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TR 330 - The Inescapable Surveillance State

TR 330 - The Inescapable Surveillance State

This is what everyone needs to keep front and center.

It’s a major issue.

I often remark about the “great inescapable global socialist surveillance state.”

In this report I want to make perfectly clear what I mean. To say that humanity is under assault would be an understatement. To point out that people are being systematically enslaved in an illusion, enslaved in their own minds, would be a good place to start. The implication of this mass menticide is truly shuddering.

It’s like hypnosis on a massive scale. It’s exploiting physiological loopholes that allow ideas to be implanted into the subconscious mind. There is a science to it. The power of suggestion should not be second guessed. Mind control is a thing, and there has been over a century of scientific study on the topic, which has led to many warnings about how this science might be used against the masses.

Just to refresh, we’ve previously learned how clinical psychologists in the 1950’s, like Dr. Joost Meerloo, were sounding the alarm about government brainwashing:

“It is now technically possible to bring the human mind into a condition of enslavement and submission.

…now we are beginning to see ever more clearly how the totalitarians use menticide: deliberately, openly, unashamedly, as part of their official policy, as a means of consolidating and maintaining their power…

They influence the mind so slowly and indirectly that we may not even realize what they have done to us.”

When we look around and observe people in our local communities suffering with mental health issues and struggling to maintain their grip on reality, this is why. When you find yourself talking to someone who seems wholly incapable of carrying on a rational conversation, this is why. Once the individual’s mind has been broken down and assimilated into the collective, the road to recovery is uncertain at best—especially given the relentless nature of the current conditioning.

They’re not done messing with the public’s mind. They know exactly what they are doing, and that’s what makes the Great Reset so sinister. Each wave of crazy uncertainty primes the mind for heightened suggestibility. It happens in big and small ways, and the cumulative effect is a greater acceptance of, and submission to, tyrannical control.

Dr. Merloo warned about this too, further quoting from Rape of the Mind:

“The totalitarian strategists know that during a period of temporary quiet and relaxation of tension, people lose their alertness and thus can be more easily caught in the totalitarian mental grip. In their strategy of terror they consciously make use of the psychological action of the breathing spell.

As soon as we let go and drop the defenses we have built up against danger, we can be brought to swallow any strong suggestions. The totalitarians also, in their “Document on Terror,” call the technique of taking advantage of such relief the “strategy of fractionalized fear.”

Each wave of terrorizing creates its effects more easily – after a breathing spell – than the one that preceded it because people are still disturbed by their previous experience. Morality becomes lower and lower, and the psychological effects of each new propaganda campaign become stronger; it reaches a public already softened up.”

Reading that this morning, I think about the recent fear stirred up by all the hype about making a run on the banks. I think about the recent fear stirred up by the threat of arresting Donald Trump. I think about all the many, many ways that our emotions are being manipulated every single day—and the fact that none of us is immune to the impact of this ongoing psychological assault. Even in the absence of anything really shocking, our systems still remain primed for shock.

According to esteemed psychoanalyst Dr. Bruce Scott, who presented the German Investigative Corona Committee with evidence on the “unethical and illegal use of applied psychology as used by the UK and other governments in the world during the COVID-19 era,” these techniques of clinical manipulation have been at work since prior to the pandemic, and they are simply being rolled from one issue to the next.

He offers this insight in Beyond a State of Fear: Menticide and Schizogenesis:

“Putting people into a state of fear, only the first part of the processes of a longer-term goal, is known to create a menticidal hypnosis. This involves the conscious part of the personality no longer being fully alert or conscious to his or her actions and behaviours. The brainwashed person lives in a trance, repeating the “mantras” of the dictator.

Like totalitarian states, democratic states are also subject to the insidious influences of menticide on a political and a non-political level. This becomes, for supposedly democratic states, just as dangerous to freedoms and liberties of life as overtly totalitarian states themselves. …[P]eople of supposed democratic countries, like overtly totalitarian countries, must guard against the creeping intrusion into their minds by technology, bureaucracy, prejudice and mass delusion.”

Thus, we’ve been warned.

Is there any doubt that the public is suffering under the collective delusions being conjured up by this menticidal mind control? There shouldn’t be, but we must also acknowledge the fact that the vast majority of victims remain completely unaware of the fact they are under the government’s spell. That’s where the surveillance comes in.

Being enslaved in one’s own mind is one thing. In some sense, this is a relatively common affliction. It’s part of human nature for us to get caught up in the mind, to trick ourselves into thinking we’re right or justified even if we’re not, for example. We all go through spells when we are totally consumed by thought and completely unaware of the world around us. These are the natural states that are being exploited.

But, from the angle of a tyrannical totalitarian mental takeover, the government needs to be able to keep track of who is and is not caught up in this quasi-hypnotic, trance-like state of heightened suggestibility. Have you got your booster lately? Have you been visiting anti-vaxx websites? Is your sentiment about the government restriction on your everyday life turning sour? These are the things they need to know.

Here we find the convergence of ASI, Sentinel Surveillance, Social Listening, and state mandated censorship, all of which serves to provide the powers that be with the ability to monitor and control the mental state of the masses. When people think about state surveillance they often think about reading license plates or tracking the purchases through bank accounts and credit card transactions. But, while that’s certainly all part of the puzzle, the far greater threat is the perceptual surveillance.

Rebellious individuals are certain to find ways of ducking and dodging much of the state surveillance apparatus. That said, it is much more difficult to avoid the state picking up on how you feel about current circumstance. The vast amount of data scraped from your online activity, social media postings, and financial transactions provides ample fodder for a thorough analysis of your evolving mental state.

The great inescapable global socialist surveillance state is predicated on this fact. This is what allows them to “control emerging public perceptions” at will. As soon as the algorithms (Sentinel Surveillance and Social Listening) pick up on shifting sentiment, those who are drifting from the narrative can be systematically targeted with customized propaganda designed to facilitate behavioral change.

Once our behavior is linked to digital currency and a China-style social credit score, we’ve essentially been placed in check-mate. What better way to ensure compliance and facilitate behavioral change than to impose financial penalties on those who step out of line? What must be emphasized here, is that even just the threat of being punished is enough to keep most people pliable. Very few will openly defy the government if their lives and livelihoods are threatened in this way. Will you?

Menticide is quite literally the death of critical thinking and thinking for oneself. It is the barrier of fear that keeps people locked in the illusion of helplessness. Like the young elephant that is tied to a tree with a string—who upon growing to its full size and strength fails to realize it could simply walk away and break free of the bondage—so too are the majority of people blind to the strength of the spirit within.

Beyond the fact that most people have yet to realize that they’ve been mentally hijacked, far too many people do not realize just how much control they have over their own minds. Mental and emotional control are acts of self-control that require a higher degree of self-awareness, which I believe correlates directly to spiritual maturity. Thus, it is the elevation of spiritual awareness that equips the individual to break free from the illusions and fears that keep them bound to the state.

At the end of the day, regardless of how things play out, this is the truth that will set you free. The government will continue to try to bring your mind into submission. They will continue to fleece the masses with propaganda and covertly assassinate the public’s will to resist. Menticide will continue to be mainstreamed, albeit in a rebranded fashion that casts mental enslavement as a precondition for peace and stability. All of this is happening right in front of our eyes.

To escape this inescapable surveillance state we must awaken the will to resist, not just within ourselves, but within the hearts and minds of the broader community.

When the government controls what we think, the future is a dark place indeed.

Resist we must!


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