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TR 365 - The Anti-Human Agenda

TR 365 - The Anti-Human Agenda

How the globalists are actively culling and controlling the whole of humanity.

They’re culling the herd.

Fifty years ago, a man named Aurelio Peccei gave a rousing speech about the need for global population control to the recently formed World Economic Forum. His speech inspired Klaus Schwab to pen the original Davos Manifesto that is central to today’s globalist schemes. Aurelio Peccei was the founder of the Club of Rome, which is essentially a cult of radical environmentalists who are hellbent on reducing the human population—for the greater good of course, in order to save the planet.

Put bluntly, the inspiration for the WEF is rooted in population control, and this is the underlying impulse that is driving the entire globalist agenda.

The global cabal justifies this urge to reduce the human population based in large part on the quack theories laid out in the 1972 book titled “The Limits of Growth.” This book was commissioned by the Club of Rome as part of their Project on the Predicament of Mankind. In a nutshell, the predicament is that ignorant peasants are too stupid to realize they are destroying the planet. The global elite believe, according to their projections, that there are too many humans consuming too much stuff, which is driving an unsustainable consumption of natural resources.

These are the seeds of the Agenda 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Thus, the global elites believe the only viable solution is to “proportion the population” to a sustainable level and take control of the means of production and consumption—i.e. reduce the human population and control what we eat and how we live our lives—in order to prevent the destruction of the planet. We are witnessing these plans being implemented daily.

Now, I am aware of how outrageous it sounds to claim that the United Nations is driving an agenda to depopulate the planet and consolidate power and control in the hands of an unelected global cabal, but that is exactly what they are doing.

If you’re looking for proof, I’ve documented the connection between Agenda 2030, radical environmentalists, depopulation, and eugenics in several prior reports:

Not coincidentally, all of this research has repeatedly connected back to the sham plandemic and the Great Reset. Unfortunately, with the World Health Organization recently declaring that COVID is no longer a global public health emergency, it seems like most people are ready to “forgive and forget” and move on with life, as if the last three years never happened. However, that would be a HUGE mistake.

As David Strom points out, this is exactly what the global elite want us to do. They want us to forget that they have assumed for themselves the authority to take 100% control over our lives, any time they need to, whenever “The Science” (i.e. state-funded propaganda fabricated whole cloth for the purpose of population control) says they should. I agree wholeheartedly with Strom’s assessment:

“COVID was, literally, the best thing to ever happen to the statist totalitarians who have risen to the apex of our cultural, academic, and political elite. Billionaires dramatically increased their wealth, officials their power, media elites consolidated their control over the distribution of information, and academics gained enormous authority over our lives.

All of them are united by one thing: they hate you and want to control everything that matters, including your behavior.” (empahsis added)

Add to this consolidation of power the fact that they’ve injected millions—if not billions—of people with an experimental mRNA injection that is spawning all sorts of chaotic genetic modifications, and we’ve got a recipe for an unimaginable Worst Case Scenario that will continue to play out over the next several decades. Keep that in mind in the months ahead, as more reports like these begin to surface:

As it turns out, all of these “accidental” side-effects—like the sterilization and death of millions of otherwise healthy people—appear to be a boon for the globalists who want to “proportion the population” and cull the human herd in order to save the planet. We must consider the possibility that this culling is now in motion, that all of this death is not by accident, and that all of this constitutes crimes against humanity.

It would be a catastrophic mistake to just casually dismiss the pandemic as some random, unfortunate event and forget how quickly the world was turned upside-down. If we don’t learn from this recent history, I believe we will be forced to endure much worse. As Klaus Schwab’s book “COVID-19: The Great Reset” makes abundantly clear, the pandemic was just the start of this “incredible transition” and fundamental transformation of humanity.

With that said, I want to turn attention to how the “secret cabal” is now accelerating the forceful imposition of their centralized global governance schemes.

It’s all about control.

I recently came across an academic paper from Oxford Professor Corneliu Bjola titled, “Global Governance and Sustainable Development.” It stood out to me because of the clear connection between the SDGs and global control. More on that in a minute.

As I dug into it, Professor Bjola turns out to be a deeply entwined global character who happens to be the Head of the Oxford Digital Diplomacy Research Group, and also sits on the UN System Staff College (UNSSC), which essentially oversees the staff indoctrination at the United Nations. In an unexpected twist, along with “digital diplomacy” Professor Bjola also happens to be researching “reflexive control” and digital propaganda:


In Propaganda as Reflexive Control: The Digital Dimension, Bjola explains:

“The theory of reflexive control offers a good framework for understanding how a state can be strategically influenced to pursue a pre-determined course of action in international affairs. More precisely, reflexive control creates the conditions by which one party can ‘hack’ the diplomatic game so that it can shape the preferences of the other actors towards a desired outcome.”

Thus, we see how “digital diplomacy” is being used to “hack the diplomatic game” and strategically influence entire nations to pursue a “pre-determined” course of action. Just like they have become accustomed to treating humanity like Hackable Animals, the global elites are also hacking our political systems—via digital propaganda campaigns—in order to advance their sinister agenda.

And let’s not lose sight of the connection between the Limits to Growth and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In Professor Bjola’s Global Governance and Sustainable Development report, this troubling connection is reconfirmed:

His report goes on to document the history of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and validate the absurd assertions presented in the Limits to Growth book, positioning them as central in the development of the SDGs. This is a fact that is not to be overlooked or taken lightly, as again, their declared intent is nothing less that depopulating the planet—and they are dead set on pulling it off.

For them, it’s an existential crisis. For them, it’s life or death, it’s do or die, it’s now or never. They either cull and control the whole of humanity, or humanity is going to destroy the planet and we’re all going to die. For them, the choice is clear, and it has been for at least the last 50 years... they just had to figure out how to sell it.

Hence all the “secret diplomacy” and hacking of humanity.

Having mostly convinced the masses that we are facing a Triple Planetary Crisis, they now have the moral justification for doing whatever they claim must be done—because the ends justify the means, and they must save the planet by any and all means possible. But as we’ve seen, regardless of how they dress it up, the real desire here is for total control over humanity and the consolidation of power in the hands of the “enlightened” global leaders who alone know what is best for the rest of us.

“Fast forward to the 21st century, and we just don’t need the majority of the human population.”WEF speech in Davos.

What a predicament for the global elite to have! Remind me of their solution again?

Ah yes, that’s right:

“Finding, therefore, that from the laws of nature we could not proportion the food to the population, our next attempt should naturally be, to proportion the population to the food.”

Fortunately for us, the very same laws of nature that inspired them to “proportion the population” should eventually inspire fierce resistance to such insanity. Unfortunately for us, people cannot resist what they remain unaware of—which means that perhaps the most important thing we can do right now, is spread the word about this anti-human agenda and remind our neighbors that: “Resist we must!”

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