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TR 225 - Has AI Been Weaponized?

TR 225 - Has AI Been Weaponized?

What happens when the power of artificial intelligence falls into the wrong hands?

This is it.

There is a lot happening in the headlines this morning, but none of it, in my mind, is what really matters most. Still, before we can see through the smoke and mirrors, we must take a look at the smoke and mirrors. Here’s the run down:

The other big news is what’s happening in the U.K.—you know, where a billionaire banker just so happened to get elected after a “remarkable turnaround” of political fortune—and now he, Mr. Rishi Sunak, is set to become the new conservative leader.

And the crowd goes wild:

“We all owe it to the country, to each other and to Rishi to unite and work together for the good of the nation.”

The solidarity is palpable.

I’m curious how many people are aware that—despite appearances—Rishi Sunak was key in bringing down Boris Johnson, essentially instigating this transition of power, that his rise to prominence came from “relative obscurity” after developing a “cult media following,” that his wife is heiress to a billionaire Big Tech mogul, his sister is the Chief of Strategy and Planning for the UN’s Education Cannot Wait agenda, or that Sunak himself was formerly a managing partner at the Children's Investment Fund Management—which is not only linked to radical environmental activism, but also has ties to Microsoft, Raytheon, and Union Pacific (just to name a few).

It’s probably worth mentioning that he also is admittedly a coke addict, has publicly pushed for the transition to digital currency (which his father-in-law and the WEF are collaborating on), and has presented the World Economic Forum a framework for a “Whole-of-Economy Transition.”

Remember the global coup?

I’m sure this is all just coincidence.

Moving on.

It should be apparent that the invisible hand is orchestrating events in the U.K. and around the globe, just the same as it is right here at home. This invisible hand is influence, and this influence is being wielded without much public notice. The global cabal is aggressively advancing their Great Reset agenda, and too few people even care.

This spells doom for the future of humanity. We must help people wake up to what’s really going on, otherwise we have no effective way to mount an organized opposition. If we fail to communicate the threat of weaponized AI and government agencies, centralized censorship, medical tyranny, and the plethora of other unchecked authoritarian impulses currently manifesting in America and around the world—if we fail to call out the global cabal—then we lose. Freedom loses. Forever.

I know that sounds insane: Freedom lost forever? How is that even possible?!

Here’s how:

Many times I have mentioned the fact that I am using “their words, not mine.” What that means is that I am sharing with you verbatim what the globalists intend to do. It’s their language, their choice of words, their stated objectives. Keep that in mind as we consider exactly how a small group of global leaders—less than 1%—are actively working to enslave humanity in a socialist surveillance state.

It is reasonable to ask: Are these words just hyperbole?

Are we—is the future of humanity—really facing enslavement?

The answer is yes, we are facing enslavement. These words are not hyperbole.

“There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.” —Daniel Webster

I first wrote about WEF hit man Yuval Harari and his claim that humans are “hackable animals” back in TR 157 - Hackable Animals & The END of Free Will. There we discussed the integration of “sentinel surveillance approaches into national and global surveillance schemes”—their words not mine—as well as the use of Artificial Intelligence to manipulate human behavior and immunize the global population against misinformation, all of which is well underway.

That was three months ago. Today we are many steps closer to this inescapable tyranny. It is critical to realize that this ability to use technology to turn humans into hackable animals already exists and is actively being used against us—and it has been for longer than most people realize. According to Harari, here’s how it works:

What does that mean? In plain speak, in their own words, this means:

“We humans should get used to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls – we are now hackable animals. That's what we are.”

What an astounding claim! Do you believe it?

Do you believe that you are a hackable animal?

Do you doubt your own mysterious soul?

Regardless of how you feel about being reduced to little more than a hackable animal, there are many other implications embedded in this foregone conclusion. Keep in mind, this formula was presented January 24th, 2020—right at the onset of COVID-19: The Great Reset. While the whole world was gearing up for war against the new invisible enemy, the global elites had already realized:

  • “…you don't need to send soldiers in order to control a country.”

  • “…countries will either go bankrupt or become exploited data-colonies.”

  • “…the rise of digital dictatorships that will monitor everyone all the time.”

Think about that!

Of course, our benevolent global leaders are only pointing out that this is possible—they certainly are not planning on exploiting these vulnerabilities, right?!

Says Yuval Harari:

“Now in the past, many governments and tyrants wanted to do it, but nobody understood biology well enough and nobody had enough computing power and data to hack millions of people.”

But that’s all changed. Now they can pull it off. Now it is possible to enslave humanity and totally take over the world.

The potential for corruption is huge.

Our future is being directed by the most powerful group of people assembled anywhere on the planet. The public-private partnerships that are forged in face-to-face forums like the World Economic Forum—the human contact and connections made—has given rise to an unimaginably powerful alliance of very ambitious individuals.

Quite unfortunately, these elite leaders suffer from a collective delusion:

They believe that they alone can protect us, and that they must protect us.

As a brief aside: This offer of protection is sufficient to dupe a significant percentage of the population, especially when everyone is freaking out about the invisible enemy. In the context of covid, most didn’t realize that the solutions provided were laying the ground world for a global surveillance state. Fewer still had any awareness whatsoever of the full scope of what was being implemented—the AI, the sentinel surveillance, and the other tools being used to hack and control humanity.

At this point, how do we resist? How do we help people realize the threat of being hacked by an evil cabal in the name of the greater good? How do we help people see through the illusion that they alone can protect us—that the elite will keep us safe?

Ask how.

How can they protect us? They must neutralize the threat.

How do they neutralize the threat? They must control the threat.

How do they control the threat? They must understand the threat.

How do they understand the threat? They must study the threat.

How do they study the threat? They must create the threat.

How else can they study a potential threat that doesn’t exist unless they create the threat so they can study it, understand it, and learn how to control it?

That’s how they keep us safe. Control.

This is the same pattern of thinking that drives the mad scientists conducting gain-of-function research and creating wholly unnatural viruses with an 80% kill rate. It’s circular thinking. In order to protect the people, they must first create the threat.

Create the problem, provide the solution.

Just like creating bio-weapons to keep us safe from bio-weapons, the creation and deployment of AI-based “algorithmic solutions” is said to keep us safe from misinformation and potentially corrupt perspectives. Of course, this power might be exploited by tyrants to brainwash the masses, but they would never even think about abusing these technologies to advance their own agenda—except that they are.

The power to hack humans can be used for good purposes – like providing much better healthcare. But if this power falls into the hands of a twenty-first-century Stalin, the result will be the worst totalitarian regime in human history.”

They claim they would protect us from the people who might use this tech for evil, and that they would use it for good. Call me a skeptic, but either way, the implication is that they intend to regulate—i.e. control—the use of weaponized AI.

If THEY are controlling the AI, then WE are not.

That is significant.

When they claim that this tech has to “benefit everyone,” they neglect to inform you that they get to define what “benefit” means, or how exactly such power will be allotted. No doubt it will be equitable and inclusive. No doubt it will meet the highest moral standards and truly reflect the will of the majority. But how will this be achieved?

Through more and more control.

They must choose. They must decide. They must control the available choices in order to control the desired outcome. Hidden within this seemingly altruistic desire, is the evil impulse to control the lives of other human beings.

And they believe this impulse is justified.

They believe it is the only moral solution to save the planet and save us from ourselves. They believe it is the intelligent and logical thing to do—to take control of other people, for the sake of the greater good—to treat us like hackable animals.

Think about what that means.

It means that they believe they have a right to control you, that it’s for your own good, whether you agree with how they control or not. So I ask: Is this not abuse? Is this not a direct violation of our own individual volition? Of our sovereignty? Of our soul?

Have you been hacked?

You can be a hackable animal and still have a soul.

Understand that it is your mind and body that are being hacked, but it is your soul that is being enslaved. You can control your mind. You can control your body. You can control your thoughts, your focus, your behavior, your actions, your impact, and your intent—but you can also be hacked and lose control of these things as well.

Understand that there are powerful people who are actively exploiting this fact each and every day. I call them the global cabal, and they now have the tools to enslave humanity. But they are not gods. They are not lords. They are not our rulers. They are not masters. They are hackable animals just like the rest of us.

Ruminating on that may reveal the best path forward.

Read between the lines.

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