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SPECIAL: The Freedom Caucus

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SPECIAL: The Freedom Caucus

Understanding the power of principles in the big political game.

Today is a big day.

Have you heard of the House Freedom Caucus?

The caucus is a small group of principled politicians that banded together in 2015 to help steer the Republican party back toward constitutionally conservative principles.

The Freedom Caucus seeks to wrest power from the hands of entrenched establishment politicians, so that the real representatives of We the People—those duly elected members of our communities who successfully campaign and get voted in to be our voice in congress—can actually do their job.

Time and time again, freedom loving Americans send strong constitutional candidates to Congress, only to find them incapable of affecting change. As it stands, the majority of passionate grassroots representatives, who are not typically polished politicians, get elected only to arrive and find out that they are largely ignored by the party leaders who are entrenched and being enriched by the establishment.

In other words, they are little fish, in a small pond, with a bunch of sharks.

As a result, nothing changes and corrupt politicians are able to consolidate more money, power, and control. That’s the problem. But what’s the solution?

That’s what today’s congressional forum is all about, and let me tell you what:

I’m excited!

First, a little backstory… for members of the Patriot Club:

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