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TR 224 - It's a Global Coup d'état

TR 224 - It's a Global Coup d'état

Covering lessons from our friends across the pond and even more covid shenanigans.

Alrighty then.

You know that feeling when someone says something you were just trying to say, but they say it even better? That was the feeling I had when I saw this article:

What really just happened in the UK was a globalist coup. According to Nigel Farage, prominent British conservative, former member of the European Parliament, leader of the UK Independent Party, and all around Euro-skeptic:

"This is a coup, the Conservative Party is dead."

Can you imagine if Mitch McConnell had said that after the 2020 election?

How about if the Republican National Committee did anything to actually look into the questions surrounding election integrity? Or filed lawsuits against felonious violations of federal law? Or showed even an inkling of interest in real accountability?

Like I said yesterday, it’s not going to happen. There may very well be a “big red wave” this November—in just 17 short days—but make no mistake, this fresh batch of rebel rousers will be no match for the might of the political establishment or the will of the global cabal. Those who are in on the Great Reset have come too far to turn back now.

Keep that in mind.

Let’s circle back.

On Monday, in TR 220 - Follow the Money & Finding Death, I shared studies showing how mRNA injections mess with your DNA, causing all sorts of issues, not the least of which is skyrocketing cancer cases all around the world—and we learned that Big Pharma was teaming up to develop a new mRNA cancer vaccine in response.

Well, if you thought that was just fringe thinking from your favorite ignorant peasant, think again. It turns out on Monday night, First Lady Jill Biden raised the alarm:

“First Lady Jill Biden on Monday evening predicted there will be an increased number of cancer diagnoses following the COVID-19 pandemic.”

So there you have it, the First Lady is calling for a rise in cancer, Big Pharma is preparing for it, and the WHO just launched a new campaign to “amplify the lived experience of people affected by cancer.” What a coincidence, right? Moving on.

On Tuesday, in TR 221 - A Peak Behind the Curtain, we took a look at the “unprecedented phenomenon” of school children protesting against the Iranian regime—only to discover that the global cabal is intentionally targeting and using youth as political fodder in their effort to take over the world.

Cue the Georgetown crazies, who were chanting “hate has no home here” as they unfurled banners about “reproductive rights” in an attempt to derail former Vice President Mike Pence’s speech inside Gaston Hall. Says the passionate youth:

“What we’re contesting is that it’s unacceptable to be racist, to be homophobic, to be xenophobic, to use rhetoric that promotes violence such as replacement theory, which are things that Pence has engaged in a lot.”

Sounds like a well-informed perspective, right? Schmucks. But the bigger issue here, which would be wise to keep in mind, is that these morons get to vote—and that their collective delusions are being spoon-fed via globalist propaganda. Remember? They’re going to hit “rewind” and give power to the people who’ve been left behind.

Cue the commie revolution.

Actually, cue the Great Reset.

It’s happening now.

Do you remember how it all started? It started with COVID-19: The Great Reset.

While the world is distracted with the daily dog and pony shows, the global cabal is using sophisticated psyops to push a “sustainable” agenda (i.e. depopulate earth) and enslave humanity in a socialist surveillance state (i.e. total global control).

As nutty as it sounds, to say that there is a small group of powerful people who are manipulating the fate of humanity with malevolent intent, each and every day we are confronted with this reality—whether we choose to face it or not.

The latest evidence of this high-level collusion against We The People is the latest CDC recommendation to put Covid-19 vaccinations on the immunization schedule, approving the experimental / known-to-be-lethal jab for children all the way down to just six months old. The approval was voted in with unanimous support, despite the fact that CDC refuses to release any clinical data proving the shots are safe and effective—and mountains of evidence that point to the contrary.

Side note: Running cover for this sick and twisted agenda, we find Fox News out with an article titled Here's why COVID vaccine belongs on CDC list of kids' scheduled vaccines.

You see, like Jill said regarding cancer, covid is not a Left or Right issue. The appearance of partisan perspective is only an illusion. These are issues that affect us all. And she’s right—the agenda of the global cabal will affect us all. And, quite unfortunately, as we discussed yesterday, most of the politicians are in on the game.

Most of the media is in on the game. Most of our institutions are in on the game. Few and far between are those in positions of leadership and influence who speak out against these crimes against humanity, or who are even willing to question the narrative. And, as expected, most people have simply adapted to the insanity.

And the insanity is far from over.

Whether it’s mad scientists creating more lethal variants of covid—like the newest one that has an 80% kill rate—or the forthcoming surge of cases thanks to Biden’s spending over a billion dollars to buy Covid-19 tests from China, we can know for sure that the covid crisis is not over. According to Politico:

“Top Biden health officials are increasingly concerned about the rise of new Covid variants in the U.S. that appear to evade existing treatments…

The emergence of the “BQs,” as health officials have referred to the variants internally, represents a fresh threat to Biden’s broader pandemic strategy, which has increasingly hinged on shielding vulnerable populations while encouraging a return to normalcy for most other Americans.”

So, these new variants are a “fresh threat” to the strategy that encourages people to return to normal life. That sounds remarkably similar to the words of Fumie Sakamoto, who in the face of Japan’s 7th wave, made clear that the lack of restrictions and mask mandates made people feel like they were free to do whatever they want—and that that was the wrong public messaging.

We can’t just be free human beings, breathing freely without a mask on our face, encountering viruses in the wild, building robust natural immunity, foregoing experimental, cancer causing, life-threatening mRNA injections, going about our business and making the world go round—where’s the money in that?

Nevertheless, the Biden administration is once again pumping up the narrative:

“The strains are still likely to be more contagious than previous versions of the virus, raising the odds of a surge of cases and hospitalizations during a winter season when people are more apt to gather indoors and spread the virus.

The variants’ spread is also likely to ratchet up the urgency of the administration’s existing vaccination campaign, which has so far gotten off to a slow start.

The U.K. has already experienced a rebound of cases and hospitalizations driven by the existing BA.5 strain. [U.S.] officials have noted signs of an uptick in the Northeast, typically the first region hit by a surge.

Raising the odds of a surge. Ratcheting up the urgency. What are they going to do?!

“The Department of Health and Human Services has launched a national campaign to try and boost vaccination rates. The effort relies on digital outreach, advertising, influencers and paid media, and partnerships with more than 1,000 organizations to reach Americans in minority and rural communities, according to a spokesperson for the department.”

Cue the propaganda!

…along with the AI, the social listening, the algorithmic solutions, the labeling of misinformation, and the censoring of free speech. I’m sure the public will adapt.

But don’t forget:

This is all political. It’s all a ploy to consolidate power. Isn’t it amazing how these variants managed to hold off their assault until just after the elections? It’s kind of like the railroad unions kicking the can down the road so that their impending national strike didn’t mangle the mangled economy and make matters even worse until after the election. I’m sure that’s all just coincidence.

You know, like the “unseasonably high numbers of respiratory illnesses” putting kids in the hospital—and the pharmaceutical race to create even better vaccines.

Create the problem, provide the solution, and leverage it for political gain.

Like the patriot across the pond pointed out, the world is experiencing a globalist coup. One might speculate that the coup is already under way in the good ‘ol U.S. of A., and that the powers that be will do everything they can to keep the sock-puppet propped up in the Oval Office just long enough to get the job done.

While a few brave governors will remind the public that we can “Just Say No” to the tyranny, the vaxx mandates, and the globalist agenda in general, more astute political minds have surmised that Conservatism has already failed. As John Daniel Davidson of The Federalist puts it: “You cannot preserve or defend something that is dead.”

The game is farther along than you or I might think.

Brilliant minds like Dr. Robert Malone tell us that we are heading into a perfect storm.

To quote Jim Morrison: “The future’s uncertain and the end is always near!”

BUT, all that said, there is still an even bigger picture that we should not lose sight of: Just because there are bumpy roads ahead doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the journey!

Happy Friday friends, have a great weekend!

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