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TR 461 - Angry Climate Activists are Delivering Climate Justice

TR 461 - Angry Climate Activists are Delivering Climate Justice

It would be wise to realize just how ambitious and aggressive these clowns have become.

We’ll get to the radical environmentalists in a minute, but first:

Did you watch the second Republican debate last night? Me neither. Word on the street is that the Fox News moderators were drilling the republican candidates with woke and loaded questions, as opposed to substantive meaningful things that people actually care about.

Instead of asking about Biden’s business with China, inflation and the national debt, or the dwindling military preparedness that threatens our national security, the Fox moderators asked biting questions about “day-care subsidies, DACA, and Dreamers,” slavery, and gun violence—as if these were the highest priorities on anyone’s mind.

Here’s just one example of how ridiculous it was:

The look on his face is classic. The whole thing was a clown show, which to me only serves to solidify Fox’s status as a lapdog of the liberal elites who control the majority of mainstream media via the despicable Trusted News Initiative.

No big surprise there.

Meanwhile, over in Realville, Trump was preaching to a massive and passionate crowd of auto-workers about how Biden’s so-called “Green Energy Policies” are destroying their livelihoods and industry. As usual, the crowd erupted every time time he stated the obvious. That’s probably why he is absolutely crushing the other candidates.

The UAW auto union strike is a strike of historic proportion, and while just days ago the feeble sock-puppet-president somehow managed to shuffle his corpse down the picket line to show solidarity, the truth is, Biden’s big push toward EVs will slash up to 40% of auto jobs and eliminate a steady paycheck for over 117,000 Americans.

That’s Bidenomics at its best. And here’s another fun fact:

Pretty much no one wants to buy an electric vehicle.

Ford, the second-largest seller of EVs with 7.5% of the market, can’t sell all the EVs it’s producing despite losing nearly $60,000 on every sale. This year alone, Ford estimates it will lose $4.5 billion in its EV business. That’s money that could be available to meet the UAW’s demands if the Biden administration weren’t pushing EVs on American consumers – and manufacturers.”

It’s hard to imagine a private corporation stomaching $4.5 billion in losses—taking a $60,000 ding every time they actually sell a car—and still managing to stay in business. Add to this the demands for a 40% increase in pay raises and benefits, and you can almost sympathize with the CEOs complaining about all this political pressure is going to put them out of business.

Some would speculate that’s the plan, and anyone who doesn’t have their head buried in the sand realizes it. Nothing about this green energy sham adds up:

“The unintended consequences of the administration’s green agenda will be numerous and consequential. The rare-earth minerals necessary for battery production come from foreign countries, where they are extracted using forced labor and child labor. Mining those ores, and then disposing of the batteries at the end of their useful lives, will cause long-term environmental damage.

Moving to EVs at scale will increase America’s reliance on China, where the batteries, their components, and the great majority of EVs are manufactured. Finally, America’s electricity grid, which is already stressed, is likely to be overwhelmed once a large segment of the population is using it to power their cars.” 

The insanity of it all is there for all to see. There are even several European countries who are beginning to backpedal on their own green agendas, with the British bumping back their ban on gas vehicles from 2030 to 2035 and Germany limiting their ban on gas heaters so the peasants don’t freeze to death this winter, for example.

Yet, even with all of this evidence on the table, and even with all of the political push back, the global cabal is continuing to aggressively accelerate the radical climate agenda in countries all around the globe—with an emphasis on aggressive.

Just like the WEF recently said it was time for “more stick and less carrot,” the UN has announced that “time’s up” and now is a time of “no exceptions and no compromises.” With a desperate sense of urgency in the air, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has a strong message for global leaders:

“The air is unbreathable, the heat is unbearable, and the level of fossil fuel profits and climate inaction is unacceptable. Leaders must lead. No more hesitancy. No more excuses. …There is simply no more time for that.”

Aside from being a patently absurd statement, I’d like to point out the strong emotional appeal of this green-laden guilt trip. Those gathered were told that “leaders must lead”—as if only those who act with hesitation (as in without thought, contemplation, or logical evaluation) can save the planet—because there’s no more time for excuses, and “back-sliders, greenwashers, and blame-shifters” will no longer be tolerated. Time’s up. No exceptions. No compromises.

How’s that for forcefully telling people to fall in line?

“The era of global warming has ended; the era of global boiling has arrived.”
—UN Secretary General

One look at the Secretary-General’s Climate Action Acceleration Agenda, and you can see just how ridiculous and far-reaching their schemes have become. They claim that half of the world’s population is living in “climate danger zones,” and those in “climate hot spots” are 15 times more likely to die from “climate impacts.”

Because of this, the need to “reform the international financial architecture” and “deliver climate justice.”

Do you see how slick that was? Climate justice is an open call for global socialism. It’s being used to construct a communist framework of centralized control over production and consumption. Theoretically they are trying to “level the playing field” and save the planet—but in reality, they are just pushing for more and more power and control. Take a look at how they word it:

The goal is achieving climate justice.

That means considering the world’s tiniest polluters that bear the ever more dangerous burden of the biggest emitters, particularly the G20 countries. ...

They are expected to unveil actions to mete out climate justice.

G20 countries are expected to “mete out climate justice” upon their peasants because the world’s tiniest polluters are carrying the “dangerous burden” of big emitters.

This so-called climate justice is designed to intentionally and systematically destroy western economies, while simultaneously transferring the wealth of productive nations to third-world countries, wherein the international bankers and multi-national corporations can gorge themselves on other people’s money.

It’s a socialist’s fantasy come true, and that’s clearly not a coincidence.

Climate Justice Now!

That’s their new mantra. “Humanity has opened the gates of hell,” and the UN chief is calling for a Climate Solidarity Pact that will “hold major emitters more to account.”

Anger is rising. Activists are refusing to be silenced. Indigenous peoples are rallying to defend their ancestral lands. They are in a race for solutions and the UN’s Acceleration Agenda is demanding that governments “hit fast forward” on all of this insanity—and get this:

“Mr. Guterres went on to salute the courage and conviction of the activists in attendance, saying that he knew their global fight for the SDGs comes at a risk to your safety, liberty, and even your life.”

Fighting for the SDGs comes at risk to your safety, liberty, and even your life!

I suppose that’s why Klaus Schwab has declared that “enemies of the Agenda” must be silenced, permanently, as we were discussing yesterday.

If you think about what these people are saying, and understand that they are dead serious when they say it, their is a certain sense of urgency that arises. Their conviction is contagious and their calls to action are being heeded—and that means that all of this climate insanity is going to be increasingly felt right in your home.

Gas prices. Grocery prices. The cost of everything will continue to skyrocket.

The goal is to price you out of an unsustainable lifestyle.

And if a few million peasants starve to death in the process, or hordes of hungry desperate peasants overthrow the capitalist pigs clinging to power in the local governments, bonus. One way or another, the globalists will have their way.

At least that’s what they think.

Perhaps one day millions of angry American peasants will rise up against this unholy alliance of commies and corporate fascists who think they can trample our rights and utterly destroy our way of life. Perhaps someday democrats and republicans can get past their bickering long enough to realize that they’re both getting played.

The game is total global control, not American political dominance, and the zealous cult of climate justice is coming for us all. In their twisted minds, our existence is not sustainable. The population must be reduced, your liberties must be removed, and your lifestyle must be controlled—and you might have to risk your safety, liberty, and even your life to convince them otherwise.

Resist we must!

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