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TR 377 - The Writing is on The Wall

TR 377 - The Writing is on The Wall

Peeking behind the curtain to see who's really running the world.

Do you care?

Here are three things that everyone is talking about that don’t really matter to me:

  1. Kevin “The Schmuck” McCarthy’s rotten budget deal that gave democrats secret concessions to get the votes he needed to solidify his position as a sell out. Of course, if you were to ask any of the other sell outs, this was a big win for McCarthy.

  2. Yet another state, Virginia, is sending National Guard troops to defend the southern border against the ongoing invasion of illegal aliens, drug smugglers, drifters, and cartels—some of whom are now apparently packing AT-4 shoulder-fired missiles. Nothing to see here!

  3. Chris “Tub Tub” Christie is promising to run as a wildcard in the 2024 presidential race, as is former Vice President Mike Pence, who plans to officially announce his candidacy next week. Along with Tim “The Nice Guy” Scott’s recent entry, that brings the Republican field up to nine politically ambitious contenders.

The 2024 election season is really picking up steam. On the Democrat side, there are currently two challengers (anti-vaccine activist Robert Kennedy Jr and self-help guru Marianne Williamson), but that field may be getting a lot more serious in the coming weeks with rumors that a coalition of billionaires are rallying around Jamie Dimon and trying to push him into the race.

Apparently he is “considering getting into politics,” though it’s not clear how he would have time to run the country, since he’s already so busy running America’s largest bank, hanging out with pedophiles, and globe trotting around making deals with the Chinese Communist Party. Of course, he’s not the only billionaire mogul making deals with the CCP—Elon Musk is hot on his heels.

You know why? Because China has over a billion peasants who are eager to play the game of life, and the CCP runs the four largest banks (by far) in the world:

You see, it’s really just a numbers game. That’s why China is being hailed as a role model for the world. That’s why all the major players claim there will be no de-coupling. That’s why the global cabal has given the U.S. an ultimatum: go the way of China or go the way of Rome.

Because hey, if you can’t beat them, join them, right? Why struggle against the inevitable, right? WRONG! RESIST WE MUST!!!

But all that said, I really don’t care… and I’d like to take the time and explain why.

It’s not apathy. It’s not that these things don’t matter or that they are not important, it’s just that they are less important than other pressing issues. And, given that we each only have so much mental bandwidth, since we can only focus on so much at any given time, it feels imperative for me to focus on and discuss the bigger issues, in order to bring attention to what’s really going on—to raise awareness to the issues that are truly threatening the future of humanity.

The political circus will continue, as will the corruption, extortion, and the southern invasion. These are all major issues, don’t get me wrong, but here’s the BIGGER issue:

The global elites are using weaponized AI to hack humanity, manipulate public perception, and literally transform human consciousness at the biological level.

It is this insidious plot that makes all of their other scheming possible.

This is why they have gotten away with everything they’ve gotten away with.

This is why most of the public remains ignorant, complacent, distracted and docile.

This is why they continue to advance their agenda with such brash confidence.

They believe that we are hackable animals. They believe we are destroying the planet. They believe that they “just don’t need the majority of the human population”—and they’ve long been forming a plan to deal with this pesky predicament of mankind.

Is this not more important than political circus?

Around this time last year, in TR 135 - The Importance of Believing Impossible Things, I was reporting about the rise of sentient AI, the suspicious pattern of color revolutions happening all around the world, and the Zero Carbon Solution of “depopulation through forced vaccinations”—all of which seemed to coincide and correlate perfectly with the globalist agenda that, for me, was just coming to light.

It seems impossible, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.

I’ve learned a lot since then. In fact, I’ve written more than 260 reports (based on thousands of hours of research) since I first stumbled upon the fact that the global elite were using weaponized AI to control emerging public perceptions. It was in Torch Report 113 (May 10th, 2022) that I revealed the UN Global Pulse Initiative and the WHO’s efforts to immunize humanity against so-called misinformation.

I’m sharing that partly to provide a backdrop for new subscribers, but also to reflect and connect to current circumstance. As I’ve documented at length, the global campaign against misinformation is firmly rooted in crushing political dissent. Thus, the use of weaponized AI found it’s original application in facilitating “mostly peaceful” political coups against any leaders who stood in the way of the agenda.

Today, there is more news out about a “Maidan-style coup” in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. The circumstances are remarkably similar to what happened in Ukraine leading up to the ongoing proxy war between Russia and NATO. Just like historically Ukraine didn’t want to join the NATO alliance, Serbia doesn’t want to join the NATO alliance either… but now they’re facing riots in the streets. Now why might that be?

You know what… I really don’t care! I only share that to point out that pattern, in order to pivot to the heart of all our problems. Those who control the flow of information have control over public perspective. They have control over what people think and believe and how people behave. If those who control the flow of information want violence in the streets, they will evoke the requisite fury and get their violence in the streets.

It’s happened over and over again, and it’s happening again right now, as proven by events in Belgrade and the 400+ other “anti-government” protests all around the world.

Have you heard how the EU is demanding Kosovo redo their most recent elections? I guess the globalists didn’t get their guy. Kosovo is not a member of NATO either, the NATO “peacekeepers” are currently spilling blood on the disputed regional soil.

Bill Gates predicts we’ll have a hung election and a civil war. Is this what it will look like? The point is, it’s the same playbook being used over and over, and in every case, the intended outcome is the consolidation of more power and control in the hands of the global cabal. All that said, the BIGGER issue is still the use of weaponized AI being used to control the public’s reaction to these unfolding events.

While there are more and more intellectually honest journalists starting to sound the alarm over the significant threat of a state sponsored Censorship Industrial Complex, the majority of the public remains blissfully unaware of it all. Of course, that’s not by accident—in fact, that’s kind of the whole point. Ignorance is bliss.

If most people don’t realize the globalists are culling the herd, depopulating the planet, destroying cultural heritage, systematically eradicating dissent, conquering non-compliant countries, and intentionally conditioning humanity to accept all of this insanity as if it’s necessary—for the greater good—then it’s like it never happened.

One day we will all wake up in Future Earth. We will eat bugs, own nothing, pay taxes, and be tracked and treated like the hackable animals we are. Heck, with Musk’s Neuralink microchip in our brain—which was just FDA approved for human trials—we might even become enlightened and be able to speak Chinese!

Friends, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the writing on The Wall.

In the 1931 book Brave New World, Aldous Huxley describes an efficient totalitarian state as one where the rulers control the population without coercion, because the slaves love their own servitude. Stockholm

They love their servitude.

I guess we can’t say we weren’t warned!


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