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TR 345 - Dissecting the Mental Health Crisis

TR 345 - Dissecting the Mental Health Crisis

There are a lot of broken people in the world, and that's all part of the plan.
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Today I would like to take a different approach to making sense of the insanity.

In yesterday’s report, TR 344 - The Destruction of Happiness, I attempted to drive home the fact that liberals are generally more miserable and mentally unstable than their conservative counterparts. Connecting that fact to the “delicate task” of cultivating dissatisfaction, which was outlined in prior reports, the purpose was to demonstrate that our government—and by extension the core of global governance itself—has long been exploiting the emotional vulnerabilities of mentally unstable people.

What’s more, this intentional manipulation feeds a perpetual cycle of abuse, wherein the government stokes the uncertainty and dissatisfaction that drives people crazy. As a result of this state-induced insanity, the average unsuspecting citizen then votes for greater and greater degrees of government control, under the false assumption that somehow the government intends to provide the peace, satisfaction, and happiness they lack—which makes sense, given that it is what they’ve been promised.

All that said, though I did point out how this was driving voting trends and that this is inextricably linked with the push for global democracy, I’m not sure I did an adequate job of explaining how all of this has been baked into the globalist agenda. Actually causing mental illness, then exploiting it, is exactly what the global cabal has been doing, continues to do, and intends to do more of moving forward. This is all part of 5GW (5th Generation Warfare) and the process of conscious transformation.

These intentions will become plain as day as we dissect the language used throughout the World Mental Health Report 2022: Transforming Mental Health for All.

Take a look at the cover of the report:

Given the preface that governments are undermining mental health in order to advance their political agendas, the cover of this report leaves no question as to who they intend to target with their subversive tactics. Women and children are easily the most vulnerable members of any given population, and the global cabal is focusing their efforts on cultivating dissatisfaction and mental illness in these groups, precisely because the ripple effects essentially force society to adapt to their cause.

If mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

If the kids are screaming, ain’t nobody got any peace of mind.

If both women and children are conditioned to believe that their satisfaction and unhappiness is the results of a patriarchal, misogynist, oppressive, male dominated society—and then they are given the right to voice this dissatisfaction in every election cycle—then it’s only a matter of time before the patriarchy falls. Women and children become conditioned to believe that the government is their protector and provider, and that the rest of the world is unfair and out to get them.

Same goes for the lesser endowed crowd. It works every damn time.

Examining the globalists’ intentions, parsing the language of their own words, we can quickly see the overarching agenda to consolidate power and control. Also, it’s important to note that their true intentions can only be properly framed within the context of The Great Reset and the New World Order—and the forward to the WHO’s World Mental Health Report makes this abundantly clear:

Ahhh yes… it’s the pandemic that’s causing all these mental health issues, along with the “frailty” of modern, state of the art healthcare systems of course. Regardless, the only solution is more funding and expansion of global government programs aimed at addressing these issues—issues that would have laid dormant in the public psyche if it were not for prolific state propaganda that “thrust” this issue into consciousness.

Dr. Tedros Adhabom Ghebreyesus, the radical Ethiopian revolutionary turned Director of the World Health Organization, claims that mental health is a critical element of “collective health,” and he is steering the WHO to “transform our attitudes” by transforming the “environments” that influence public mental health. As always, his words are dripping with altruism and insight. Says he:

“Ultimately, there is no health without mental health.”

Gosh, the guy must be brilliant. He then goes on to say, “to achieve this ambitious transformation, a concerted and renewed effort is needed in all countries.

Thus, we see the international effort to capitalize on this global mental health crisis is banking on an “ambitious transformation” of the global system. Digging further into the report, his surrogate Devora Kestel, Director of the WHO’s Department of Mental Health, goes on to explain the need to “reshape environments that influence mental health” and create “positive change” around the globe.

Reshaping environments. Influencing mental health. Got it.

Says she:

“Throughout this report you will find narratives from people around the world with lived experience of mental health conditions. …Everyone has a right to mental health. Everyone deserves the chance to thrive.

It all sounds so nice, doesn’t it? Everyone has a “right” to mental heath. Everyone deserves “a chance” to thrive. What do you think?

Kestel elaborates on the fact that mental health conditions give a “strong narrative” for why things need to change. Once again she emphasizes the need to “reshape the environments” and “strengthen the systems” that collectively drive public mental health. If you haven’t caught it just yet, these ambitions aim for nothing less than restructuring society as a whole—which is all part of The Great Reset.

This is How the WHO Takes Over the World, specifically by advancing “laws, plans and policies” that direct “political will” and “public interest” to align with the global agenda. This is achieved via international investments that get passed through globalist non-profits. In other words, by funneling billions of dollars into global “mental health” initiatives, the global cabal is able to institute socialist policies at the local level that create a complete transformation of public consciousness.

In the words of the globalists themselves:

This report is designed to inspire and inform the indisputable and urgent transformation required… Mental health is an integral part of our general health and well-being and a basic human right.”

WARNING: an “indisputable and urgent transformation” is required.

Not surprisingly, the WHO mental health report attributes mental illnesses to unfavorable circumstances such as “poverty, violence, and inequality.” They claim the solutions are “multisectoral” and require interventions that target certain “vulnerable groups”—not the least of which are women, children, elderly, minority groups, LGBTQ+ persons, indigenous populations, and anyone else they think they might be able to exploit for political purposes.

It’s convenient that all of these terms are highly subjective, and not by accident. The ambiguity feeds the need for more government action:

You see, global governance must provide “an enabling context for transformation.” Those words may seem benign, unless of course you realize that this transformation of consciousness is central to the globalists’ scheme to enslave humanity in the delusions of collectivist thinking. According to the report, this agenda comprehensively creates “unparalleled platforms for change”—all of which facilitates The Great Reset.

When the global cabal deploys 5GW and pernicious propaganda to destroy the happiness and mental stability of the average citizen, this creates the “unparalleled” opportunity they need to reshape public perception and drive behavioral change. In case it’s slipped the mind, this all leads directly to voting trends come election day. Driving political outcomes is why they so feverishly aim to intervene.

“[We] must reshape the physical, social and economic characteristics of environments – in homes, schools, workplaces and the wider community – to better protect mental health and prevent mental health conditions. These environments need to give everyone an equal opportunity to thrive and reach the highest attainable level of mental health and well-being.”

What a noble goal.

The WHO’s Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2030 lays out exactly how they plan to pull this off. Their goal is to set up a system for “psychosocial preparedness” in 80% of countries by the year 2030. As expected, this overlaps perfectly with Agenda 2030 and the rest of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Connecting these dots, we see how the global cabal is intentionally creating a mental health crises to facilitate the transformation of consciousness necessary to achieve these ends—and the ends always justify the means.

Just in case there is any remaining doubt that they intend to leverage mentally unstable individuals to get out the vote and pass the globalist agenda, get this:

They intend to house, feed, and provide subsidies to mentally ill individuals, then advocate for them to participate in “civic affairs.” To translate, they are deploying psychological warfare to develop mental illness in order to harvest ballots come election time. We have already seen this at the local level, have we not? When we realize what they are doing, and why, the implications are mind-boggling.

Add to the equation the 5th Generation Warfare and 21st-century technologies like weaponized AI, Sentinel Surveillance, Social Listening, along with old school PSYOP and other intelligence methods, and we find ourselves in quite the pickle. The global cabal has created a mental health crisis that is being used to advance their revolutionary agenda all around the globe. In their efforts to transform human consciousness they are breaking people’s brains, and they’re doing so on purpose.

At the end of the day, it turns out that insanity is all part of their plan!

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