Jun 3, 2022 • 18M

Ep. 129 - An Intelligent Perspective On Gun Control

Discussing concerns about gun violence and school shootings with the logical mind.

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Let's be clear: Guns are not violent.

Go to any gun shop in the country, bring a chair and sit and watch those cold hard semi-automatic rifles for as long as you'd like, and you will never ever see one of those guns do anything violent. The guns would not move. They are inanimate objects, just like rocks, or swords, or automobiles.

Says the liberal gun control fanatic: "B, b, but guns are designed to kill people!"

Says the calm and collected intellectual: "No, they are designed to protect people."

That would likely be the end of the conversation, as liberals seldom listen to the logical arguments long communicated by responsible gun owners. Instead, driven by a heightened emotional state, they double down on irrational assessments, meaningless statistics, and sensational claims about mass shootings. They claim we need to take away the guns, because they naively believe that guns are the cause of gun violence.

To simple minded individuals, that's all that needs to be said. Gun violence. The word choice intentionally evokes a negative emotional response and attaches it to an inanimate object. It is a misnomer, a catchy and handcrafted phrase pulled from the propagandist's playbook. When the media whips people into a frenzy about gun violence, the politicians step out, right on cue, calling for more gun control -- which is yet another misnomer that belies their true intent: Total control.

Any discussion of school shootings or mass shootings or gang shootings or any other kind of violent shootings, must be framed by facts and statistical context. Intelligent evaluation only happens when one suspends emotional judgment to re-engage logical thinking. When emotionally charged, we are not thinking clearly. That's just part of being a human. For a point of reference, consider these numbers:

Moral of the story: You are 1.3x more likely to be killed by a crazy person with a car than you are to be killed by a crazy person with a gun. (example)

Yes, school shootings are a horrific atrocity. Yes, mass shootings are heinous acts of violence. No rational person would argue otherwise. Gun advocates, or those who adamantly defend the constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, are not ignoring the plague of violence that seems to have infected our society, nor are they in any way advocating that it be allowed to continue unchecked.

Yes, we have a problem with school shootings. Yes, we need to deal with it immediately, before more innocent children die. Perhaps there we can establish some sort of common purpose, and put our heads together about how best to move forward.

So, what's the best solution? Is it to take away all the guns? Is it to restrict the sale of AR-15's and high capacity magazines? Is it to create more aggressive background checks and red flag laws? Is it to up the age at which a young person can purchase a gun of their own?

To each of those questions, the answer is no. None of those solutions solve the problem, because none of those solutions address the root cause of violence, which is human behavior, not inanimate objects. Violent people will continue to commit violent crimes, regardless of gun laws, age restrictions, or red flag legislation. Criminals do not care about guns laws, or any laws for that matter.

That would be why the cities with the strictest gun laws happen to have the highest number of people who get shot to death each year. Gun laws make it more difficult for people to protect themselves, and the criminals know it. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens is like declaring open season for criminals to victimize innocent unarmed people.

Imagine passing a law that said nobody was allowed to have an assault rifle or guns with a high capacity magazine. Imagine if there was voluntary "turn in your guns" event, maybe even paying people to give up their guns. Who would participate? Do you think the criminals would turn in their guns? Such an assumption would be both foolish and irrational.

Taking away high capacity magazines and assault rifles from law abiding citizens only serves to entice criminal activity. Why? Because the criminals -- who will never give up their guns -- would quickly realize they now have superior fire power. Do you think you could protect your home with a locked up pistol that has a 10 round clip, against a criminal with an AR-15 equipped with a 30 round clip and the intent to kill?

While all of this may seem obvious to those who value the 2nd amendment, it never ceases to amaze me how many people have never considered that criminals will continue to be criminals, that violent people will continue to perpetrate violence, and that disturbed teenagers will continue to do the unthinkable, regardless of any new gun laws. That is why there is a growing call to arm teachers in the classroom -- because, put simply, the best solution to bad guys with guns, is good guys with guns.

Hence, the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. 

This issue is really no more complex than that. But of course, guns are getting an enormous amount of publicity right now, partly because of the suspicious slew of mass shootings that just so happen to advancethe progressive agenda, but more purposefully because the term "gun violence" is a dog whistle for the democratic base just ahead of the elections. If a leaked Supreme Court document about abortion can't hold their attention, then neverending headlines like "More Than 130 People Were Shot And Killed Memorial Day Weekend" certainly will.

It is disgusting that politics have devolved to such deplorable tactics, but it comes as no surprise. The Left has been using useful idiots since long before the term was coined, and now they are marching the lemmings toward the voter booth for a very strategic mission: They believe now is the time to disarm America. This is their chance, and they're going to go for it. For the Great Reset to succeed, they have to.

Their intentions are clear. Consistent with labeling parents who attend school board meetings as "domestic terrorists," or calling the MAGA crowd the "most extreme political organization in America's history," or claiming that the government's "patience is wearing thin" with unvaccinated citizens, Democrats are demonizing gun owners and 2nd amendment advocates, effectively dehumanizing them and declaring them enemies of the state. This serves a very dark purpose.

Yesterday's podcast on repetitive propaganda and neuroplasticity was a nod toward what's really going on. It's more than just a numbers game -- it's a game of massive mental manipulation. The impact of mass shootings is more support for gun control. They never let a good crisis go to waste. Their endgame is nothing short of repealing the 2nd amendment and disarming the population, which are the final obstacles to be overcome before America falls to the Left’s globalist agenda.

It's time to call the demand for more gun control what it is: It's a world class psy-op aimed squarely at disarming American citizens, so that tyrants can finally have their way with our once great nation.