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TR 302 - Zombies, Aliens, & the Collective Cult

TR 302 - Zombies, Aliens, & the Collective Cult

Set the crazy aside. When you look at these numbers, it's going to blow your mind!

Brace yourself.

Are you ready for the alien invasion? That seems to be the theory that’s getting floated in the mainstream media today, even as the Biden administration continues to play coy about the four different objects that have been shot down by fighter jets over the last week or so. It all started with the Chinese spy balloon, but the last craft they brought down was a strange “octagonal object” that was flying over the Great Lakes.

Thus, the mystery deepens, and it begs the question: How prepared are we to defend ourselves against an alien invasion? Well, as it turns out, whether we’re talking about the Chinese, Russians, or Extraterrestrials, we might be in a world of hurt if we actually had to defend American air space. Why, you ask? Because we’ve lost nearly HALF of our trained military pilots in just the last three years.

Yes, you read that correctly!

As shocking and sensational as that sounds—especially given the looming threat of an alien invasion—I want to analyze this problem with some simple math. What do we know for sure? Every year, a certain number of military pilots die, right? We can assume that the military keeps a good record of that sort of thing. Thus, according to whistle blowers and recent congressional reports, we can look at the number of military pilots who have died or been medically grounded over the last seven years:

Year — # of Pilots:
2016 — 265
2017 — 252
2018 — 164
2019 — 223
2020 — 2,194
2021 — 2,861
2022 — 4,059

Now, when year after year the number of deaths and debilitations floats around 200, but then it suddenly jumps to over 2,000—that’s an eye opener. When the number of pilots who are dying or being medically grounded leaps from ~200 to over 4,000 in just three short years, there is something MAJOR going on—this is a serious issue!

When I first saw those figures I was flabbergasted. If they’ve lost 9,114 pilots since 2020—out of the 18,750 available pilots—that means that the military has lost almost HALF (48.6%) of their highly-trained pilots in just the last three years.


But how bad is it really? We need some perspective. According to the Air Force Times:

“The Air Force had 18,750 pilots at the end of 2019, an increase of 350 pilots from one year earlier. However, between the end of 2018 and 2019, the Air Force’s pilot requirements grew by 450, from 20,400 to 20,850.”

Okay, so they need 20,850 or more pilots. How many do they have? Here’s the math:

There were 18,750 in 2019… adding 350 pilots each year means +350 x 3 (2020, 2021, 2022) which = 19,800 trained pilots... BUT, don't forget to SUBTRACT the 9,114 pilots that DIED or got grounded: 19,800 - 9,114 = 10,686 pilots that are hypothetically available.

If we take those numbers at face value, that means that there are only 10,686 pilots available, out of the 20,850 we need, which means that the Air Force only has 51% of its required manpower—only about half of the highly trained pilots that would be needed to fly all of our fancy airplanes and defend against a foreign or alien invasion.

No bueno! This chart will help you visualize the seriousness of this situation:

See that meteoric rise in death and permanent harm among military pilots? How do you explain that? What do you think is driving this trend? Do you think this trend is going to suddenly stop? I don’t. Unfortunately friends, there are things in motion that are way beyond our control—and none of this should come as a surprise.

Take a look at the CDC data on the number of vaccines that have been administered:

Now compare the graphs and connect the dots:

Is this wild-eyed conspiracy? No. It’s factual data being reported by our very own government. The implications are disturbing, given the trend, the fact that our military is only half-staffed in the pilot department, and the sudden surge in UFO’s probing our air space. I’m guessing there are going to be some strong incentives to get people to sign up and fill these gaps—and this video makes it look enticing:

(In case anyone wants to be a fighter pilot, here’s the requirements.)


It’s NOT just fighter pilots who are falling over dead!

All these experimental injections are also taking their toll on the average everyday delivery man, with shocking numbers of drivers now falling over dead behind the wheel, causing their vehicles to veer off the street and crash into buildings—and this is front page news:

AND, if that’s not bad enough, let’s NOT forget about the civilian pilots, professional athletes, and everyday citizens who are falling over dead as well:

Moving forward, how do you think this is going to play out? If you need to catch up:

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Regardless of one’s political persuasion, this is probably something we should be talking about, as a community, as a country, don’t you think? Nearly 80% of all DEATHS caused by all vaccines—since the year 1990—have been from COVID jabs, aka “the clot shot”, aka “the death jab”, aka you’re NOT sticking that needle in my arm! And just to drive it home, at this point last year, insurance actuaries were sounding the alarm over this meteoric rise in death among young healthy people:

“Death rates are up 40 percent over what they were pre-pandemic,” said Davison of OneAmerica’s group life policy holders. To illustrate just how severe the current death rate is, Davison said a 1 in 200-year catastrophe would likely only cause a 10 percent increase over pre-pandemic deaths.

If a 10% increase in deaths equates to a once-in-200-year event, that makes the current 40% rise in deaths almost unthinkable. While these trends are all perfectly clear, too few people are willing to look at the numbers and talk about what’s happening right in front of our eyes. Instead, they listen to the stories and the lies being peddled by Big Pharma and their bought and paid for government stooges, like Dr. Fauci.

This is all very truly terrible, and it’s not going to go away anytime soon.

But pause.

Let’s not lose sight of the bigger picture.

The intention of the global cabal is to cull the human population. They’ve said it out loud, and we’ve looked extensively at the “science” and globalist literature they use to justify this push for depopulation. In their minds, this is the quickest way to reduce disease and poverty, and it’s the only way to save the planet from certain destruction—at least to the radical environmental cult that is currently directing global policy.

Keep in mind this Climate Cult is just one sect of the greater Collective Cult. Environmentalism is just one manifestation of the broader memetic infection of this collective hive-mind disease. And, as we’ve recently learned from over 100 years of scientific study by top-level psychologists, this collective mental disease is currently being used to drive “cultural evolution”—a “cultural evolution” that is really just a 21st century version of a textbook Communist Revolution.

That’s the bigger picture.

Zoom out.

While the global cabal seeks to assimilate us all into the collective mindset, under the auspice of saving the planet and for the sake of public health and safety, people are falling over dead—that’s just a cold hard fact. Each new “magic pill” solution only seems to be exacerbating the problem, driving mutations and causing death. What we can know for sure, is that this problem is not going to just go away.

None of it makes any sense, unless we look at it through the lens of depopulation.

There are still plenty of people out there who still think the idea of a small group of powerful people trying to depopulate the planet is a crackpot conspiracy, but when we find a Yale professor out their making the case for “mandatory euthanasia”—as a way to “clear out the old folks” and make room for a new generation—it becomes clear that this lunacy is not only contagious, but it is gaining traction and spreading fast.

Just today, there was another example of a Climate Cult “activist” going rogue and releasing “mini volcanoes” of sulfur particles to try and block out the sun. The underlying intent was purely altruistic, of course, because this “stratospheric aerosol injection” is supposed to cool the planet and save us all from global warming. I only share this to make it abundantly clear just how crazy these people actually are.

Their belief system is built on lies and they operate on the assumption that the ends justify the means. From this they derive the moral imperative to “do whatever it takes” to advance their cause and implement the radical environmental agenda. They do not realize their minds have been hijacked by the Collective and they are being steered toward their own demise—much like the parasitic fungi that infect certain insects, turning them into zombies that sacrifice themselves to spread the disease.

The Climate Cult. The Covid Cult. The Commie Cult. The Collective Cult.

They’re out there. They’re among us, and they’re convincing the masses to keep getting jabs, to keep sacrificing themselves for the greater good. They’re leveraging these woke morons, these useful idiots, to drive cultural evolution—a commie revolution that more and more conservatives are waking up to—and they’re doing this by spreading the mental virus of the hive-mind via the science of memetics.

Put it all together and what do we get? Zombies, aliens, and collective insanity—which is a perfect mix of madness to spice up a magically maniacal Monday!


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