Dec 21, 2022 • 21M

TR 264 - The Most Despicable Plot of All

From obscene federal spending to Chinese fraken-food, the broader agenda is picking up speed...

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Luke Throop
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It’s just despicable.

What else can you call the $1.7 TRILLION dollar 4,000+ page package of pork spending, political pay offs, and woke pet projects that was dropped on congress in the dead of night, at 1:30 a.m. this morning? It’s just despicable.

BUT, that’s not the only despicable thing in the headlines this morning. Have a look:


What was the most important thing again?

Oh yeah, that’s right, the most important thing is that we keep pumping billions of dollars and weapons of war into an escalating war in a far off land that threatens to draw us into a nuclear conflict with our arch-enemy, The Evil Russian Tyrant.

Oh, and the $200 million that U.S. taxpayers are spending on gender programs in Pakistan, the half-billion or more we’re giving to the NIH to fight “structural racism”, the $335 million being used to beef up the surveillance state to prepare for the next pandemic, and sending $410 million to shore up the borders in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman—while expressly prohibiting our own Border Patrol from acquiring, maintaining, or extending our border security technologies:

Well that’s just lovely, isn’t it?

If all that is not exciting enough, it might warm your heart to know they are also spending millions and millions more to build a “Ukrainian Independence Park” in Washington DC, a new federal building named after Nanci Pelosi, and a very inspiring new nature walk named the “Michelle Obama Trail.” Isn’t that great?!

You can peruse all 4,155 pages of this despicable pork-laden package by clicking here.

AND, in other news… TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!

The J6 Show Trial has released is final report, and Americans everywhere can now rest easy knowing that Trump’s tax returns have now been released—and spoiler alert, he paid *gasp* ZERO dollars in taxes in 2020.

And a hush fell across the crowd.

By the way, did you know the CIA killed JFK?

Zoom out.

Let’s not forget about the Great Reset, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030, or the fact that we are rushing headlong toward Future Earth.

While the majority of people are distracted by end of the year festivities and the domestic dog and pony show, the global cabal continues to advance and accelerate their agenda:

  • The WEF is pushing a new “First Movers” coalition that aims to build even greater public-private partnerships (with all the usual players) in order to focus on “scaling disruptive innovations that pave the way for long-term transformation.”

  • They have also launched a new “Edison Alliance” to promote inclusive digital solutions in healthcare, education, and finance in the spirit of “facilitating new partnerships, incentivizing projects and unlocking capital at scale.”

  • This is all part of their Six Themes that advance the Davos agenda into 2023. Interestingly enough, their #1 theme is sending more weapons and money to Ukraine (Mitch McConnell must have been on to something, eh?), followed closely by the three interconnected crises of climate change, food scarcity and energy shortages.

The good news is China is set to solve these interconnected crises, because China is a role model for us all (according to the WEF). Specifically, they will begin selling their own genetically modified wheat to U.S. farmers in 2023—for an impressive 12% to 15% boost in yields—in order to help end world hunger. They are also brokering a China-US Climate Solidarity Pact to “rapidly decarbonize, and ensure a greener, more sustainable future.” And, if all this effort were not enough to confirm their role model status, China is also working with Germany to solve the global energy crisis.

Of course, China can’t save the world on their own, which is no doubt why they were eager to set up their China House in the U.S. State Department. In reality, we are in a global age, we are facing global problems that demand global solutions, which necessarily requires global governance. And it is ONLY under the completely objective, unbiased, diverse and inclusive, wholly equitable leadership of the United Nations that we can survive this unprecedented Triple Planetary Crisis.

You see, humanity itself is the problem. Human activities are destroying biodiversity, which is destroying the planet. And if we don’t take drastic actions NOW, we’re all going to die a slow, smoldering, miserable death—we might even die before all the polar bears die because of the melting ice!

That’s why the $1.7 TRILLION dollar abomination-of-an-omnibus bill has allocated a whopping $575 million to target “reproductive health” in areas where “population growth threatens biodiversity.” One prominent editor summed up this sinister agenda in a rather straightforward fashion:

“Spending taxpayer money to save nature by aborting babies. Nightmarish.”

Again, it’s despicable.

It’s disturbing. It’s deranged. It’s detached. It’s delusional.

BUT, it’s par for the course. This is what these people believe.

According to the UN’s “philosophy of true harmony in global citizenship,” which is itself a “philosophy of the global governing of humankind,” we are suffering from a “lack of population management.” Make no mistake, the globalists intend to rule the world (i.e. govern humankind), and they have a very detailed plan to pull this off.

The global cabal is actively developing “Earth Citizens”—who are specifically referred to as Citizens of the Earth XXI—who must model their entire lives around harmony with nature and the common good. Says the quacks who cooked this up:

Earth citizens are obliged to fulfill human and civil duties and enjoy human and civil rights. But their main civil rights and duties are to continue civic education throughout their life, to teach civic knowledge to other people, to be socially active and socially responsible, to take active part in the social life of local community, to care about Nature: flora, fauna, and the environment as a whole.”

Do not think for a second that they do not have a master plan to indoctrinate us all.

In fact, as a side note, the UNESCO’s comprehensive Medium Term Strategy to re-educate and reprogram humanity into mindless environmental minions actually ended in 2021. Remember the Adaptation Agenda? That is the next iteration of their efforts to achieve a more equitable and “resilient” world by the year 2030.

Guess what’s first on their list for deploying this Adaptation Agenda? Why it’s nothing less than “transitioning to climate resilient, sustainable agriculture that can increase yields by 17% and reduce farm level greenhouse gas emissions”—aha the China-style “significant technification” of global crops.

It kind of reminds me of Bill Gates and his Magic Corn.

While some people might find all of this palatable, personally I find it… despicable.

Realizing that all of this is connected makes this the most despicable plot of all.

Keep your eyes on the ball my friend. There’s a lot going on and it’s happening fast!

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