Sep 15, 2022 • 19M

Ep. 198 - The Threat of Free Thinking

Why are liberal think-tanks targeting conservative podcasts? Listen and find out!

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They’re coming.

At least that was the catchy title that caught my eye:

Watch out, conservatives -- they're coming for your podcasts

This is what passes for an article these days—a catchy headline that opens to a quote from a different publication. It requires little effort to copy, paste, and attribute. It makes their site look full of interesting, intelligent articles. It gives the site lots of clicks, which inflate their numbers, but hey, I guess that’s the way the game is played.

I point that out to draw contrast to everything it takes to create the articles and podcasts here at It’s a lot of work, and I’m exceedingly grateful to everyone who’s joined the Patriot Club to support this mission to share the “truth you can trust” — curious perspectives for intelligent people, witty commentary, and well documented sources that aim to help you develop your own informed perspective.

Every episode can’t be the best episode, but I do what I can to deliver each day.

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The reason that article caught my eye should be obvious: “They’re coming for your podcast!” Oh really?! This isn’t a surprise, and it’s not that no one saw it coming, it’s the fact that this title has graced the headlines (on a conservative channel) that made it interesting to me. Digging in a little, we find that the primary source of this information is based on research funded and conducted by a liberal think-tank.

From the uber-liberal Brookings Institute we read their intent:

“…assessment of the podcast ecosystem as a space where “you can say whatever you want” is—for the most part—accurate, both with respect to government regulation and platform guidelines.

Even as tech companies raced to limit the spread of election-related misinformation across social media platforms in late 2020, prominent political podcasters played a central role in disseminating election fraud narratives in the lead up to January 6, as we have documented.

Podcasts also offered a prime avenue for the spread of pandemic-related misinformation, particularly regarding unproven treatments and vaccines. Despite the real-world harms caused by this type of misinformation and the medium’s growing reach and influence, to-date little research has explored the role of podcasting in shaping political conversations…” (emphasis added)

What was their solution to this problem—to the problem of people being able to say whatever they want? They created a data set and developed a dashboard.

How interesting.

I know it seems dry, and even a bit benign, but this is actually a ripe opportunity to see the step-by-step methods being used to install the global surveillance state in countries around the world. This is the Delphi Method in action.

Just to refresh, from Ep. 65 - The Responsibility to Protect:

By changing the way that we talk about things — as well as the things we talk about — global leaders can effectively steer society in any direction they desire. This herding of humanity has both positive and negative potential.

Using sophisticated techniques like Horizon Scanning, Capacity Building, and the Delphi Method, the global elite have been very successful at implementing their agenda, building the scaffolding of total control in an incremental and systematic way. It’s worth noting, these strategies were developed by military and intelligence agencies—who were developing weapons for psychological warfare.

What we see in the Brookings report is the “responsibility” to protect the public from counter-narrative perspectives (aka evil conservative podcasts). The rationale is that “misinformation” is interfering with our elections and the global pandemic response. In liberal speak, this is a threat to democracy and public health and safety. To rational people, this is called free speech.

But the data doesn’t lie.

The interpretation of the data, however, is chock full of lies. Interpretation is purely subjective, but what the global elites have long known, is that subjective interpretation is easily manipulated. That is, they can shape what you think by controlling the information you receive and the actual language that constructs your thoughts. Make no mistake, this is high-level psychological warfare.

In the context of global control, here’s how it works:

  1. To control human behavior, we must control what people think.

  2. To control what people think, we must control what people learn.

  3. To control what people learn, we must control their information.

  4. To control their information, we must surveil their sources.

  5. To surveil their sources, we must compile their data.

Thus, courtesy of the commie hacks at the Brookings Institute, the global cabal now has a data set and dashboard from which to monitor conservative conversation in order to, “help policymakers, researchers, and the tech community better understand podcasting’s role in the information ecosystem.” They go on to say:

“We focus on political podcasters, due to both their prominence in the broader media environment and their ability to rapidly shape public opinion and the contours of political debate. We hope that the release of this dashboard and data set will facilitate better monitoring of a medium that has until recently flown under the radar, despite its growing popularity and influence in political conversations.”

Translation: They have hand-picked the most influential political podcasters for special monitoring because of their ability to rapidly shape public opinion on political debates. Surely their intent is benign.

Collecting this data and feeding it to AI driven “algorithmic solutions” will no doubt keep the unsuspecting public safe from pesky dissenting perspectives. If people got the wrong idea about election integrity, it could lead to political instability. That would be a threat to democracy and might even lead to violence.

Similarly, if people got the wrong idea about the global shamdemic, they might begin to question The Science and the subsequent trampling of personal rights. This too might lead to social upheaval, as people might begin to defy lockdowns and quarantines, tear off their masks, and tell Big Pharma to stuff their needles where the sun don’t shine—which would be a major threat to public health and safety.

Therefore, we need the government (via public-private partnerships) to monitor all of our communications in order to keep us safe from dangerous misinformation. As anyone who’s been paying attention knows, this effort is already well underway.

Consider this little tidbit from a compelling article at TheGatewayPundit:

Facebook has been spying on the private messages and data of American users and reporting them to the FBI if they express anti-government or anti-authority sentiments — or question the 2020 election — according to sources within the Department of Justice.

Under the FBI collaboration operation, somebody at Facebook red-flagged these supposedly subversive private messages over the past 19 months and transmitted them in redacted form to the domestic terrorism operational unit at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, without a subpoena.

That was then, this is now.

Spying on Americans without a warrant or probable cause is a direct violation of constitutional rights, but this is nothing new. Keep in mind, this kind of stuff was going on long before the Biden administration began to weaponize government agencies against their political opponents—which is an egregious act of treason that has been abused by the political establishment and left unchecked for decades.

But things have changed. Now the government has quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence to bolster their efforts to control the narrative and manipulate the population. They even have swarms of cost-effective kamikaze drones that can be used to hunt down and destroy political dissenters, like they’re doing in Ukraine.

Soon, the public will no longer be troubled by reports that deaths among children have spiked a shocking 691% since the covid jabs started being injected. Neither will the public be bothered by the fact that billionaires are buying off governments around the globe to further consolidate power, usurp the will of the people, and advance their sinister agenda. All of this messy information will be tidied up once the WHO finally masters how to manage infodemics. (Hint: They been working on it since 2020)

Between now and then—before the completion of the inescapable global surveillance state that is guaranteed to keep us safe—the best we can do is spread wild-eyed conspiracies as far and wide as fast as possible to make sure the word gets out:

The commies are taking over the world!

All joking aside, please share this podcast with anyone you know who values life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and relishes rebellious perspective!

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