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TR 588 - How Intelligent Machines are Building the Capacity for Global Control

TR 588 - How Intelligent Machines are Building the Capacity for Global Control

There's no need to panic, but it might be time to hop out of the boiling pot.

It was an honor.

I recently had the opportunity to speak on strategies for grassroots engagement and political impact to a Libertarian group out in Virginia Beach. Interestingly enough, about a year ago the group had split up due to a disagreement over whether or not to let “outsiders” come in and speak to their group.

On the one side were the pragmatic Libertarian activists who realized that if they really wanted to make a difference and have an impact, they had to partner with other liberty loving patriots who may be affiliated with different parties. In reality, for example, there was essentially zero chance of a candidate getting elected as mayor if they ran as a Libertarian on the ballot.

Thus, there was a strong need to expand their network.

On the other side, there were the purists, those dyed-in-the-wool lifelong Libertarians who were utterly appalled at the thought of having Republican or Democratic candidates speaking and seeking support from the group. The very notion made their skin crawl, and the gross misalignment of values was simply too much to reconcile.

Better to be true to one’s principles, than compromise just to win an election—or so the thinking goes. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

While it may seem like a petty difference—because it is—the takeaway here is that this group became so divided over the issue, they split up and went their separate ways. As a result, I suspect, the group that opened their hearts and minds to other ways of thinking will continue to grow. The other group, not so much.

There are some highly applicable lessons here, that we each should take to heart.

Yesterday, in TR 587 - An Alternate Perspective on Fighting Top-Down Control, I was making the point that even though we are facing global threats on every front, the real battle for hearts and minds must be fought in the trenches of local politics.

This is why we need to be bringing people together, building bridges and breaking down walls, not isolating ourselves in party echo chambers. I want to make it clear that this is a perspective that has been developed over time, through my personal experience as a very reluctant “political activist”—as someone who was more or less poked, prodded, and drug into the process of civic engagement.

Context and backstory can be found here:

As articulated many times before, I am a fiscally conservative, socially conscious, politically independent thinker with a libertarian bent. I am an opinionated peasant with great disdain for the corrupt two-party system. I believe that if we’re only looking at things from the Left and Right, then we are missing the other 358-degrees of perspective. I believe that party platforms are merely mental cages that function as political holding pens until election time rolls around.

I’ve expressed this sentiment time and again, in all four corners of the country and all across the fruited plains, and I’ve never had anyone openly disagree. In my mind, that indicates this is a rational perspective that resonates with most people, because most people don’t like being stuffed in a box.

We are all infinitely unique incredible cosmic creatures after all!

We are more than just our labels, or the hats we wear. As human beings, we are simultaneously vastly complex, and yet somehow still predictable. We are a bundle of paradox, dichotomy, and juxtaposition that has been baffling the world’s greatest thinkers since the dawn of time, and yet we are somehow still hackable animals.

Do you recall the words of WEF hack, Dr. Yuval Noah Harari?

“We humans should get used to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls –
we are now hackable animals. That’s what we are.”

That phrase is what prompted me to write Hackable Animals. I’ve dissected the nuance of implications in many prior reports, and the following would be a good place to start for anyone looking to dive deeper into the subject:

The point I want to make here today, is that weaponized AI is already actively managing the mindset and emotions of the majority of people, even though they remain blissfully unaware. They are already treating us like hackable animals. In fact, there was an interesting article out today written by the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Butertin, sharing his take on “superintelligent” artificial intelligence.

In a nutshell, he thinks we need a lot more “open models” of AI running on consumer grade hardware to offset the threat of hyper-concentrated, super powerful AI being controlled exclusively by corporate megalomaniacs and competing militaries.

Unfortunately, even as smart as this guy is, he’s still missing the point that corporate megalomaniacs and competing militaries already have exclusive control over these systems—that “most human thought” is already being read and mediated by a few central servers that are control by a handful of people—and that these people are already operating in cahoots with the “secret cabal” of global elitists who are working to usher the whole of humanity into Future Earth, via Earth Systems Governancetheir words, not mine—all under the guise of building Global Democracy.

This is the greatest scam ever conceived, and it’s being pulled off right in front of our eyes. And again, the only way to fight this is in the trenches of local politics.

Let me explain.

Censorship leads to thought control.

Thought control leads to behavioral change.

Behavioral change leads to election outcomes.

Throw military grade memes, political propaganda, media manipulation, and “infected perceptions” into the mix, and it’s no wonder we are living in an increasingly mixed up and crazy world. While millions of people are now openly struggling with mental health disorders, others have gone completely mad and simply lost their minds—but DO NOT lose sight of the fact these people still get to vote!

And who will they vote for?

They will vote for those who pretentiously emote sympathy, who promise to solve all their problems, who cast their sickly emotional state as a matter of victimhood.

There are two things that are critical to understand here:

  1. There is an irrefutable science to this emotional manipulation.

  2. The algorithms have been trained to use this science for socialist outcomes.

Without getting lost in the weeds, if you’d need to refresh on how censorship leads to thought control, how sympathy is actively being exploited to drive socialist behavioral change, and how this has all been baked into the globalist policies currently being implemented at the local level, check out these reports:

In a round about way, that workable P.L.A.N. brings me back to the opening story. When I shared the P.L.A.N. with the group, it was well received. They understood the value of putting people first, listening, and learning new ways to communicate the concepts of liberty.

They grasped the strategic importance of facilitating direct personal interaction—aka human to human contact—to overcome the otherwise insurmountable tech advantage of super-intelligent machines. We cannot outcompete the weaponized AI in the online world. The algorithms are already too prolific and powerful.

Sentinel Surveillance. Social Listening. Algorithmic Social interventions. These have already been operating around the clock, and driving political interventions, for nearly a decade. Understanding this helps to make sense of where the world is at today.


While all of this is happening, the global regime is already planting and implementing their policies through your local city council, county commissions, health departments, school boards, etc. While they prime the minds of the majority to accept and even demand these changes (they call it building political will), they are relentlessly deploying the Delphi Method to trick our elected leaders into thinking they are doing right by the people, and moving us all toward a sustainable future.

From way back in TR 65 - The Responsibility To Protect (Feb. ‘22):

Using sophisticated techniques like Horizon Scanning, Capacity Building, and the Delphi Method, the global elite have been very successful at implementing their agenda, building the scaffolding of total control in an incremental and systematic way. It’s worth noting, these strategies were developed by military and intelligence agencies — who were developing weapons for psychological warfare.

As I’ve said before, we are in a war of words. We are fighting an army of ideas. Many of these ideas are coming at us through social channels and changes in local community sentiment—think Drag Queen Story Hours and homeless people shooting up and shitting on the streets, and people accepting this as if it’s normal.

But here’s the thing, this sort of insanity is ultimately being regulated (or not being regulated) by local level public policy. The same goes for mask mandates, social distancing, and other utterly ridiculous “public health” policies. In other areas, we see the adoption of so-called “green energy” policies, as they trickled down into building codes, like you can’t install a gas furnace and other such nonsense.

Mandatory Electric Vehicles. 15-Minute cities. Digital currency connected to digital IDs. Vaccine passports. The great inescapable socialist surveillance state. It’s coming.

And for all the reasons above, the majority of people will accept it.

Those in the know already realize that the entire globalist agenda is about consolidating power and control. They want top-down control from the global to the local level, and they have already been wildly successful in tightening the noose.

The water is already boiling, but the frog is still in the pot. There has never been a better time to make a splash on the local scene. We are the last remaining vessels and vestiges of the American Dream. We cannot succumb to intelligent machines!

Which is why I like to say: RESIST WE MUST!

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