Jul 13, 2022 • 15M

Ep. 156 - EXPOSED: Massive Fraud in Midterm Elections!

Current events suggest that the American election systems may be hopelessly rigged!

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Poof, it's gone!

Just like that, my carefully crafted article was gone… much like the legitimate lead of many conservative candidates in these midterm primary elections!

No time to re-write the article now, so please allow let me just cut to the chase:

Our elections are F*ING rigged!

(Sorry there wasn’t more of a suspenseful build up before that emotional outburst... Please don’t forget that the podcast is always better than the write up!)

Now, I realize that this is not new news for many of you—But what if I were to tell you that the degree and depth of electoral corruption actually exceeded your wildest imagination? What if I told you that dyed-in-the-wool Communists have been running on the Democrat ticket, stealing elections, and "fundamentally transforming" America for much longer than most of us have been alive?

That was the article I was writing. Due to a technical glitch, I will have to expound on those points in the podcast. But, in order to keep this succinct and stay on schedule, I'm going to outline the gist of it here:

  • Yesterday someone share a documentary with me titled the American History of Voter Fraud. It was a shocking eye-opener that presented old black and white news footage of bewildered newscasters stunned that big blue cities had inexplicably stopped reporting their votes, until hours later (or even the next day), they suddenly and quite unexpectedly revealed a unimaginable swing in the tally that each time led to a historic victory for Democrats.

  • Notably, this happened early in the career of Lyndon B. Johnson, who ascended to the presidency after the mysterious assassination of JFK. According to historians, LBJ was said to ushered in the Great Society and his presidency "marked the peak of liberalism" in America. Democratic Socialists praised the fact that he "transformed almost every facet of the American way of life" and fundamentally altered the relationship between citizens and the state. Among other things, he championed the Civil Rights Act, institutionalized the welfare state, and legitimized the victim mentality—and swooned a lot of voters in the process.

  • The documentary showed Democrats magically winning upset victories in deep blue precincts over and over and over again. It showed interviews of high ranking politicians challenging the obvious and outright fraud. It showed interviews of felons openly confessing to the fraud—and all of this sounded so strikingly similar to the 2020 election, I was utterly blown away. How could this have been happening for so long?

  • Of course we are told that only a fool would question the outcome of elections, and some states are trying to make it illegal to do so. In fact, Democrats are making a broader push to make it illegal for anyone to spread any "false election information" that would lead people to question or challenge the state sanctioned results. Under this proposed legislation, anyone caught spreading such misinformation would be subject to penalties and imprisonment. Not coincidentally, the RAND Corporation has been figuring out how to track, quantify, and fight against this threat to democracy since December 2019.

(Don't forget that Communists are trying to win the "battle for democracy"... for a deeper look at their deceitful tactics, check out Ep. 61. - How They Divide and Conquer Us All.)

Now about those midterms!

This historical backdrop is meant to set the stage for what we might anticipate in the upcoming midterm elections. More shady shenanigans will unquestionably fill the status quo. Along with ballot harvesting, voter intimidation, forging signatures, bribery and buying votes, and the rest of the time-honored methods of stealing an election, we now have new 21st century tools like Dominion Voting Machines to help seal the deal. Altogether, I believe this is the "most sophisticated and extensive voter fraud operation" that President Biden was referring to.

Which brings us to last night. Do you happen to know which state official is in charge of preventing election fraud? That would be the Secretary of State. Can you imagine the damage that could be done if a Secretary of State was a subversive, hyper-partisan progressive hack? They might be able to tip the scales in favor of democracy, right? That would be bad.

Worse yet, imagine if a Secretary of State was actually bought off by dark money--then you would know that the scales were tipped and the Secretary of State was concealing and perpetrating fraud, because they were being paid to do so! Now imagine that this level of corruption was happening in a swing state... how might that impact national elections? 


Let introduce you to Pam Anderson, who after making a historic comeback, miraculously won the GOP primary race for Secretary of State in Colorado last night:


I know that looks aren't everything, but doesn't this lady just look like a conservative? No? Not so much? I didn't think so either. She looks more like a smug, self-righteous, condescending liberal progressive to me—and apparently that's exactly how Colorado Republicans saw her too.

The fact is, even though Anderson was down by 15 points heading into the election, she beat out the more popular conservative candidate Tina Peters by over 20 points. Nobody liked her, she had no endorsements, and GOP voters were stunned. The GatewayPundit opines on this miraculous 35 point swing like this:

So how did Pam Anderson suddenly pull off a miraculous 35 point swing on Primary Day two months later with no money and no endorsements?

The only advantage that Pam Anderson had in this race: she’s on the Board of Directors for Mark Zuckerberg’s private election mafia, the “Center For Tech And Civic Life.”

Isn’t it strange that the director of Mark Zuckerberg’s private election charity for Democrats (on temporary leave!) just won the most important election integrity race in Colorado — and a GOP primary no less — as a write-in candidate with a 35 point polling swing with no money and no visible support from Republicans?

One more thing: Colorado uses Dominion Voting Machines.

At this point the corruption is just blatantly obvious.

It's frustrating.

Liberal like to blow smoke about how American elections are safe and secure. Sure, they'll admit there is a little corruption here and there, but not enough to impact the outcome of national elections. This is obviously BS. In today's world, with the merging of Big Tech and Big Gov, winning an election is as simple as a little tappy-tap-tap on the key board, and just like that you have a subversive agent sitting in the GOP's most powerful safe guard for election integrity.

In this environment, how much longer will voting remain a viable solution?

It would be wise to let the implications simmer a bit.