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TR 353 - Introducing Earth System Governance

TR 353 - Introducing Earth System Governance

Taking a closer look at the one agenda that's being implemented to rule us all.

Theories abound.

There is no shortage of angles from which to analyze the ideological subversion that has long beset our nation. The so-called progressive agenda is being pushed on every front, always advancing its dialectical insanity, driving wedge issues, and incrementally pushing the public further and further away from sound mental moorings. The result is a populace that is lost in a stormy sea of illusions, being tossed about by wave after wave of unhinged emotional reactions to things that are not real.

Trans athletes are being targeted with hate. Law enforcement is targeting people of color. Children are being oppressed by their religious parents. American government is a construct of systemic racism. Capitalist corporations are exploiting the working class. Republicans are a party of white supremacists and far-right extremists who are afraid of being replaced by millions upon millions of poor helpless migrants.

You get the picture. You’ve heard it all before. You know that none of it is true. And yet, this is the reality that at least half of our country is living in right now. This is what many, many people believe, and you would be very hard pressed to change their minds. Such is the power of the press to shape public perception, and the threat of state-funded media being used to manipulate and fleece the masses. The result is predictable: strife, confusion, and ever greater degrees of division in society.

That’s the purpose of all these “wedge issues”—to drive people apart, to force people to take sides, to pit different groups against each other, and by doing so, to weaken the ability of We The People to stand together against state, national, and global tyranny. This is how the public gets prodded into their respective political holding pens, blinded by emotions, convinced of their correctness, and utterly incapable of questioning their preferred party platforms. As I’ve said before, they’ve mastered the political craft and are playing with the public the way a cat plays with a mouse.

Keep this in mind between now and election day. It’s all theater. It’s all smoke and mirrors. But most importantly, it’s all a distraction. Every once in awhile, a worthy news story may grace the headlines, but for the most part it’s just regurgitated narrative being spoon fed to the unsuspecting and trusting masses. Meanwhile, the invisible hand of the “secret cabal” continues marching their pawns across the geopolitical chessboard, methodically moving us ever closer to checkmate.

Checkmate, to keep the analogy going, is the great inescapable socialist surveillance state, much like the one in China. It’s everything Orwell warned us about and more. Social credit scores that are linked to compliance, instantaneous penalties and imprisonment for defying the government, re-education camps, etc.—it all seems so far fetched, like it could never happen here in America, but to believe our nation is somehow immune to this gross abuse of government power would be grossly naive.

China is the role model for the world, remember? To be more direct, centralized power and control in the hands of an all-powerful communist dictatorship, that is the model of government the global elite are implementing to construct the New World Order. This is the political framework that’s being established, the foundation of Future Earth, as we discussed yesterday. It is only through centralized command and control, and an inescapable surveillance state, that the global cabal can control us all.

If you recall, Future Earth project is advancing its Earth Systems Governance project, with a stated mission of “exploring political solutions and novel, more effective governance systems.” Straight out of the gate, I want to point out that “Earth Systems” is a catch-all phrase that encompasses the full scope of the radical environmentalist agenda, complete with their bogus, politically concocted theories and crackpot science. “Governance” is synonymous with influence and control.

They pour billions of dollars into creating The Science, then set about building global consensus among The Experts, who then feed The Data to the marketing department, who’s ultimately in charge of transforming this well-funded fiction into The Narrative that miraculously ascends to the position of absolute truth. Who in their right mind would question The Narrative, when it so clearly based on The Data, which has been thoroughly analyzed by The Experts, who alone are qualified to decipher The Science. We mere peasants are simply too ignorant to know what’s good for us.

That’s how global governance works. The global elites have perfected this process. This is how a small group of powerful people has taken control of public policy all around the globe. There is no need to replace our government when they can simply control the policies of our government via this system of international influence. All they need is to have a few sympathizers on the inside, of which there are plenty, and voila, America’s political system becomes a functional apparatus of the global cabal.

That’s where we’re at right now, in case you hadn’t noticed, but let’s not get hung up on that. Instead, let’s turn out attention to the future and more fully consider the very real threats awaiting us in Future Earth. We must understand what this Earth System Governance is, and how it operates, if we are to mount any kind of effective opposition. This is mental warfare, and it really comes down to convincing our local leaders and political representatives not to go along with it, no matter how good it sounds, no matter how much money they promise, no matter how loud they screech and preen, no matter how many threats they make—no matter what, it’s not worth it.

Once this inescapable surveillance state is in place, there is no going back.

Keep that in mind.

Do you remember TR 244 - The Threat of the Quadripartite? It was a report I wrote fresh off my trip to meet with the Freedom Caucus in Washington DC, courtesy of Freedom Works. The report has several pictures I took of propaganda that was plastered all over the DC area by the radical environmentalist group called Extinction Rebellion. In this report, I detailed the connection between this movement and the globalists’ ambitious One Health Joint Plan of Action that is set to be instituted through the coordinated actions and efforts of what the WHO calls the Quadripartite.

This excerpt sums it up:

“I believe that the Quadripartite is a globalist hit squad that will be used to reduce the global population through a series of “iterative and disruptive” transformations that will include capturing the global food supply under the auspice of providing food security, decimating global economies with radical environmental policies to usher in a global digital currency (which will equate to enslavement), and genetically modifying humanity to further the eugenicist’s fantasy for a transhumanistic Future Earth.”

From using satellites to track “super emitters” to taking control of the means of production and consumption to ensure “sustainable diets,” this agenda lays out their plans for an across the board power grab. Which brings us back to the Earth Systems Governance. Earth Systems Governance is essentially codified in these plans, which are already enshrined in international treaties that are meant to be monitored and enforced by the Quadripartite—though they are certainly not alone in this effort.

According to the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS):

“Collective human action is required to steer the Earth System away from a potential threshold and stabilize it in a habitable interglacial-like state. Such action entails stewardship of the entire Earth System—biosphere, climate, and societies—and could include decarbonization of the global economy, enhancement of biosphere carbon sinks, behavioral changes, technological innovations, new governance arrangements, and transformed social values.”

What I want to point out here, is how this Earth System framework is intentionally driving behavioral change, new global governance, and transformed social values. This is nothing more than communism dressed up in drag, a faux altruism meant to appeal to the environmental sensitivities of the highly conditioned leftist minions.

Behavioral changes means increasing compliance. Governance arrangements means increasing control. Transformed social values means increasing assimilation into the collective hive mind. It’s all about accelerating progress toward Future Earth, where nobody disagrees, dissents, or does their own thing. Future Earth is a utopian society wherein everyone does what they’re told, accepts authoritarian control, and believes that their enslavement and servitude are all necessary for the greater good.

This is the properly conditioned cosmopolitan perspective of a global citizen.

On the Earth Systems Governance website we can find all of these plans in writing, but I want to draw your attention specifically to the Taskforce on Earth System Law. Whereas PNAS is promoting the need for collective stewardship under the Earth System framework, this taskforce on Earth System Law really exposes their true intention—which, of course, is nothing less than the global consolidation of power and control over the whole of humanity.

Among other things, this taskforce states the following intentions:

  • “…the Task Force on Earth System Law searches for fresh, radical and innovative legal responses to govern planetary transformations.”

  • “Fully embracing the need to guide the making of desirable planetary futures, earth system law potentially offers… the normative foundations to govern the full spectrum of Earth System relationships in a way that promotes planetary integrity and justice in their fullest sense.”

  • “…legal means to facilitate transformative earth system governance for long-term sustainability.”

Elsewhere, their website states that Earth System Governance addresses the “exercise of power extending well beyond conventional political institutions” and aims to develop “dominant discourses” that shape patterns of production and consumption.

Friends, that’s communism in a nutshell. Earth Systems Governance is a global agenda that is designed to centralize power and control in the hands of the unelected global elites who intend to dictate what we can and cannot eat, where we can and cannot go, and how we can and cannot live our lives. And again, once this system is fully in place and operational, there’s no going back. Humanity will have succumb to the great narrative that we need global masters to control our lives in order to save us from ourselves. Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth.

Resist we must!


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