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TR 367 - Understanding the Woke Agenda

TR 367 - Understanding the Woke Agenda

It is clear that these people have collectively gone crazy, and that's not by accident.

This article was inspired by the fact that U.S. depression rates have reached new highs. WHY?

Guano Loco.

Are you familiar with the phrase that someone has gone “batshit crazy?”

I looked into the etymology to make sure I wasn’t missing something, and as one might expect, it pretty much just means someone has gone mad and lost their mind—with the “bat shit” emphasis adding an extra spoonful of crazy. According to Digital Cultures, the phrase is just another way of saying someone is a fool, “a dangerously insane or delusional character,” which pretty much describes most of the woke minions these days.

Whether we’re talking about the climate crazies, the trans activists, Black Lives Matter, or the Woke Movement in general, I believe that it is fair and equitable to assess these people as batshit crazy. That said, they still get to vote. Keep that in mind.

It is not always apparent how these various groups are working in concert to advance the progressive agenda (i.e. the regressive, oppressive, socialist agenda), so it’s worth taking the time to drill down on the connection. Let’s start with some broad generalizations and see if we can tease out some themes:

  • The climate crazies, aka the Climate Cult, believe that humanity is destroying the planet. More specifically, they believe that rich white people are destroying the planet with their unjust, unsustainable, capitalistic lifestyles. Thus, the introduction of the seductive lies about climate justice. In the minds of the crazies, the only solution is centralized government control of production and consumption and a global redistribution of wealth to fund “sustainable” living.

  • Trans activists are trying to force their twisted views on the world—that boys can be girls and girls can be boys—believing that they too are the victims of an oppressive, unjust, capitalistic society that discriminates against everyone who’s not a member of the rich, white, hetero class. Thus, these trannies (as they used to be called), representing just ~0.5% of the population, are demanding more government protection and intervention to boost attention to their twisted ways.

  • Black Lives Matter, which is a Marxist organization who revived the “woke” terminology circa 2014-2015, is a full on frontal assault to the oppressive, racist, capitalistic society that has been “keeping the black man down” for centuries. Supported by “useful idiots” who have been trained to see systemic racism and discrimination as the root cause of all their problems, these morons also expect the government to protect and promote their agenda via more and more control.

Now, the woke mindset is pervasive in these different camps, and that’s not just a coincidence. This is a direct manifestation of a disturbed and transformed human consciousness. To be “woke” has become a catch-all phrase for having an “awareness of social issues;” as well as, a “movement against injustice, inequality, and prejudice.”

Being woke is all about awareness and action.

It’s important to realize that people are being energized, organized, and mobilized around these ideas, as part of a political ploy to consolidate power and control. One must first become “alert to injustice”—which stimulates an emotional reaction—and then they can easily be compelled to stand in solidarity with whoever is being portrayed as oppressed by this supposed injustice, and take action on their behalf.

This is one of the genius constructs of Marxism and Critical Theory. It exploits several psychological loopholes relating to inherent vulnerabilities and protective instincts.

For example:

  • “Oh my gosh, look at that poor, hungry, starving child! Climate change must have destroyed the family’s food supply. We have to stop climate change to keep children from starving! We must save the children and demand climate justice!”

  • “Oh no, that black man is living on the streets! And look there, that white man is living in a fancy mansion that’s twice as big as it needs to be! No black man should have to live on the streets while these white folks live in mansions! That’s not fair! Those greedy capitalist lenders are discriminating against the black man because they are racist, capitalist pigs! We demand equal housing, now!”

  • “Gasp! That little boy in the pink dress just got bullied for trying to go into the girls’ bathroom! These bullies clearly have a transphobic bias, which is what happens when kids are raised by white-supremacists and religious extremists. We need to protect that little he/she, not just from these bullies, but from their bigoted oppressive parents too! AND we demand that new transgender signs be hung on every bathroom in the land—and that’s the LAW!”

Like I said, it’s all batshit crazy, but people believe it. This is how people are being trained to think. Their attention is being trained to identify inequalities, and inequalities abound. Inequality is an inherent aspect of the natural world. What I’ve long called “The Myth of Equality” is a mental construct that is completely incongruent with natural reality. Equality does not exist, except for as an idea in the mind. Inequality, on the other hand, is everywhere all the time, which makes it a perfect target for training the public’s attention.

In a nutshell, that’s the gist of Critical Theory. If you train a critical eye on any given topic, you can criticize and create the impression there is a problem, when in fact there is not (or may not be). It happens all the time. For example, let’s say you’ve got a nice new car. You love your new car. It’s shiny like a new car, it smells like a new car, and everywhere you go, people compliment you on how good you look in your new car, and each time your ego glows. You are a better person because of your new car.

Then, one day, as you’re sitting at a stoplight with the windows down, a random stranger informs you there is a major door ding on your new car. Just then, the light turns green and you have somewhere to be, but instantly your mind is consumed with the thought that your new car is now scratched and dented. How did this happen? Who did this to me? Somebody’s gonna pay for this!

As you brood and stew over this new problem, your mind begins to wander toward wondering how many other people have seen this ding and think you’re driving around a clunker? How many people think you’re too cheap or poor to fix it? How many people think you’re a bad driver who must have done a poor job parking? Oh my gosh, this is a major issue! This massive scratch and dent must be dealt with immediately. In fact, you might have to park around back so no one sees you pull in and park your beat up junker. What would they think of you if they knew you drove that old jalopy?!

You can feel the sweat forming on your forehead as you pull into the lot. Slinking down in the driver’s seat, you find an inconspicuous place to park. Sighing and somewhat overwhelmed by all the thoughts about what others might think, feeling slightly diminished in stature—no longer are you the shiny person exemplified and exalted by your new car, now you are a low-class plebe with a banged up junk-mobile—you take one last breath before opening the door and slowly sliding out of the vehicle.

You almost don’t want to look, it’s almost unbearable, but you muster the strength to step around the backside of your car and assess the damage… but WAIT a minute! That’s not a big ‘ol scratch and dent at all! That’s one of those silly stickers that your teenager must have picked up somewhere—it looks like a dent, but it’s just a sticker! Someone was just playing a joke on the old man… funny, funny, ha, ha… you think to yourself that revenge is sweet, but for now all is right with the world.

Your identity has been restored, and once again you are a superior human being, and everyone can tell, because you are driving a shiny new car. As you strut up the sidewalk and into the building, the faintest thought crosses your mind:

What if you’d never been criticized in the first place?

The criticism drew your attention to a problem that did not exist. Regardless, with your attention firmly fixed on this problem that did not exist, your emotional experience was very real—just as real as the sweat on your brow that came with the heart-pounding consideration that people might see you as lesser for driving a beater. As I was saying, this cycle of human experience (emotional reaction to something that isn’t real) is playing out all around us all the time, and it is this natural human behavior that is being exploited by Marxist Critical Theory.

In terms of today’s progressives and the modern Democrat Party, they’ve been running around putting stickers on everyone’s cars when no one was looking. Look at all these problems! You are a lesser person if you don’t want to fix all these problems! You must be a racist, homophobic, bigoted, ignorant peasant if you don’t believe that we need fix all of these problems!

If you question whether or not these problems exist, you are a lesser person. Your intelligence must be so low, you can’t even see how you’re being blinded by your own bigotry and implicit bias. If you doubt our problems, you are a fool and will be treated as such. If you challenge the premise of our problems, you are an enemy—just another greedy, selfish, capitalist pig who cares more about personal gain than the greater good—and that makes you a threat to democracy and a cancer upon civil society.

What’s the point?

The point is that these people are crazy. Batshit crazy. These are “dangerously insane” and delusional characters who have been trained to focus on problems that do not exist, in order to evoke an emotional reaction that drives democratic votes. The mental anguish is real. The emotional reaction is real. The problems are not—but, of course, the woke are incapable of perceiving this truth. They’ve been successfully conditioned to exhibit “social consciousness” in order to elevate their egos.

Empathy, sympathy, and compassion are the trigger points. The urge to protect the oppressed is strong and easily provoked. The response is predictable. Each of these various “wedge issues” can only be solved through greater degrees of government control over society. The woke agenda is designed to incrementally reduce our individuality and personal freedoms, in order to appease the guano loco demands of delusional people who are no longer tethered by the constraints of rational thinking.

The end game is total control. That’s the only way they can force society to accept their woke insanity, which is necessary to justify their feelings (however unjustified) and keep their egos intact. Psychologically speaking, keeping the ego intact is tantamount to survival, which is what makes all of these social issues feel like a life or death situation for the woke initiates—no matter how batshit crazy they may be!

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