Sep 13, 2022 • 19M

Ep. 196 - Starvation is Their Strategy

Connecting the dots between current events and historical precedent indicates that it's time to stock up!

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Life is precious.

Unless of course you are a radical environmentalist, commie hack, or central planner for the global cabal. Take WEF guru Yuval Harari for example—famous for labeling humanity hackable animals—and consider his take on our collective future:

“…fast forward to the early 21st century when we just don’t need the vast majority of the population.”

We just don’t need the majority of people. What a fascinating opinion.

People are destroying the planet, or so the thinking goes. Robots and AI make the majority of the population useless eaters, or so the thinking goes. Now it is the job of our “enlightened leaders” to decide how to reduce and reign in the troublesome population that is consuming precious resources—or so the thinking goes.

It is important to grasp this perspective. As twisted and skewed as it may seem, these are firmly held beliefs among the global elites and the useful idiots alike. From the top down, academic eggheads and educated idiots have convinced themselves that they are right and that they alone have the answers. Decades of institutional indoctrination have ensured hordes of unintelligent pupils revere their opinions.

Science and good sense be damned.

As with many lies, there may be a shred of truth to the conjecture. This serves to make the theory palpable to the crowded minds of the majority. Lacking the time or inclination to really think this through—the idea that there are too many people on the planet—most people assume someone smarter than themselves (like the “experts” in the government) is addressing the issue with purely altruistic intent.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Wise minds have long been onto the underlying motive: Depopulation.

That said, stating that the global cabal is actively attempting to reduce the human population by clever and crafty means is more of a conspiratorial romp than we need to take. Instead, framing current events through the lens of total control better serves to make sense of what is playing out throughout the headlines.

Let’s take a few samples and then connect the dots:

  • Azerbaijan is allegedly attacking Armenia and Armenia is calling on Russia for help in defending itself—to which we’re told: "If Russia accepts, we could see a second NATO-Russia proxy war explode."

  • The EU is pushing the Media Freedom Act, giving the centralized government greater control over national media in an effort to support “democratic participation” and help governments in “fighting disinformation.

  • Al Qaeda has just released a blockbuster book detailing how it planned the 9/11 terrorist attacks—indicating that the plan took five years to develop and was intended to draw the U.S. into a long-term war.

Why does any of this matter?

Have you heard of cerebral whiplash? It’s an unscientific term used in some circles to communicate the mental trauma that can come from trying to process too much information. Trying to keep up and make sense of everything can lead to overwhelm, disconnect, and even mental breakdown. The elites bank on this cognitive barrier.

Still, I’m going to crunch through a few more thoughts before tying it all together:

  • What do Seattle and New Zealand have in common? They’re both lifting *most* of their covid mandates just in time for elections. Think that’s a coincidence?

  • What do striking railroad workers, UPS drivers, FedEx drivers, and Seattle school teachers all have in common? They’re all run by unions. Are all of these union strikes just a coincidence?

  • What do state propaganda, political purges, and attacks on the food supply all have in common? These tactics are used by tyrants hellbent on taking control—and they’re being deployed right here at home. Coincidence? I think not.

Let’s put it all together:

The global cabal wants total control over the human population. They claim that it’s to save the planet, but in reality it’s simply to enrich their own deranged trans-humanistic fantasies about Future Earth. They call this the Great Reset.

Fighting against an invisible enemy has long been a tactic of psychological warfare used to unite disparaged peoples and build solidarity. Fear of this invisible enemy can quickly go viral because people are afraid of what they don’t know. Hence the endless mutated variants of concern and the perpetual cycles of some far off country attacking some innocent victim of unwarranted violence.

It’s all theater, but the theater serves a purpose. War is profitable, as are pandemics. Better yet, both help governments centralize control and consolidate power. The greatest threat to this power is conflicting information, which is prone to arousing curiosity and stimulating the critical thinking that might expose globalist schemes.

Here’s what I think:

  1. The NATO-Russia proxy war is intentionally being provoked because global war is a critical element of the Great Reset.

  2. The EU is seeking more control over national media because they are losing control of the narrative with their radical climate agenda and endless wars.

  3. Al Qaeda publishing a book about drawing the U.S. into a long-term war is a smack-in-the-face psyop that signals the globalists’ current intent.

  4. The timing of progressive leaders lifting mandates is not coincidental—it codifies their assumed authority and foreshadows the next plandemic.

  5. Unions are organizing at the global level to simultaneously enrich their coffers, gain more power, and advance the globalist agenda.

  6. The political environment in America is growing more putrid by the day and Joe Biden wasn’t lying when he said the food shortages are gonna be real.

To them it’s a game.

Practically speaking, all of this is just more political ploys and jockeying for strategic advantage in the global geopolitical game. You and I are pawns at best, and they push us this way and that way at will—via controlling the flow of information (aka propaganda), coercive mandates (aka emergency orders), and restrictive government policies (aka the climate agenda). They are competing for control of the peasants.

They intend to take over the means of production, control your level of consumption, track your every movement, and censor your every thought—because that is how they can save the planet and ensure global peace and stability. All packaged together, this is how the cabal is advancing their Global Goals.

And let’s not forget their end game: Total control and depopulation.

If the Georgia Guide Stones weren’t enough to convince you, consider this excerpt from Population and Environment: A Global Challenge. (posted by the WEF):

“An average middle-class American consumes 3.3 times the subsistence level of food and almost 250 times the subsistence level of clean water. So if everyone on Earth lived like a middle-class American, then the planet might have a carrying capacity of around 2 billion.”

With that in mind, do you really think the Sustainable Development goals are all about lifting people out of poverty? That wouldn’t be very sustainable now would it! So what are these devious bastards really up to?

Spotlight on starvation.

Aside from the fact that radical environmental policies are destined to disrupt the food supply (tractors need fuel, crops need fertilizer, etc), consider the historical fact that people tend to starve under communist regimes. Hungry people quickly become compliant, and if they don’t, they die. Such a strategy requires very little effort from the central government—if people starve to death, it’s their own damn fault.

Unions are generally understood to be predominantly progressive extensions of the Democrat party. They use commie tactics by pushing a collective narrative. At the practical level, they leverage mob rule in order to gain advantage. It’s not that unions don’t have their place, it’s that they’ve largely been co-opted by political stooges who are working in concert to advance the global socialist agenda.

With this in mind, we can see the stage is set for this current series of strikes to further inflict pain upon the average American family—because pain is all part of the plan. Furthermore, supply chain interruptions will inherently reduce consumption because one simply cannot purchase commodities when the shelves are bare.

This is all good news to the fanatics who are trying to save the planet. Those fanatics also happen to be left-leaning useful idiots who support central government control, which is a boon for the progressive politicians who are in on the game. All of this further facilitates the cabal tightening its grip around the neck of humanity…

…which reminds me of my favorite PSA:

The commies are taking over the world!

If you don’t want to be cold, hungry, and dependent on despotic government to survive, you’d better have your house in order. Time is short and the clock is ticking!