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TR 341 - Censorship & Population Control

TR 341 - Censorship & Population Control

Examining some unexpected connections that expose the real global agenda.

Perspective is important.

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you already know that population control is at the root of the globalist agenda. This report will provide further evidence of just how far back this agenda goes, and document the direct connection to eugenics in the process. But first, I want to frame the conversation in light of current news, so as to keep the relevance of this disturbing reality readily apparent.

First things first: did you notice how Donald Trump has evaporated from the headlines? The reason is simple: Trump's Indictment Might Be Making Him More Popular Among Republicans. Well, well, we can’t have that now, can we?

No, instead the liberal media has conveniently pivoted to “a new chapter in US politics.” This new chapter pits conservative state legislatures against liberal cities, decrying the Republican “restrictions” on the Democrat’s insanity, which is notable because it “reverses a long tradition of conservative support for local rule.” This is fascinating political ploy, precisely because it positions conservatives as advocates of state restrictions on local autonomy. Mind games.

Think about how liberals flipped from being vanguards of free speech to claiming that anything less than state controlled censorship is a “free for all hellscape.” As noted in numerous reports, this is a telltale sign of psychological warfare. With that in mind, watch closely as conservative perspectives are groomed to support state authority over local policies. This is going to play directly into the implementation of global policies—specifically the SDGs, ESG, and Agenda 2030—mark my words.

Just in passing, I also want to point out this political pivot is being spun off of the leftist insurrection at the Tennessee State Capitol. The race-baiting story is that stuffy, white, racist Christian conservatives are discriminating against Black Jesus—I kid you not—but of course, there’s always more to the story. Check out these inspiring shots of these enlightened leftist lawmakers:

US: 2 Democratic legislators expelled from Republican-led Tennessee ...
Two Tennessee Democrats expelled over gun control protest

Anything stand out to you? Here’s a clue:

You know what that means don’t you? Drum roll please…

“The commies are taking over the world!”

All joking aside, if you haven’t read my special report on Communist Mind Control, you probably should. It explains exactly why all of this is happening—and how.

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Just to quickly connect the dots, as expounded upon in TR 191 - Why Commies Suck, Communism has led to the starvation and death of over 100 million people in the last century. Now think about how the global cabal has openly declared the intention to take control of the means of production and consumption — to save the planet of course — and how this template for centralized control gives them immense leverage over the unsustainable and problematic human population. Think food shortages.

Now, to be sure, speculating that the global elite actually intend to starve millions of people to depopulate the planet would strike most people as outrageous conjecture. It’s not that there is any lack of evidence, and it’s not that certain savvy researchers haven’t grown wise to their well-documented plans, it’s that the majority of people are too distracted with daily life, the political circus, and the geopolitical dog-and-pony show to care. What? Mass starvation and global depopulation? Whatever.

The sad reality is that most people are not going to wake up to this reality until it’s far too late. At this point the wise have already prepared accordingly, stocking up on food and taking the necessary steps to defend these supplies (and themselves) in the face of the desperate starving mobs that are sure to come. For those with their eyes wide open, the writing is on the wall. There is no way to stop a Fourth Turning.

But friends, this turning is different.

Zoom out.

Now that the global elite are using weaponized AI to control “emerging” public perceptions, the most sinister aspects of their agenda can manifest without making too many waves. The most heinous crimes against humanity can now be conducted in broad day light, and most will remain none the wiser. Same goes for blatant political corruption and public persecutions. Such is the power of fusing state controlled censorship with Fifth Generation Warfare.

Now they can finish their unfinished agenda.

There is so much to say here. When the Georgia Guide Stones were destroyed last summer, I painstakingly connected the dots between mass vaccinations and the depopulation agenda. The hypothesis was that the global proliferation of experimental injections was actually serving a much darker purpose. With the successful launch of The Great Reset, via the release of a genetically modified virus, could it be they had achieved their objective?

The Worst Case Scenario would be that the ill-effects of these injections would take years to come to light, and thus people would keep getting booster shots—while reciting the maddening mantra that “vaccines are safe and effective”—and all the while the reproductive harm and deaths associated with the jab would successfully cull the herd. Interestingly enough, at this point, the percentage of people who know someone who has “died from covid” is virtually identical to the percentage of people who know someone who’s died from the jab.

To say that deaths from the virus are being rapidly eclipsed by deaths from the vaccines should be absolutely shocking, but if you understand their agenda, it’s not.

Here too we find a convergence of factors. This is kind of a trip, so bare with me. There is an unfinished agenda, it is rooted in depopulation and eugenics, and this does tie in directly to government censorship. Recent congressional hearings on the now defunked “Disinformation Governance Board” led me to take a closer look at the CISA advisory committee, which led me down a fascinating rabbit trail.

On the committee is a Mr. Christopher Young, who is Executive Vice President of business development, strategy, and ventures at Microsoft. His impressive resume is said to have protected “mission-critical systems” for more than two-thirds of the Global 2000. When I read that, I’d never heard of the Global 2000. Given all of his other affiliations, I figured it was something I should get up to speed on, so I did a quick search and got the following results:

As I had suspected, the Global 2000 referred to a list of largest companies in the world. What I did not expect to find, was the term “Global 2000” directly linked to the depopulation agenda—including reports delivered directly to the POTUS.


Mind blown.

It turns out the original Global 2000 report was a “landmark study” that warned of grave consequences if the government didn’t get population growth under control. Sound familiar? The report took three years to produce and culminated in a comprehensive 392-page book that outlines the government’s “global model” for population control. Beneath the drab government cover, the table of contents provides a plethora of insights into the underlying agenda:

The introduction makes clear that this book is written by academic elites from M.I.T., Harvard, and Yale, at the behest of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF). Furthermore, the introduction revealed that the RBF had also commissioned another work titled The Unfinished Agenda, which outlines a “transformation in national consciousness profound enough to change mankind’s course.”


Not surprisingly, The Unfinished Agenda was backed by a bunch of radical environmentalists who were organized as The Environmental Agenda Task Force. All of the associated organizations were pretty familiar, but there is one that stood out to me, which was the organization called Zero Population Growth.

Now that—Zero Population Growth—sounded like an agenda to me. Could this be the agenda, “The Unfinished Agenda” that the Rockefellers were funding? Could this unfinished agenda be tied into the Great Reset and Agenda 2030? A quick search revealed that Zero Population Growth has been rebranded to the more palatable sounding Population Connection, and a quick glance at their website reveals that they are absolutely in lockstep with the globalist agenda:

Of course, that really comes as no surprise. Neither does the fact that their board consists of the former chief of the UN Population Division, professors of environmental science, directors of family planning, pharmaceutical executives and more. They are exactly the kind of people you would expect to be directing the efforts of a woke global NGO with a mission to depopulate the planet.

These people are working to resolve the unfinished agenda.

In fact, this is their stated goal:

While I was digging into all of this, I was stunned to find the connection between population control and biological warfare, specifically with modified viruses and recumbent DNA research, in a government report that was published in 1980.

Again, please bear with me here—this all connects right back to now.

The passage above led me to Nicholas Wade, which led to a recent congressional report on the origins of COVID. As fate would have it, the House Oversight Committee recorded the testimony of Nicholas Wade on March 8th, 2023.

In the weeks since, Wade has been excoriated by the liberal media for advancing “racist theories about genetics” that don’t align with woke ideology. In his seminal work, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History, Wade argues that racial differences come from genetic differences, and these genetic differences account for the differences between cultures.

This, he concludes, accounts for differences in cultural indicators like average IQ, level of education, and economic success. He invokes evolutionary theory and natural selection to make his case, but that hasn’t earned him any love from liberals. His science is sacrilege, and his ideas blasphemy—but Mr. Wade is not alone.

Nicholas Wade was accused of invoking the theories of Richard Lynn, who himself is a highly controversial figure for promoting his pro-eugenics stance:

“Lynn has also argued that a high fertility rate among individuals of low IQ constitutes a major threat to Western civilization, as he believes people with low IQ scores will eventually outnumber high-IQ individuals. He has argued in favour of political measures to prevent this, including anti-immigration and eugenics policies, provoking heavy criticism internationally.”

Well how about that.

Thus, we find the authors of our own government’s population reports and policies are directly tied to global eugenics, the origins of COVID-19, biological warfare, and a “global model” for population control—you can’t make this stuff up!


It’s so crazy, I don’t even know what else to say.

Happy Friday!

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