Jul 26, 2022 • 18M

Ep. 165 - When Will They Come for YOUR Guns?

Looking at the disturbing trend of federal agents violating 2nd Amendment rights.

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It’s When, Not If.

In Ep. 130 - Will they try to disarm Americans before the midterm elections? we explored the possibility that Democrats would try to do something dramatic before the midterm elections — including possibly trying to disarm law abiding citizens who might be inclined to protest another rigged election.

Now of course, all of that was just wild speculation. It’s just food for thought. We might be inclined to think that it will never happen, but then again, with fresh stories out this week about ATF agents knocking on doors to inspect people’s legally purchased firearms, it may be wise to begin considering this as a plausible possibility. This article has videos of one such shakedown.

No search warrant? No problem. Just have three guys with guns and bullet proof vests show up and interrupt family time, claiming they have the right to see your guns, just to make sure you’re not a criminal. With all the neighbors watching and your wife and kids wondering what’s going to happen to daddy, there’s little doubt the majority of people will fold like a wet newspaper. When people are scared and intimidated, they are much more likely to willingly forfeit their basic constitutional rights.

Here in our local county, the sheriff has issued a statement condemning these illegal searches. He tell citizens exactly what to say if the ATF comes knocking:

(1) Ask the agents to show you their search warrant to inspect your firearms. The warrant must be signed by a Judge.

(2) Ask them if the sheriff is aware of them contacting people in our County.

(3) Tell the agents to leave your property; if they refuse they are trespassing.

(4) Call the Klickitat County Sheriff and report the incident

Sheriff Bob Songer is a highly respected constitutional sheriff who holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, graduated from the FBI National Academy and has over 50 years of law enforcement experience. Here’s what he has to say:

“If the ATF agents do not have a search warrant signed by a judge, and you have told them to leave your property and they refuse to do so, call me and I will make contact with the agents. If they still refuse to leave, I will personally arrest the ATF agents for Criminal Trespass and book them into the Klickitat County Jail.”

Now THAT is leadership!

Sheriff Songer has also written letters to the FBI and the DOJ, warning them about infringing on the constitutional rights of citizens in our county. Playing hardball with the big boys requires courage and character, and our sheriff has both. He is not alone. As the federal government grows increasingly belligerent, county level sheriffs operate as a last line of defense to protect our constitutional rights.

Another example of sheriffs making a stand comes out of Missouri, where multiple sheriffs have declared they will refuse to turn over private information on conceal carry permits, even under threat of arrest. This is peaceful noncompliance at its finest, and Americans should take note: If we do not stand up for our rights, we will lose them.

And right on cue, California is leading the way in eroding these rights. According to legislation that was just signed into law, Governor Gavin Newsom has declared it is now illegal to manufacture or sell “weapons of war” in the the Golden Gate state. Being cheered on by a chorus of progressive Democrats, this is just the latest move in the steady encroachment of 2nd Amendment rights.

They justify this abusive use of power with this astounding rationalization:

“Any tool we can use to protect the public is the right thing to do.”

In the minds of these morons, in their own words, “There’s no higher calling for state policymakers than to protect the public they serve.” Think about that.

The highest calling is to protect people using any “tool” they can conjure up. So much for Constitutional rights or judicial restraint. Now they can make any law they please, as long as it is being used to keep people safe. In fact, this is their moral imperative.

That’s why they’re once again forcing people to mask back up. They lie and tell the public that the masks will keep them safe, even though there is ample evidence this is a farce. They continue to lie about the breakthrough cases, claiming the pandemic is being driven by the unvaccinated… and the useful idiots continue to believe them:

"It's not punitive; it's not a punishment to anybody," said L.A. resident Isabel Shill. "It's about public safety, and we're not experts and we should follow what the experts are advising."

I imagine shills such as Ms. Shill use the same exact illogical reasoning to justify the police state confiscating guns from law abiding citizens in the name of public safety. No doubt that is precisely why progressives have been yowling about “Gun Violence as a Public Health Crisis” for years. It was in April 2021 when the Biden administration announced that gun violence is a public health epidemic.

Few people realize this is directly related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG 16.1 which aims to “Reduce all forms of violence and related death rates everywhere.” In their minds this has everything to do with economic inequality and the availability of guns. This is why the World Health Organization is facilitating a “public health approach to violence prevention” that encourages more gun control.

The plan in a nutshell: To reduce all forms of violence everywhere, the globalists will need to track down your guns, so they can take them away, because guns are violent.

Even the CDC is on board with this lunacy, having allotted more than $2 MILLION to boost “surveillance mechanisms” on gun violence and over $8 million on 18 different research projects that aim to prevent gun related injuries. Of course, all of this has been years in the making. At this point, the top-down global control has trickled down to the local level, as demonstrated by the ATF going door-to-door.

Keep in mind, they’ve already used “public health surveillance on gun violence” to prove that bans on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines keep people safe.

Why does this matter?

It may seem like a rhetorical question, but consider this angle: Global agencies are directing the action of federal agencies, which are demanding compliance of local officials, including law enforcement. Thus, when the WHO decides that gun violence is a threat to public health and safety, agents come knocking on your door.

Sure, it may take a few years for them to get there—but make no mistake, they are coming. The marching orders are already on the books. They say that it’s to protect the children. They say that it’s to keep our communities safe.

In reality, it’s to protect their own ass when the angry peasants revolt. Once the state has sufficiently disarmed the population, tyranny will accelerate unchecked. Once the so-called “weapons of war” are solely owned by the state police, who can resist their demands? Entire populations can then be forced to comply at gunpoint.

Personally, I believe the globalist fixation on “Violence Prevention” is just another cunning way to take greater control over the human population. They know that a certain percentage of people will resist, and that well-armed peasants will resist the most. That is why they are doing everything they can to convince the useful idiots that people don’t need “assault rifles” and that “guns are violent.”

The deception is in the language. Rifles do not assault people. Guns are not violent.

Guns protect the innocent, prevent heinous crimes, and keep people safe.

When evil people do evil things, good people must stand up to stop them. When it comes to keeping the peace and restoring the balance of power, the wise have long realized that guns are all part of the process.