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TR 308 - The Sordid History of Vaccines

TR 308 - The Sordid History of Vaccines

Could it be that the experts have been lying about vaccines since the beginning?

Question everything.

Let’s just be honest, asking hard questions can make people uncomfortable. It’s kind of a strange phenomenon if you think about it. What’s the harm in asking a question? It’s not like the answer is going slice you down or end your existence, right? And besides, you ultimately get to decide the answer to any given question for yourself—choosing who or what to believe, along with whichever answers you might reject.

But still, it’s hard. People shy away from asking hard questions because maybe they don’t want to know the answers, or perhaps because they don’t want to think about it. Or, perhaps more often than one might assume, the reason people don’t want to ask the hard questions is because they already know the answers—they just don’t like the answers, therefore, better not to ask and pretend to be oblivious.

I want to make clear that this is part of the human condition, meaning we all suffer from this in one way or another. None of us are immune to self-deception. Thus, while I wholeheartedly enjoy ripping on liberals and the collective hive-mind, I must also acknowledge such tendencies exist within conservatives circles and within my very own nature as well. Only a fool would try to deny this reality.

Within that framework, that hard questions make us uncomfortable and therefore we often avoid them, I’m going to ask a few hard questions. Please bear with me.

  1. Is it possible that vaccinations have been an elaborate hoax supported by grossly distorted statistics, ever since the very first vaccines were developed?

  2. Could it be that everything we’ve been told about vaccines, including their efficacy and life saving properties, is not based on actual scientific evidence?

  3. What evidence is there, if any, to support taking a more critical stance on vaccinations and retaining the right to refuse such “safe and effective” injections?

Is it possible? Could it all be lies? Is there any evidence we’ve long been deceived?

For many people, the idea that the government mandated “Emergency Use Authorization” of experimental mRNA injections has saved countless lives is gospel. These injections are safe and effective, safe and effective, safe and effective. They really are safe and effective, because millions of doses have been administered and most people are just fine. In fact, most of these people never died from COVID-19, which is empirical proof that the vaccines are safe and effective.

If you have any doubt about whether these injections are safe and effective, just ask your doctor, or school teacher, or government officials, or the internet. Don’t be fooled.

There is a lot of dangerous disinformation about these safe and effective vaccines, so any time you hear or read something that suggests these vaccines may not be safe and effective, you know you’ve been exposed to misinformation. You should probably report it, tell your friends to steer clear, and visit the CDC website to remind yourself that these vaccines are safe and effective—because The Science and The Experts say so, and that’s “The Consensus” that every scientist in the world agrees with.

Except that it’s not.

As you likely realize, I am being facetious. You also probably realize that this pattern of thinking is massively pervasive, and that it is effectively short-circuiting the critical thinking of a majority of the population. For many people, it was the astounding ineffectiveness and glaringly obvious adverse reactions of the EUA mRNA injections—which absolutely did not stop people from getting sick, going to the hospital, or dying from covid, despite the doctor’s promises—that first led to questioning just how “safe and effective” these so-called “vaccines” actually were.

Many other people have been questioning vaccines for a much longer time.

They’re the anti-vaxxers. They’re anti-science. They’re likely religious fundamentalists who reject The Science in favor of crackpot faith-based delusions that God is going to heal them or their sick children. These people suffer, and their children suffer and often die, which has prompted the state to intervene—to remove these children from their parents, take them into state custody, and inject them with the life saving vaccines, because they are safe and effective.

Vaccines have saved an untold number of lives. Vaccines stopped polio in its tracks. Vaccines have proven to be safe and effective, over and over again, all around the world, for almost a hundred years. If it were not for vaccines, millions upon millions of people would have died from preventable death and disease. The world would be a much darker, more miserable place if it were not for the incredible life saving benefits of safe and effective vaccines.

We should all be exceedingly grateful and stop asking questions.

We all know some crackpot anti-vaxxer who refuses to accept the science and listen to the experts, but these people are crazy, and we shouldn’t listen to them. Even when a Surgeon General or highly esteemed medical professional questions a vaccine, we should immediately realize they have an agenda and are trying to deceive us, trying to trick us into believing that vaccines aren’t safe and effective. Gag.

Alright, enough patty-cake, let’s have it out.

Have you heard about that unthinkable 4,400% increase in adverse reactions causing life-threatening conditions since the government started forcing people to take the experimental covid injections? Most people haven’t.

Have you heard how 36% of troops who suffered from the dreaded “Gulf War Syndrome” (approximately 250,000 of the 697,000 who served), were actually suffering from adverse reactions caused by forced experimental anthrax injections?

Again, most people haven’t.

Of course, just because most people have never heard this information does not mean that it isn’t true, or that the veracity of these facts cannot be verified by evidence and data. The fact that most people have never heard about this has everything to do with the fact that the government does not want most people to know about this. Which leads to the obvious question:

What else do they not want us to know?

Friends, I offered those two examples above, both of which are being presented by prominent doctors citing government data and peer-reviewed analysis, in order to rapidly connect the dots between the present day “death-jabs” and the longstanding history of experimental injections going horribly awry.

In fact, many are pointing out that Dr. Fauci was actually rolling out the same “invisible enemy” playbook that he used in the early days of the alleged AIDS epidemic, which bolstered his career and earned him copious amounts of cash, both then and now. For those who are curious, check out The Real Anthony Fauci.

But, to get back to the original question, we need to go much further back than the Gulf War or the AIDS epidemic. There is absolutely no doubt that vaccines are not always what they seem—that is, they are not always as “safe and effective” as promised. That’s just a cold hard fact, an irrefutable reality that anyone in their right mind must face.

But the question was: Could vaccines have always been a hoax?

Is that even possible?

Aside from the fact that in this day and age “anything” seems possible, is there any evidence that would indicate that the public has been getting fleeced since the earliest days of vaccine development and mass vaccination campaigns? What about saving all the children from polio? Haven’t we all heard the stories how this terrible disease was ravaging the globe until vaccines arrived to save the day?

Surely that must be true, right? I mean, we’ve all got all our shots from the time we were infants, and all these shots have kept us safe from diseases that surely would have killed us, had it not been for the shots, right?

“Luke, don’t try to tell me that it’s all been a lie—I don’t believe it!”

And you certainly don’t have to.

I’m not a doctor. I’m just an ignorant peasant. Listen to me at your own risk.

And remember: Thinking for yourself is risky. You should probably ask the experts.

Or just ask this guy:

The Crime of Vaccination was published in 1926 by Dr. Benedict Lust. The cover of the book has a quote from Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, who said to Thomas Jefferson:

“Without medical liberty our independence is in vain.”

I will take the liberty to briefly expound and say, without the freedom to choose what we do with our bodies, what we inject into our bodies, we have no freedom at all—we are slaves. Dr. Lust boldly declares that forced vaccinations are a blight on America’s liberty, and he provides an abundance of evidence to support his claim.

Dr. Lust was openly critical of “The Experts” and known for “promoting quackery” that diverted from the narrative of the American Medical Association. In 1901, he opened the American School of Naturopathy in Manhattan, and proceeded to educate his pupils in the way of healthy living before publishing the Universal Naturopathic Encyclopedia in 1918—a 1,426 page compendium on natural remedies.

To say that Dr. Lust was a controversial figure would be an understatement. However, regardless of whether one sides with The Experts or The Quacks—with state sanctioned medicine or promoters of natural alternatives—there can be no denying this man’s prolific contributions to the debate about how best to tend to human health and wellness. It would be unwise to dismiss his warnings about vaccinations without adequate due diligence and some serious consideration.

Out of respect for time, I will have to dive more deeply into The Crime of Vaccination tomorrow. To set the stage, I offer you this passage, published nearly 100 years ago:

“Compulsory vaccination exists not because of the facts brought to bear by the vaccinists, but rather because the average citizen has never given the situation serious consideration. We live in an age of advertising and propaganda, and the result is that we are too prone to take things for granted. We have heard time and again that the only ones who oppose vaccination are the morons. But the truth is that many of the profoundest thinkers are opposed to this filthy superstition.

Could it be true that the effectiveness of mass vaccinations is nothing more than a filthy superstition? Is there any evidence to support this outrageous claim? We’ll look at the data and what the doctor has to say tomorrow.

For today, I want to end with a special thank you to the person who gifted me this book—it was a gift of illumination, and for that I am very grateful!

Stay curious friends.



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