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TR 373 - CISA Admits to "Infected Perception"

TR 373 - CISA Admits to "Infected Perception"

How do you know if you've been infected with this intentional manipulation?

Guard your heart.

Spiritual wisdom speaks of the need to be vigilant in guarding our hearts, to always be alert and watchful of what’s going on inside of us, being aware of our thoughts, our emotions, and our deeply held beliefs. To quote the Book of Proverbs:

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

What we think and what we believe is what ultimately drives our behavior. We’ve discussed this at length as it relates to psychological warfare, censorship, and Algorithmic Social Interventions that are designed to control “emerging perceptions” in the public at large. I often say “sit with it,” and really think about what that means.

That means they are controlling our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors—if we let them.

The significance of this cannot be overstated, nor should the social impact of these algorithmic interventions be underestimated. In other words, THIS IS HUGE.

Cornell University says that ASI interventions are “a critical tool for governments and communities to tackle deep-rooted societal challenges.” has extensively researched how an “algorithmic nudge” can help people make better choices—like getting vaccinated with an experimental injection that has no long term studies, for example.

Other studies have documented how people who are “increasingly exposed to algorithmically curated information”—especially young people—“build up understandings of the world around them.”

Thus, introducing an “algorithmic nudge” here and there, and exposing the public to “algorithmically curated information” has been shown to change how people view the world—and that’s a “critical tool” for governments who are attempting to transform society into an inescapable socialist surveillance state. Did I miss anything there?

It is absolutely critical to understand two things:

  1. These methods have been deployed and perfected over at least the last five years.

  2. This is intentionally driving behavioral change that culminates at the ballot box.

Put bluntly, the government is manipulating public perception in order to push their agenda, institute socialism, and push us into the New World Order.

Therefore, guard your heart. Everything flows from it.

It is said, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” This scriptural reference often gets mocked because many people, especially the woke atheist types, incorrectly believe that thinking only happens in the head. This is quite unfortunate, because the head is a house of mirrors. There are many layers of perceptual distortion (rooted in language, symbolism, social conditioning, etc) that are hardwired into our brains.

That’s what makes the “little brain within the heart” so important. Though modern science is only now beginning to map out these connections and explore their significance, ancient wisdom has long alluded to the fact that the heart is the home of our soul, and therefore the source of spiritual faculty such as discernment.

Discernment, if you think about it, requires the evaluation of one’s thoughts and emotions, which are based on the information floating around in our brains. This is a form of mental evaluation that is achieved through direct observation that can only be made via our own inner awareness—our spiritual awareness. Anyone who has spent anytime in meditation, or studied Eastern philosophies, should be very familiar with this process of observing the mind. It is a very empowering practice.

In fact, becoming aware of our own thoughts, elevating our own inner awareness, awakening and strengthening our own spiritual awareness, is the most powerful tool we have in the ongoing battle for the hearts and minds of humanity. It is through this process that we tap into the deep wisdom, drive, and determination that is so desperately needed to overcome the threat of global tyranny today.

Thus, spiritual awareness is the solution to political chaos.

I always try to state that as logically as possible, precisely because any discussion of humanity’s innate spirituality is destined to conjure up conflicting beliefs. One need not be a religious zealot or some woke woo-woo hippie to grasp the logic being presented. Similarly, even an atheist or agnostic individual should be able to see how human spirituality, which very clearly and undeniably manifests in the physical world, seems to serve a very distinct purpose: keeping our brains in check.

One could argue whether or not this is some sophisticated evolutionary advantage that’s been gained through eons of natural human development—versus an incomprehensibly complex and exceedingly gracious gift that’s been bestowed by God—but that’s not really the point. Let’s not get lost in the weeds.

The government is trying to control you. They are trying to control you by controlling the information you receive and the language that you use. Your brain uses information and language to construct a worldview that may or may not be accurate. Reconciling one’s perspective to reality and assessing the accuracy of thought requires discernment, which requires an elevated degree of spiritual awareness.

Here’s why that matters.

It turns out the U.S. government has been building a new “cognitive infrastructure” for years. At the most basic level, this is a framework for how they want everyone to see the world. Through an algorithmically driven combination of censorship and propaganda, they are quite actively shaping public perception, “nudging” the masses toward acceptance of totalitarian control—i.e.the New World Order.

It’s mind control on a massive scale.

And it’s backed by science.

The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, aka CISA, has laid out its Strategic Plan for 2023-2025, and it specifically addresses the “cognitive piece” of America’s critical infrastructure—specifically as it relates to “safe and secure and resilient elections” ahead of the forthcoming presidential election.

In other words, the agency’s mission is to control the flow of information in order to control the public’s perception, and ultimately control the outcome of the election. What’s important to realize, is that this “cognitive piece” is nothing less than mind control. Unfortunately, this effort is being orchestrated by none other than CISA’s Director Jen Easterly, who just so happened to be bumping elbows in Bilderberg recently (as reported last week in TR 369 - Meeting the Global Elite).

How do you feel about having a bonafide member of the global cabal managing the “cognitive infrastructure” of Americans’ beliefs? Do you think she aligns with the traditional values and constitutional principles that once made our country great?

I’ll give you a clue.

According to Director Jen Easterly:

“…cyber-enabled threats—and whatever’s coming next—are just symptoms. The underlying disease is an assault on trust in the digital age, indeed an assault on what’s arguably our most critical asset: our cognitive infrastructure.

Think of it as the collective brains of the American polity—our collective consciousness, the fundamentals that we think and believe, the shared understandings of the world that drive our ability to make decisions.”

Ah yes, it’s the “collective brains” and “collective consciousness” and “shared understandings”—indeed, the very fundamentals of what we think and believe—that drive our ability to make good decisions. Is this not a perfect example of the collective hive-mind on full display? You see, to the Collective, “No longer are facts stubborn things.” Instead, facts are now fluid. Facts can be fabricated and disseminated at will, by a well funded government agency that is being directed by the global Collective.

What could go wrong? Easterly goes on:

“The ability to shield America’s cognitive infrastructure from assault and protect the “human operating system” that relies on it has crumbled.

America’s adversaries have weaponized information, or really disinformation, to infect Americans’ perceptions of what’s true and even of truth itself; what’s more, their efforts have been deliberately embraced and amplified by politicians and media outlets here at home.”

What can we extract from that telling statement?

  1. Weaponized information is being used to “infect Americans’ perceptions” of what’s true and transform even our understanding of “truth itself.”

  2. This weaponized information is being “deliberately embraced and amplified” by bad actors (e.g. politicians and media outlets) right here at home.

  3. America’s “cognitive infrastructure” and our “human operating system” are under assault and need to be protected—and the government’s here to help!

Thus, the “collective brains of the American polity” will now be regulated and managed by a shady federal agency under the direction of progressive commie hack—ahem, I mean under the watchful eye of the Collective Cult—um, I mean, under the studious supervision of the stalwart socialist Jen Easterly (Bilderberg darling, former Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, former Special Assistant to Barrack Hussein Obama, and former Senior Director for Counterterrorism at the White House).

Nothing to see here!

I’ve talked a lot about memetics, mental viruses, and the Collective Cult, but it’s always affirming to hear it coming from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. It is clear that our own government has become infected by this collective mental virus, and the “underlying disease” of distrust is running rampant through the ranks. Now the government no longer trusts the public’s ability to think for themselves, vote for the right person, or make decisions for the greater good.

To protect people from thinking wrong, voting wrong, or making the wrong decisions, the government is now using weaponized AI and algorithms to correct (infect) the public’s perception. There is only one outstanding question:

How do you know if your perception has been infected?

The answer lies in discernment.

More on that tomorrow!

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