and always more “equal” than the peasants they rule. They mean to be good masters, but they still mean to be masters.

But as Americans, we already know all that, right?

Zoom out.

One might assume that most Americans, especially our elected officials—who ostensibly represent the American people—would be wise to communist deception.

One would be wrong to make such an assumption.

Confucius says to assume such things would make an ass out of ‘u’ and me.

Patriot Club members must keep in mind that the majority of Americans have not read my special report on Communist Mind Control—nor have they enjoyed the sweet sound of my voice when I offer the frequent and friendly reminder that, “The commies are taking over the world!” That’s just the facts Jack.

But, while I’ve gone through great lengths to connect the dots between commie tactics, the global cabal, and today’s political circus, one thing that I haven’t done is connect China to the infiltration of communism in general. I’m not into demonizing an entire nation or inflating an imaginary archenemy—but it would not be an overstatement to claim that China—as in the CCP—is in fact the greatest external and internal threat to our nation.

The external threat comes in the form of their military and financial capacity to challenge and potentially cripple the Unites States. The internal threat comes in the form of purchasing vast swaths of land and corrupt politicians with equal poise.

Some even believe our own sock-puppet-in-chief is a controlled CCP asset.

Any one of these threats could be drilled down on indefinitely, and there is more to uncover than will ever be discovered by we mere peasants. With that said, here is a short selection of articles that help drive home the very real threat of the CCP:

  1. China's War Machine Is Betting The Future On Drones

  2. Scoop: U.S. government buying risky Chinese drones

  3. Proof: Hunter Biden Profited From Chinese Tech Firms

  4. Huawei apps banned: China hits back at Google, United States

  5. Biden Launches A Full-Blown Economic War On China, It Will Backfire

  6. 150+ Researchers Funded By US Govt. Now Work For Chinese Communist Party

  7. Chinese researchers claim they have built and tested artificial intelligence capable of reading minds

  8. China’s creepy ‘social credit’ system creates ‘dystopian nightmare’

  9. China's social credit system is a harbinger of the global age of the algorithm

  10. U.S. Big Pharma Partners With Chinese University Tied To Military and Espionage Efforts.

  11. Chinese Communist Party and the WHO complicit in COVID-19 pandemic

  12. U.S. diplomats in COVID-19 quarantine camps in the People’s Republic of China

…and so on.

You can see the broad scope of this threat, right? How about we add these to the mix:

And then there’s this gem:

China says it has NO interest in meddling in U.S. election

But wait there’s more…

Friends, don’t forget that Klaus Schwab recently declared that China was a role model for the world. Don’t forget that Dr. Fauci has praised China’s covid response. Don’t forget that China intends to destroy the dollar with it’s own digital currency:

Is it any wonder that even the mainstream media is starting to wake up? This is the title of a recent article coming from CNBC:

China is a growing threat to national security, U.S. companies and American workers, says U.S. Commerce Secretary Raimondo

But so what.

Call me crazy, but that’s old news. I’m much more concerned about the fact that China is launching high-tech “bird drones” that fly in the sky to keep a watchful eye on anyone and everyone who might be inclined to question the communist state.

Remember, the new adage? What happens there can happen here.

If we want to envision what Future Earth might look like, we need only to look to our role model China. If we want to understand the ideology underlying the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we need only to look to our role model China. If we want to grasp the egregious plot being perpetrated by the global cabal, we need only to look to our role model China. Thus, it seems that the common thread through our many afflictions is nothing less than the Chinese connections.

And don’t forget, these guys are funding our elections.

At this point, I’m guessing their return on investment is huge. Yay for us.

This is probably something we should talk with our friends about, eh?

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